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Failed Bluff: Part Two

by DC Hope 6 months ago in Mystery
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Chapter two of Escaping Fate

If you haven't read the first chapter follow the link to better follow the story

My eyes were fixed to the television screen as the scenes played out. When the old man, who was supposed to be completely immobile from a stroke ran up the stairs on all fours, head upside down, mouth jaw breaking-ly wide, after the main characters grandmother. I could no longer fight my feminine fear reflex and buried my face in my hands with a slight yelp. I quickly turned away from the screen which placed me, cowering against Scorpio's side.

As I shielded myself from a monster that obviously couldn't actually hurt me I felt Scorpio's arm fall softly from the back of the couch to wrap around me. He sighed and with his other arm pulled the blanket over me. He leaned into the arm of the sofa pulling me along with him so that I lay on his chest. His steady breathing calmed my racing heart and relaxed my muscles.

I didn't remember falling asleep. I didn't see how sleep was possible with the ghastly images that were now burned into my mind but sure enough I opened my eyes to find myself still held tight against Scorpio's body though our positions had shifted. I now rested my head on his strong but relaxed bicep, my right side tucked into his left. One of his legs was laid over mine and his left arm was draped over my back. His forearm was tucked beneath me, his hand resting just below my breast which I'd realized, as is standard when wearing tank tops to bed, had come out of my top. Again I was thankful I hadn't taken off my bra before he showed up.

I attempted to move myself away so that I could retreat to the sanctuary of my own bed but when I moved I felt him shift and realized that I wasn't the only one who had awoken. I felt him stretch beside me. His words were surprisingly soft in the quiet room, "you should get to bed, your mom is nice but I don't think she'd be very happy to find us sleeping together."

"Too late," came the sing song voice of my mother which caused me to bolt up right.

"It's 6 o'clock," I asked in an almost panic.

"Yep," she quipped though by now I could hear my alarm blaring from my room. She pointed to the stairs and I followed her signal to my room to hurry and get ready for school. I could hear her voice talking to Scorpio.

"I'll drive you to school today. The storm that hit did a number on the roads."

"I've ridden over worse I'm sure,"

"I don't care. I'd be a terrible doctor and even worse mom if I allowed you to. Speaking of... do your parents know where you stayed last night?"

"My parents are dead,” he said matter of factly. “The guy that took over guardianship of me till I graduate is deployed so I don't exactly have anyone to tell."

With that I heard the closing of the bathroom door, ending the conversation. I guess we had more in common than I realized.

When I came back down the stairs Scorpio was fully dressed in the same jeans but different shirt then the day before. I was embarrassed and lost in thought over what I overheard. The only sound that filled the silence was the soft classic country music that played over the radio.

Scorpio got out first. In a gentlemanly manner he held open my door and closed it behind me. I could already see the wheels of the rumor mill turning full speed.

"Today is going to be interesting," I sighed.

Scorpio glanced down at me and then around us at the students beginning to whisper while eyeing us carefully. Scorpio laughed to himself as if the whole situation was an amusing joke.

I, on the other hand, was mortified. I had almost seen him totally naked, ended up sleeping with him in the literal sense of the phrase, and now everyone knows that he was not only at my house having dinner but stayed all night. It felt like the rumors about the fantasy affair with Mr. Greene had only just ended, now this. To make matters worse Scorpio had all my classes so even though there is nothing between us everyone is going to be talking about the new couple.

Scorpio disappeared as soon as we walked through the double doors and I went to meet Madison in the library per usual. Madison seemed reserved which was unlike her, which only meant that she had something she wanted to ask but didn't want to ask it.

"Whatever you heard it's not true," I answered her unspoken question.

"So the creepy new kid wasn't at your house last night?"

"He was. He came over for me to catch him up on what we've been doing in class. That's it."

"So then why did your mom drop him off this morning? C'mon I'm your best friend. You can tell me." She pleaded.

I rolled my eyes, "we ate pizza. My mom called. You know how she is about motorcycles so she made him stay the night. We watched a movie and he slept on the pull-out mattress." I explained, leaving out the part where I fell asleep with him and woke up in his arms. I don't think I could ever tell anyone about that.

When we got to first period Scorpio was nowhere to be found. Every class was the same, no Scorpio. Had he skipped? I couldn't figure out where he could be and what was even more perplexing was why did I care? Could I actually have a crush on the brutish rouge?

As we neared the end of the day, with Scorpio still nowhere in sight Michael made his move.

"So where is that boyfriend of yours?" He asked sarcastically.

