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Extraterrestrial beings

by Kalixxy Nova about a month ago in Sci Fi
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Alien experience

Alien Experience

May 22nd, 2022.

I don't remember what happened but today I woke up and found myself surrounded by aliens or extraterrestrial beings of light are how they seem to me. I am terrified yet they all seem calm and non-aggressive. This is calming a bit but I can't help but wonder why I'm strapped in this table with an oxygen mask on. What do I do right now? What can I do right now? They are pacing around me in a calm energy, observing all of my responses very closely. One of the aliens dressed in all white walks up to me and leans his head down so slowly and close to mine that we became eye to eye with each other. He stares at me for what seems like hours and within his gaze is what looks like the galaxy that swarms us. His eyes were filled with amazing colors and stars spinning in his eyes. After a moment I could hear his thoughts inside of mine, he was telepathically communicating with me. His thoughts intruded mine and in an angelic tone, I heard the words, "you will be ok." My heart is racing, even though his message was nice I was still a complete wreck on the inside, shaking, sweating, intensely afraid of the unknown. What could I do, what could I do were the thoughts racing in my head. My thoughts were interrupted by sudden movement of the aliens all dressed in white and suddenly they made a straight passage way leading up to me and in that same moment this goddess extra terrestrial alien entered the room and walked ghostly up to me almost floating on the floor. She reached me in seconds and stared at me with similar galactic eyes from before but brighter and more intense. She takes off my oxygen mask and unleashes my binds. I instantly sit up in a panic, wondering if this is some kind of nightmare or am I delerious? I jump up out of the seat and run with shaky legs to what looks like a door I've seen them pass through. To my surprise they don't chase me but I keep running regardless. I burst through the door and this place has 6 different corridor's to run down. After a moment and my panic rising even more with where am I thoughts and why is this happening, I pick the first corridor to my left and bolt down it. As I run I pass a few of the aliens in white, I scream as I pass them but they still don't chase me. I reach the end of the corridor and to my utter shock, I am not on earth anymore but I'm in space. Deep space. Why, though, why me. I don't understand why I'm here. I'm breathing heavily starting out the glass and the everlasting void of the ultimate infinity which is space. So beautiful yet so scary. At that moment the alien dressed in purple walked up behind me and touched my shoulder. I jumped and gasped in panic. I yelled "why am I here?! What do you want from me?!" I'm almost about to completely break down when she leans down to gaze into my eyes and in their telepathic communication she tells me, "you are safe, you are needed here, we will not hurt you, you are here to ascend to a higher purpose and it is your time to learn." Her telepathic words were slightly comforting but in years I stare back into her mesmerizing eyes and ask "but why me?" To which she responds "it is your time to ascend." She takes my hand and walks me to another part of the spaceship. I am absolutely astounded to see the room she had taken me to. It was a room full of a magical world, fairies and mermaids as well as all different types of fea creatures were in there. I was nervous entering but soon became calm and serene. I felt at home there. The once alien woman dressed in purple spoke once more but when I looked at her, it wasn't the same being but a new fairy-like creature. Her eyes were now bright purple and her hair long and white and her gown multi-colored rainbow sparkled. She was stunning. She took me by my hands and told me that this is where I will ascend and from there a bigger purpose will become of me. I cried and thanked her. She kissed my hand and said thank you for choosing to stay with us.

Sci Fi

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Kalixxy Nova

Hi I love to write anything and everything, if you give me an idea to write about, i'll figure out a way on how to turn it into a book.

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