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Escape instant noodles

Instant noodles permed curly hair, carrying a small flavor pack, dressed up fragrant.

By KianaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The instant noodles had permed curly hair, carried small flavor packs, and dressed up beautifully. It was the fifth day of the new day, and there was morning fog and morning dew. It danced with the dragon beard noodles, the room was too small. They went to the yard to dance, and the yard was too small. They kept dancing, and then they jumped out of the yard, came to the road, and jumped farther and farther down the road. At the end of the road is the forest, and finally they came to the forest...

  There are many mushrooms in the forest, and all of them wear small hats.

  The civilization here can be developed, and the spiders are busy surfing the Internet: Oh, there is a guy named Hyacinth who has not been here for a while, and I don't know what he is busy with.

  There are also many, many tall trees, each of which is a warm palm.

  Instant noodles and dragon beard noodles are both formed in cold machines, and they have never felt a mother's love. So they sighed together: It would be great if there was a mother like a big tree!

  Long Xu Nian quickly fell in love with the warm Impatiens. Impatiens, flowers bloom one after another, expressing endless love, like love poems that can never be written. Impatiens said that in the past, it always looked forward to meeting a handsome guy with straight hair and delicate thoughts in its dreams, and then started a romantic life together.

  The instant noodles that lost the dragon beard noodles didn't feel lonely at all, and a good friend should be blessed to find happiness. Then, it jumped away with its own steps.

  Instant noodles took a hard breath, the damp air was a little sweet. It shook its curly hair and felt that it should be a lovely child, but why didn't anyone pay attention to it?

  At this time, the little bee flew over with two buckets of honey. It was so tired that it couldn't help but stop in the hair of the instant noodles. It became a unique golden hairpin, making the instant noodles look more like a child without any sadness, and wholeheartedly happy.

  It leaned the small smell bag on its shoulder, and looked up to see a spider sitting on a leaf to surf the Internet. The instant noodles were about to say hello, when suddenly the spider laughed back and forth, and the leaves trembled.

  "Friend, you are so happy, what's the fun on the Internet?"

  The spider said, "Only women and children are not suitable!" Then the spider got serious, "Huh? Who are you - I don't seem to have seen you before?"

  Instant Noodles rolled his eyelids and said, "I'm Fang Fang."

  The spider pinched its chin and looked at it for a while, and the instant noodles were looking a little uncomfortable. The little bee took the opportunity to fly away. But it left a spoonful of honey for the instant noodles to make a setting gel.

  Spider had never seen such a charming child, and muttered in his heart: Could it be that this is the legendary... instant noodles?

  So, the spider said to it with great interest: A hyacinth just wrote on his blog: "I made a simple breakfast in the morning, opened the noodles and waited for the water in the rice cooker to boil, and went to write a fairy tale by myself. Later, I remembered to cook the noodles, and found that the pot was empty and the noodles were gone. Only then did I realize that I probably cooked it well, but I just forgot to turn off the power... I've been so forgetful recently, I don't even remember eating."

  Oh! As soon as the instant noodles heard this, they immediately remembered their owner. The water in the rice cooker was obviously exhausted in the morning! This confused hyacinth. Instant noodles stomped their feet in anger.

  "What did you say?" said the spider.

  "Oh. I mean this inexplicable hyacinth!"

  It's inexplicable enough. Later, Instant Noodle Fang and Spider Silk became good friends, and they kept paying attention to Hyacinth, thinking that Hyacinth didn't know. Instant Noodle Fang also thought that the spider didn't know - it was the instant noodles that ran away from Hyacinth's breakfast.

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