"I don't have a boyfriend." I replied and tried to walk away. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into him. He reeked of sweat and too much Axe body spray. "If you don't have a boyfriend then I guess you'll be free to go out with me tonight."

"No thanks," I hissed and yanked my arm back.

He tightened his grip and sneered, "that wasn't a question. I'll be by to pick you up around 7." He released my arm just as the bell rang.

When I got to the parking lot Scorpio was already leaned against the car. The ride home was as silent as the ride to school till my mother spoke to Scorpio.

"Will you be staying over tonight again?"

"There are a couple more things I need to go over before I'm caught up but I don't know about staying the night."

"When does your guardian get home from his deployment?"

"Another year."

"You know night shift has always bothered me, leaving Catty alone all night when we live so far out of town and her not having a car. Maybe it makes me a bad mom since you're an unrelated boy but it really gave me a bit of ease knowing she wasn't alone."

"Mom I'm almost eighteen and I'll be going to college soon. I'm fine to stay by myself."

“I know you're fine Catty but that doesn't make me feel any better as your mother."

I couldn't argue with her. I know it had been hard on her to start working again. Scorpio didn't say anything and I glanced back at him to see his expression. He was staring at my arm. I hadn't realized the bruise had already begun to appear. His face was calm but his eyes told another story. The rage behind the steel gray was more intense than anything I had ever seen. The veins in his toned arms bulged as if he was lifting a hefty weight but he didn't say anything.

When we got back to my house my mom went through her routine of getting ready for work while Scorpio and I sat at the kitchen table finishing the review for our anatomy class. She made her coffee, laid out money for my dinner, and changed into her scrubs.

"Alright I'm gone. Scorpio you are welcome to stay if you want. Catty I'll call on my break. Love you have a good night. Don't stay up too late," she rushed out the door as if she was already late but she always arrived at the hospital at least twenty minutes early. It's why they loved her and didn't mind her only working ten hours instead of the traditional twelve.

As soon as the sound of shifting gravel announced the departure of my mother Scorpio turned to me, "Owens did that to you." It wasn't a question.

"He said he'd be here around 7 to pick me up..."

"You agreed to go out with that piece of..."

"No!" I interrupted him a little more forcefully than I had planned. It bothered me much more than I thought it would that he thought I had agreed to go out with someone else.

"Someone else? Else?" I thought to myself, realizing that I did in fact have a crush on Scorpio.

I had plenty of crushes in elementary and intermediate school but then I was too shy to say anything. Once into high school I kept busy with school work, volunteering, cheerleading, and church. I didn't want a boyfriend so I didn't pay enough attention to any of the boys to grow to like one. So why him? What about him was so entrancing?

Like I really had to ask... He was the embodiment of Michelangelo’s David. He was strong, incomparably intelligent, had a voice like a music legend and was an absolute mystery. He could have leapt from the pages of one of the Highlander books. My type to a T, if I had a type.

"When I told him no he said it wasn't a question." I finished.

"I'll take care of it if he shows up."

"Why?" He looked puzzled at my question so I continued, "why do you care so much that he's interested in me?"

He thought for a moment, "because you deserve better. Better than him and better than me."

"You say that like you're a bad guy"

"Because I am," he looked down at his hands to hide the look in his eyes. The anger had transformed into grief. Grief was a look I knew all too well. "If you knew even a fraction of the things I've done you would have never given me your address. Even if it was a poorly thought out bluff." He lifted his head on the last sentence and gave me a knowing look.

I couldn't help but to ask. My curiosity was always getting me in trouble and I hoped this time it wouldn't make him hate me. "You're a teenager. You couldn't have done anything that bad."

The look he gave me told another story. One of guilt and regret. Whatever he had done, he thought it was that bad and then some.

"I can't tell you the worst of it but I can tell you the beginning, if you really want to know."

"Tell me"

"I was born in France, raised in Russia. My mother was a French gypsy that disappeared not long after I was born. My father who had quit the Russian police to start his own business moved me back to Russia. I was raised much differently than you. I wasn't shown love or compassion, my father considered those traits weak and emasculating. Some would have described him as a psychopath. When I was thirteen my father hired a girl three years my senior to tutor me and basically be a maid. She didn't speak to anyone not even me unless it was required for a lesson and when she did speak she didn't make eye contact. I didn't know why nor did I care.

One night she caught me leaving the house. I knew she had followed me but I didn't care. I wasn't doing anything my father wasn't well aware of and even condoned. I went to a bar not far from the apartment we lived in. I waited outside the door for a drunk to walk out pissed off. I started a fight. She apparently ran back to my father and begged him to help me which he didn't.

