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Every day is Christmas

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who liked Christmas very much. She thought it would be Christmas every day.

By KianaPublished 6 months ago 7 min read

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who liked Christmas very much. She thought it would be Christmas every day. So, just after Thanksgiving, she sent a postcard to the Christmas fairy, and she asked the fairy if she could make her wish come true.

Weeks passed and she had not received a reply. But on Christmas Eve, she received a letter from the Christmas Fairy saying that her wish could come true and that every day from now on would be Christmas. At that time, the little girl was busy preparing for Christmas the next day. She was so excited that the letter from the Christmas Fairy didn't impress her, she just decided not to tell anyone about it for the time being, and when it did come, she was going to surprise everyone. Soon she forgot about it.

She went to bed early that night so that Santa could put presents in her stockings. She was the first to get up the next morning to find her stockings full of sweets, oranges, bubble gum, and all kinds of little gifts. Her dad and mom's stockings were full of paper-wrapped potatoes and coal, and they always made that joke at Christmas.

The little girl was the first to rush into the living room and saw many gifts, large and small, on the desk, including books, folders, stationery, bracelets, dolls, a small stove, a small sleigh, ice skates, a small snow shovel, a mirror frame, candy, etc. Of course, there is also a large Christmas tree in the center of the room, with lights on and all kinds of decorations.

The little girl had a great day. In the morning she ate so much sugar that she didn't even want to eat breakfast. Then she was busy going around giving gifts to others. When she got home she had a big lunch with turkey, jam, sweet potatoes, pudding, dried fruit, raisins, oranges and many sweets. After the meal she rolled out her little sleigh and went to play. When the little girl came back, her stomach hurt so much that she cried. Her father said that she would not make so much again next year. So they all ate very little for dinner, and the whole family went to bed early.

The little girl slept soundly. When she woke up, she saw a group of children jumping around her bed with gifts in their hands.

"What's the matter?" said the little girl, rubbing her eyes and sitting up wearily.

"Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!" they shouted, waving their presents.

"Stop talking nonsense, yesterday was Christmas."

The children laughed. "Then we don't care, it's Christmas anyway, if you don't believe me, go to the living room and have a look."

Then the little girl suddenly remembered that the fairy had agreed to her request. Every day was the beginning of the year of Christmas, and although she was very tired, she still jumped out of bed like a lark and rushed into the living room. Books, folders, stationery and bracelets were still there. The Christmas tree was flashing lights, and the family was taking their presents, but they all looked tired. The little girl's father was puzzled by this, and her mother was about to cry.

"I really don't know what to do with this stuff," her mother complained. Her father said it was as if he had just gotten the gifts the day before yesterday, and he thought he might be dreaming. The little girl thought it was a funny joke. She ate a lot of candy and didn't want to eat breakfast. At lunch she ate roast turkey, then went skiing, and came back with a stomachache that made her cry...

On the third day, it was Christmas again, but everyone's temper got bad. After a week, many people's tempers got worse, and you can meet people who are angry everywhere, which makes everyone very unhappy.

The little girl was beginning to be a little afraid of keeping the secret. She wanted to tell her mother, but she didn't dare, and she was too embarrassed to ask the fairy to take back the gift she had given her. Doing so would make her appear impolite and uneducated. So she tried to cope, but she simply didn't know how to get through the year.

Day by day, Christmas goes on, Valentine's Day, Washington's birthday has become Christmas, even April Fool's Day has become Christmas, of course everything is fake on that day, but it makes people get some relief.

After a while, coal and potatoes became scarce because so many people wrapped them in paper to joke with their parents. Turkeys are hard to come by, costing as much as $1,000 each.

They treat everything as a turkey, even hummingbirds that don't grow up are eaten as turkeys because there are so few real turkeys.

In addition, each berry needs to be exchanged for a diamond. All the trees in the woods and orchards have been cut down to make Christmas trees, and there is only one stump left in the original forest. After some days, people became very poor. Because they have to buy Christmas gifts and give each other gifts every day. They can't afford new clothes, so they have to wear old clothes, and they became so poor that everyone had to go to the ghetto. The only exceptions are the merchants who make sweets, the merchants who make gifts, and the mail carriers. They have all become rich. They are so rich that when customers come to buy things, they hardly want to receive them. How terrible!

After three or four months, the little girl woke up in the morning and saw those ugly big socks hanging by the fire and disgusting gifts everywhere she walked into the room. She often sat down and cried when she saw these things. By the sixth month, the little girl was so exhausted that she couldn't even cry anymore. She just lay on the sofa, panting and rolling her eyes. From about October, wherever she went, whenever she saw dolls, whether they were French dolls or other dolls,

She sat on top of the doll. The little girl didn't like seeing them anymore. By Thanksgiving, she threw gifts all over the floor. By then, people stopped giving each other gifts well, they threw them over the fence or through the window. They stopped making the effort to write greetings or give Christmas cards, and people just said, "Take him, nasty thing."

Almost everyone had to build wooden sheds to store gifts, but soon the sheds were full and people had to throw them around in the sun and rain, and sometimes the police came and told them to shovel gifts off the sidewalk, or arrest them.

"Didn't you say people went to the poor house?" Jo interrupted him.

"At first they did," her father said, "but soon the slum houses were full and people had to send people back to their own homes."

On the day before Thanksgiving, the reason why every day is Christmas leaked out. It turned out that the little girl suffered enough and talked in her sleep to reveal the secret. After that, almost no one played with her, and people despised her, because if she hadn't been so greedy, this kind of thing wouldn't have happened.

At this time, the little girl was in pain, and she began to write letters to the Christmas fairy, and then telegraphed, asking the fairy to stop this endless Christmas. But she went to her, and the little girl who came out to open the door didn't say, "The fairy is not at home," that is, "she is eating," and so on. And so day by day, it was the night before Christmas once a year, and when the little girl woke up, it was already the next morning.

People all over the country rejoiced when they heard the news, and they kissed and cheered each other when they met. Garbage trucks in the city went back and forth collecting candy, raisins and walnuts and threw them into the river, and in various states across the country, bonfires were lit, and children threw all kinds of gifts into the fire, and they felt it was the happiest moment.

The little girl went to thank the Christmas Fairy for stopping Christmas. The little girl said she hoped she would keep her promise to never let them have Christmas again, they would never want Christmas again.

But the fairy frowned and asked the little girl if she had thought carefully about the meaning of what she said. The little girl thought carefully, and she said that Christmas should be once in a thousand years, then once in a hundred years, then once in ten years, and finally she thought it was better to have it once a year.

The fairy said it was a good old custom, people have liked it since Christmas began, and she agreed to have Christmas once a year. The little girl was very happy, she bid farewell to the fairy and went home hopping.

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