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Escape Maze Mansion

Episode 1: Sarah

By Svilleg6Published 3 months ago 5 min read

Long shadows spread across the long curving road “The Graffiti Highway” as many may call it (PA 61 South of Centralia) the road that led to Centralia, a small town in PA, This evening marked Sarah's arrival to Centralia, as a young journalist looking for ideas for her upcoming piece.

Attracted by stories she heard online of an abandoned mansion secluded away in Centralia, she had to go see it for herself. Asking herself the same question in wonder, What could be concealed beyond its collapsing walls.? As the sun began to set, even the trees' brilliant colors, red and orange, whispered secrets to the wind as it flowed across their branches that everything felt uneasy, as though something malevolent lurked just below the surface of Centralia.

Sarah felt like she was being watched as she made her way through the town's winding streets. The locals' facial expressions of mistrust cast a cautious gaze at her, their murmurs tracing her path like wisps of smoke.Sarah continued anyhow, curiosity winning out over the discomfort that gnawed at the corners of her thoughts. Soon enough, she was standing at the border, the trees looming against the waning light like silent sentinels.

The trail in front of her was overgrown, tangled with roots and weeds that would have suffocated anybody who didn't know how to get around in harsh environments like sarah . The smell of moist earth and rot filled the air with every step she took, and the darkness closed in around her like a smothering embrace. That's when she noticed it—The Mansion.

It stood as a witness of time, tucked among the trees, its roof sagging from neglect and its windows shattered. Climbing up its worn walls, ivy's branches reached out as if they were skeletal fingers looking for anything to hold onto.A chilling breeze rushed across the open area as Sarah got closer, sending shivers down her spine. The weight of its secrets made the home creak, and the sound bounced through the quiet of the night like a sad cry.Sarah crossed the threshold, her footfall resonating against the deserted house's dusty flooring.

The smell of rotting flesh in the air, as she entered the mansion with lots of mixed emotions, curious , happy, scared the blackness inside its walls engulfed the weak light from her lamp. The wallpaper that covered the walls had faded, leaving behind just a ghostly resemblance of its once-vibrant patterns. The cobwebs clung to the corners, their strands shaking in the wind like ghosts. Sarah kept feeling as though someone was watching her while she explored.

Ghoulish forms twisted and twisted on the walls, as if they were keeping an eye on her every step. The house itself seemed to be alive, hovering around her like a terrifying ghost. Every turn of every corner is questionable.The feeling that she was not alone intensified with every minute that went by. Through the stillness, she heard murmurs, voices warped and warped by the years.

They talked about catastrophes that had occurred inside the walls of the house and long-buried secrets.Then she noticed it: a silhouetted figure standing in the shadows, its form obscured by darkness. With soulless eyes that pierced the darkness like a blade to the heart, it observed her. Sarah staggered back, her heart thumping fiercely in her chest, her breath catching in her throat.

She attempted to get away from the figure but it seemed as though the walls themselves were working together to keep her inside by stretching its hallways miles long from the door she just walked in through. Sarah spent hours wandering the house's maze-like hallways, her mind racing with worries and anxieties. She looked for explanations, for something that would make sense of the horror that she was living within those walls.

Scared and looking for a way out she goes in to a door one of many doors in the mansions hallway, instantly in the moment the door shut closed behind her she appears in a old knights castle she began to make her way out still looking for a way out confused as to what or why this is happening, she discovered it—a secret room hidden behind a collapsing wall, its entrance hidden beneath layers of dust and rubble.

A chilly wind blew through the chamber as she entered, there it was bound in broken leather resting on a pedestal in the center of the chamber. Sarah's hands trembled as she extended her reach, feeling through the worn pages to discover the mysteries concealed in it. The journal described a mother driven insane by grief and misery, and a family ripped apart by catastrophe.

It described a man who gave himself over to the shadows that lived inside the mansion. The whispers became more audible as Sarah read, their voices blending together with the text on the page. They talked about rituals and sacrifices carried out in the depths of night to state the darkness of their souls. As night fell she hid tight in the room as she heard footsteps but not any footsteps, footsteps of Giant Trolls living in that world. Sarah also witnessed fire breathing dragons, You can say she was equally excited as she was scared.

As Sarah sat there in pure disbelief of what was happening, a figure appeared standing in the shadows, its form distorted by the surrounding darkness. It urged her closer as it extended its hand and curled its fingers to point at her. She let out a shout of defiance and tore herself away, running out of the room with her heart thumping at her chest. However, as she ran out of the old castle room she found herself running down the hallways of the mansion with darkness trailing behind her, its tendrils encircling her like cold bonds as she staggered through the hallways of the mansion.

Sarah struggled to escape the clutches of the house, desperate and alone. With ragged breath and fatigued limbs, she pushed through the darkness. Just as she crossed the threshold, a dazzling light burst through the shadows, illuminating the room with its glow. The house shook as if to protest her attempt to leave, and it moaned under the strain of its resistance. Sarah used her last remaining energy to break away from the mansion, running into the night with her feet banging on the forest floor and her heart on her chest.

The whispers behind her died away and vanished, their sounds absorbed by the darkness that had preceded them as she got farther from the mansion. Sarah emerged from the woods with her body damaged and bruised and her spirit disturbed but unbroken as dawn broke over the horizon. Glancing back, she saw the home, like a ghost of the night, its silhouette standing against the clear morning sky.

She turned away, vanishing from the darkness that had threatened to engulf her. Because in the end, her own resolve to survive—rather than the Story—was what ultimately controlled her. However, the house still stands in Centralia, its secrets buried inside it's collapsing walls, waiting for the next gullible tourist to stumble upon its frightening Maze hallways.

Young AdultthrillerShort StorySeriesSci FiPsychologicalMysteryMicrofictionHorrorFantasyFan FictionAdventure

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