When I got back she was sitting on my bed crying. She asked me why I did it. I told her because I wanted to, that it made me feel good. She offered me another, less violent outlet so that I didn't have to risk my life to feel good," he looked at me, judging my expression. For once I was careful to not wear my feelings on my face and he continued, "I took her up on her offer but it wasn't enough. I just made sure she didn't catch me leaving again. Three years later she caught me again and followed me. The person I started the fight with was armed. She tried to get between us and he stabbed her. She was dead before the ambulance even got there."

"What happened to the man that stabbed her?"

"He died on the way to hospital."

The glint in his eyes when he said that stopped any further questions from even forming. He didn't have to say he had killed that man. The implication was there and he didn't even attempt to hide it. He could have said anything and I would never have known the difference. It was almost as if he wanted me to know, wanted me to fear him or even hate him.

I didn't have time to think before a car horn sounded from the driveway. Scorpio stood up abruptly and headed to the door. I glanced out the window before following Scorpio and just as I thought, Michael Owens’ SUV was idling in my driveway. He honked again just as Scorpio opened the door.

Michael brazenly got out and walked deliberately right up to the door. He ignored Scorpio who blocked his way and addressed me, "for him not to be your boyfriend he sure does hang out here a lot. Guess you aren't as sweet and innocent as you want everyone to think."

Scorpio grabbed him by the front of his shirt and shoved him to the ground, "Leave. Now." Was all he said but his tone promised consequences if his direction wasn't followed.

I slipped my hand around Scorpio's arm and stepped in front of him and spoke directly to Michael, "I'm not some easy girl that will just go out with you because you say I don't have a choice. I do have a choice and it's been made. You need to leave and the next time you show up at my house I'll call the police."

Michael was still on the ground, furious as I placed my hand on Scorpio's chest and pushed him back into the house, closing the door behind us. I had to hide my gleeful smile. I know that had he not wanted to come back inside, there was no way I could have made him. He allowed me to push him back, for whatever reason, and it kind of made me happy.

"So am I pulling out the sofa bed again or are you going home?"

Scorpio looked surprised, "you know that what I told you isn't the worst I've done."

"What you did in the past only defines who you were not who you are. Besides, I feel safe with you."

Scorpio laughed, though it was void of humor, "you are the only person that has ever said that."

Once again I had accidentally fallen asleep beside Scorpio, though when I awoke I wasn't wrapped in his arms and it was still pitch out the windows. I checked the clock, only two hours had passed. I was still exhausted but didn't want to wake up in the same awkward position I had the morning before. Carefully as to not awaken Scorpio I slipped away from his side.

I tried to be as quiet as I possibly could but the pull out mattress squeaked beneath my shifting weight. I cringed at the sound and heard Scorpio shift behind me. I turned to see if he was still asleep. He was.

His face was relaxed, his full lips slightly parted. His breathing was even and shallow. I wondered what he was dreaming of, if anything at all. Carefully I snuck up the stairs to my room and climbed into my own bed.

Exhausted as I was, sleep wouldn't come to me. My bed, empty, felt too big and cold. I slipped from beneath my comforter to my dresser and grabbed the tattered bear my father had given me on my twelfth Fourth of July celebration. Sleep finally overcame me after an hour of tossing and turning.

I awoke to the sound of my alarm blaring, in my bed alone. When I reached the stairs the sofa bed was pushed in, blankets folded neatly on the couch. Scorpio was nowhere to be seen. The bathroom door was open and the kitchen was empty.

I thought back to the day before. Would I see him in class today or would he skip again? I had meat to ask him where he had been but between studying and my own overactive thoughts I had forgotten, though it really wasn't any of my business. It's not like I was his girlfriend and had any right to an explanation. He'd probably just brush me off if I asked.

The school yard was filled with gawking peers and whispered quandaries. Michael had obviously already told everyone of the nights events. I walked to my first period class with deliberate steps.

To my surprise Scorpio was already there seated in the desk adjacent my own. I felt a smile playing at my lips and tried to fight it down. Scorpio was so distant and uninterested. Any feelings I had for him would not be reciprocated so why bother expressing them. I would get him caught up for the semester and he would more than likely stop talking to me all together.

As I made my way to my seat a dainty hand gripped my elbow and spun me on my heels.

"Is it true?" Madison was wide eyed staring at me.

"You have to be a bit more specific," I figured she was talking about the Michael incident but as to not jump to conclusions and collaborate the wrong rumor I figured it best to clarify.

"You hooked up with Michael last night,"

My jaw unhinged in shock "No, Maddie, I did not," I exclaimed in a much higher tone than I had wanted. Scorpio raised a brow at my overly annoyed tone.

Based on his expression he obviously hadn't heard the rumor yet. Then again, why would he, he didn't associate with anyone.

"And, if you seriously had to even ask such a stupid question then you don't know me very well" I huffed and stomped to my seat.

Madison bit her lip and looked uncomfortable. I knew she hadn't meant any offense in her question. It was just her nature to be quizzical honestly, I wasn't angry at her, I was furious at that disgusting rat Michael Owens.

Actually, i take that comparisson back, its an insult to rats.

I'd have to apologize later for biting her head off but for now I just wanted to be mad...

"You're kind of scary when you're pissed off," Scorpio murmured into my ear as he pretended to share my book again, "What has your blood boiling".

"I'm not in the mood, so either pretend to read or leave me alone," I huffed but it did nothing but amuse him. Scorpio chuckle at me temper tantrum but did as I asked, or rather demanded. He stared at the pages, presumably lost in thought as I read the words quietly to myself.

After the Mr. Greene fiasco I really didn't care anymore about the gossip that could be spread. In the end I knew the truth and that was all that really mattered. High school reputations were just that, they wouldn't follow you to college or for the rest of your life, so why should I care.

After the toll of the last bell I was heading for the parking lot when Scorpio strolled up beside me.

"I was wondering if I would see you in class today," I said, my mood somewhat lightened.

"Well, apparently it's frowned upon to throw perverts across the floor," Scorpio responded guessing correctly that I was hinting around about his unexplained absence the day before, "since it was my first day the principal only gave me a day in detention,"

"I'm sorry about this morning," I started to apologize but Scorpio raised his perfect brow and smirked at me. His perpetual sexiness effectively shut me up and heated my cheeks.

Normally I just stayed after school on Fridays and Mom didn't even bother to come to the school but I had forgotten my uniform at home.

Scorpio spoke respectfully to my mother, "I should be all caught up soon, thank you for allowing me to come to your home to..."

My mother interrupted him mid sentence, "Oh, Sweet-heart you are welcome at our home any time you like. Catty needs more friends that can help pull her out of the mud," she giggled and winked at me again. She handed me my uniform and slowly pulled away as I walked with Scorpio to his motorcycle.

"Cat,” sincere worry filled Madison's entire being as she ran up to me.

"What's wrong," I asked.

"I just overheard Michael talking to Tyler and Andy, he said that he doesn't care what your choice is, he's going to make the rumor true at the homecoming football game," she didn't need to explain for me to fully understand what he meant when he was talking to his friends.

Scorpio revved the engine on his bike, though I knew he heard every word his helmet hid any and all expression. He drove away much faster than necessary and I knew it was his own hatred of boys like Michael that was in charge of the acceleration. I couldn't help but pray that an angel was riding with him to keep him safe.

As the spectators headed out of the Stadium I spotted a person I had never seen at a game before, Scorpio Volkov.

Scorpio had the same look in his eyes he had had when he told me of the girl he had used yet defended. I was sure he was thinking of her and probably all the other things he had done and not told me about. How much pain and death had he seen? How much of it was caused by his hands?

I mentally shook myself. It didn't matter. He wasn't some serial killer on the run from the law, and the guilt and regret that plagued him was all I needed, to know that had he had a choice he would have done all of it differently, maybe not at the moment it had happened but now.

I felt sorry for him. I wanted more than anything to wrap my arms around him and tell him that no matter what he had done that he was a good person and everything would be okay.

I couldn't help but wonder if his guilt stemmed from his regret of using her or the fact that he knew she loved him and he couldn't love her the same way, and if he couldn't love her then how could I ever think he could love me...

I allowed that thought to trail off into nothingness and put an abrupt halt to my mental rambling as Scorpio walked towards me and asked "how are you getting home?"

"Uh, Madison usually drives me," as the words left my mouth Maddie bounded up to us. The tiny wisps of hair at her temple were plastered to her head with sweat.

"Hey girlie, you about ready to get changed and head home," she gave Scorpio a light breathless wave.

"Yeah, I'll meet you at your car," she gave me a girly and enthused grin before skipping to the locker room, "If you want you can meet me at my house. I have the review questions written down, since you already read it that's all you should need," I said to Scorpio.

"Fine," he said, "I'll meet you there," and he did.

By the time Madison dropped me off at my house Scorpio was sitting on my porch. Madison hummed as soon as she saw him. She was very inquisitive and I knew that she knew I liked him. Though she knew me well enough to know I’d never act on those feelings. I got out of her car and waved goodbye before Scorpio and I walked through the house in silence.

"Here are the review questions for the first six chapters," I said handing him a piece of paper with the questions written down but no answers.

I expected him to thank me and leave. Well, to be entirely honest I wasn't even sure he would say thank you. Instead he folded the paper, put it in his wallet and took a step closer to me.

I inadvertently took a step back. He was so domineering. His sexy, totalitarian aura was suffocatingly encompassing.

The soft cotton fabric of my down comforter brushed against the backs of my bare legs. I was running late this morning and dressed in the first thing I had pulled out of my closet. A knee length blue cotton dress with a halter top and off the shoulder half sleeves. It was well fitted to my athletic frame and fanned out at the hips to not impede my movements. It also made it really easy to pull up. With that realization swirling through my mind my face blushed, not quite from embarrassment but something I had never really felt before.

Scorpio took another very deliberate step toward me. His fingers brushed against the fabric of my skirt and slid up my body to my shoulder and then down my arm to my hand. He never broke eye contact with me and I shuddered under the combination of his touch and piercing gaze.

I bit my lip to stop the quiver that would surely give away my uncertainty and expectations. This was always the part in the harlequin novels that I read where the bad boy hero kissed the girl that had unwittingly fallen for him. At that moment I wasn't sure if I fallen for him or not. I was certain though, that I wouldn't mind if he decided to kiss me.

He took a step back and turned slightly gazing off at something else. An exasperated sigh slipped from my lips before I could catch it and force it back down. The devious grin that played at the corner of Scorpio's mouth said exactly how he took the involuntary vocalization. If that wasn't enough he turned back to me, eyes filled with a seductive veracity I had never seen before.

"Were you expecting something," he purred.

I half heartedly shrugged and attempted to advert my gaze so he couldn't see the blush on my cheeks, "I don't know what you mean," I stammered out unconvincingly.

I couldn't have fooled a middle schooler let alone Scorpio Volkov. I had only known him for three days but his personality and way of thinking was so easy to read he might have well had a narrator dictating his every thought.

I had considered turning away, changing the subject or even just coming right out and telling him how flustered he made me. While I was contemplating my next move he had already had his ready to play. If we had been playing chess he would have checked my king before I even moved my first knight.

Scorpio closed the gap between us and wrapped one strong arm around my waist pulling me hard against his body. His other hand cupped the back of my neck forcing me to face him. His thumb stroked the line of my jaw as he gazed intently into my eyes. "I mean something like this," he growled just before pressing his lips to mine.

I gasped at the surprise of being kissed so suddenly, causing my lips to slightly part. It was just enough to deepen our kiss. My heart fluttered and I couldn't help but to wrap my arms around his broad frame. His stony posture softened at my returned embrace. He broke our kiss and rested his forehead against mine. His breathing was ragged but even.

"I have to go," he said pulling away. Before I could even respond he was making his way down the stairs and out the door. I fell back into the sanctuary of my bed as I listened to the sound of the front door closing and the roar of an engine fading away into the distance.

** * **

My first kiss...

I still couldn't get it out of my mind. Scorpio had kissed me with a passion that left me breathless and weak in the knees. He was dominant, aggressive and had an internal fierceness that struck like lightning. I fully understood why so many of the girls in our school eyed him lustfully but with caution. A lot of the fellow cheerleaders gossiped in the locker room about how hot he was, which was true, but none of them had been brave enough to actually talk to him.

As I entered the school the first thing I noticed was Grayson's deep voice echoing through the halls. He sounded like a lion. Scorpio was leaned against a locker his arms were folded across his chest and his head was down. He almost looked asleep with his jagged bangs hanging into his eyes. Mei-Ling hung on Grayson's arm as he talked enthusiastically to Scorpio.

As I walked forward to say "hi" to Grayson and Mei-Ling a girl, Valerie, walked up to Scorpio. The sight stopped me in my tracks.

She was one of the girls that normally fawned over Michael. She was one of his regular post game hookups. She was wearing a skirt that was bound to get her sent straight to the principal’s office and a low cut shirt that was so tight it looked like what little boobs she had were going to pop out the top.

My stomach turned with jealousy as she ran her hand up Scorpio’s chest and brushed his hair with her fingers. I couldn't see his expression from here to know how he reacted. She stood on the tips of her toes, pressing her body against his masculine frame and whispered into his ear.

I decided to just keep walking, pretend to not notice them. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her attempt to run her fingers along the line of his jaw. It looked like he had been ignoring her up until now but just as her fingers touched his skin he grabbed her wrist.

I heard her gasp in shock at his quick reflexes. That was something I had become at least somewhat accustomed to.

"That hurts," she whined and tried to pull her arm away.

Good luck... I thought to myself, pulling away from him was next to impossible.

"If you think that hurts..." Scorpio growled and lifted his face to look at her for the first time. The smirk that marred his face was different. It was twisted into a look of disgust and he shoved her away, "you'd never be able to take me."

Scorpio shoved past Grayson and Mei-Ling yet was careful not to bump her. Valerie stood dumbfounded. To my knowledge no boy had ever rejected her, then again, what boy would reject such an offer. She was proud of her extracurricular activities. Valerie wasn't the brightest crayon in the box so she used her body to bribe our school’s geek squad into doing her homework or letting her cheat on tests. For all intents and purposes, she was an academic prostitute and yet Scorpio wasn't interested in her at all. He almost looked insulted by her blatant pursuit.

Maybe he really did like me after all? I thought to myself. No, there's no way he really likes me. I mean he did kiss me but then he darted out and I haven't heard from him all weekend. Maybe the kiss was his way of thanking me for getting him caught up?

My mind was in utter turmoil by the time I arrived at the library.

I sighed audibly... today is going to be a long day.

** * **

I sighed again.

"You know they say if you sigh too much you'll sigh out all your happiness," Madison mumbled through a bite of her sandwich as we sat together for lunch.

"I haven’t been sighing that much," I grumbled back at her.

"You really have," Mei-Ling said and passed Grayson the extra spring roll her mother had packed in her bento box. I giggled as Grayson grabbed it excitedly and shoved almost the whole thing in his mouth. He really loved Mei-Ling's mom's cooking.

"Looks like we know what will make you smile, even when you're all B-pressed," Madison laughed and poked my arm.

"'B-pressed?" That was a new one. Madison had her own way of Dr. Suessing a sentence or phrase but I hadn't heard "b-pressed" before.

"Yeah, ya know. Depressed because of a boy," now she’s teasing me... I glared at her, but she really had brought up my mood.

"I am not depressed," I groaned and shoved another bite from my cup ramen into my mouth. Today was not a good day to bring this. Between my annoyance and Madison's pestering I couldn’t enjoy it. This was a flavor that they didn't sell in America. Mei-Ling ordered it for me from a shop her family frequented when they lived in Japan. I was so aggravated and confused that I could barely even taste it, which only served to aggravate me even more.

I fought the urge to sigh again and finished off my food. I left the table just as the teasing turned from me to Grayson.

"Wait, how did you get her undepressed?" Grayson asked genuinely confused.

"Your gluttony," Mei-Ling giggled.

I glanced over at Scorpio just as I was walking out of the door and heading back to class. He was still sulking, but I couldn’t help but wonder why. Had Valerie really made him that mad? Or was there something else bothering him?

The week went by slowly and uneventfully, and so did the week after and the week after that. Scorpio hadn't really spoken to me since he kissed me. I was too nervous to speak to him. I watched him get hit on by a different girl just about every day. The longer he was present the more courage my hormone driven female peers seemed to develop. At school he seemed to be shooting each one of them down but who knows what he was doing after the final bell, after all, he did have an apartment all to himself.

Finally it was the Friday before Halloween weekend. I had pretty much conceited to the fact that Scorpio did not like me and that the spontaneous kiss was either a thank you or an experiment to see if he wanted more. Obviously he didn't. I wanted to be offended at first, it was my first kiss so how could I be expected to be any good at it. Finally I just gave up even thinking about it. This was the reason I had sworn off high school relationships.

As I walked out of the locker room two people caught my attention. It was Madison and Scorpio. Madison was smiling and crossed her arms in her "my way or the highway" manor and glared at him. Scorpio gazed down at her in utter amusement and shook his head. Even at the distance I could tell he was saying something along the lines of "okay" or "alright," at her. She did the quirky little shoulders only dance with a huge smile on her face before skipping away. Scorpio rolled his eyes and smirked before he too left the narrow hall that led to the gym.


About the author

DC Hope

I am a mother, a wife and all the things that comes in that pretty package. i have a passion for romantic and paranormal fiction and psychology. i write for my own sanity and to give a little bit of an escape to those that want to get lost.

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