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Erotic Novel Chapter 3

by brottman reece 2 months ago in Short Story
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Nostalgia for breasts

Erotic Novel Chapter 3
Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Sometimes I was busy, sometimes I remembered Snow's text message, sometimes I was worried about the League, and I spent the afternoon tossing and turning. I heard earlier that drugstores sell pregnancy test papers, and the results were accurate, so I decided to give it a try. It was easy to get to the end of the day, and I ran to the drugstore and found something like that, with a 99% accuracy rate. There are a lot of categories, but the price is very expensive. I picked a while, bought two small, afraid of not allowing, and bought a large.

The car is very congested. It was easy to get home, but the alliance has not returned. I also wondered, alliance used to be very early to home, how today has not come back. If is she not feeling well, nothing will happen, right? I hurriedly took out my phone and wanted to call. The phone showed an unread text message, it was the alliance. I opened it to see, it read: "Wind, I will not go home tonight.

My friend's boyfriend is on a business trip and I'm going to stay with his girlfriend." I couldn't help but laugh, "What a mess, boyfriend girlfriend." The general meaning of the look understood, holding the drugstore bought back in their hand, some confused. Haphazardly made some rice, watched awhile TV, no alliance does not know what to do. The house is a little messy, I tried to organize it, or no alliance level. Looking at the bed, I suddenly thought of the alliance again. Could she be pregnant? It would be fun to think about if we had a baby, bouncing around on this bed! Thinking about it, I felt very tired and went to sleep.

Allied did not come home for a few days in a row. I was busy every day. We exchanged thoughts by cell phone every day. I was angry in my heart: the alliance is too enthusiastic, always good people, put me alone in the house.

I rarely interfere with Allied's life, I feel I should leave her a space of her own. I don't care what friends she has, or what social engagements she has. It may be that I think she also does not need to care, behaving very well, except for the occasional company of disillusioned friends. Besides, people letting her accompany them also just shows that she is a girl that everyone loves, cheerful, lively, and can make people happy.

I asked if the alliance is still nauseous. She said she was fine. After being gone for a week, the alliance finally came back. A week, busy, and

I forgot about Snow's text messages.

Dear readers, forgive me for writing so many boring things. The days are passing slowly in boredom.

When I'm bored, I like to surf the Internet, go to the class alumni book and read the messages of my classmates.

It was a boring afternoon. I finished the work in hand and thought I'd better go online and take a look.

Click on the alumni book, there is their small note, check, it is snow. Two in total, together they read.

"Wind, I know you have forgotten me. I don't know how you're doing without hearing from me. I found your cell phone number in the alumni directory and sent you a text message you shouldn't have seen, so I hope I won't disturb you."

I froze at the note. I looked and looked as if it turned into a real note as if I saw her beautiful handwriting again ......

At that moment, it was natural to put aside all worries and look up all her contact information. 10 minutes later, Snow and I had met on MSN.

By Steven Lasry on Unsplash

The day of separation was not asked by anyone. No one said anything about how much they missed each other. For some reason, our topics were surprisingly all about our common classmates. I asked her how I was doing, and she asked me how Zhang was doing. Later, we found that there were no classmates to talk about, so we were silent.

Or I broke the silence, I still have a lot to ask her, can not be so silent. The following is a transcript of our chat, organized as follows.

Snow: I dropped out of school and went abroad, met him, got a degree together, and came back, ready to get married in October.

Wind: I came to Beijing after graduating from college and met the alliance, but marriage is not yet planned.

Snow: I am also in Beijing. But I don't like Beijing, I like Qingdao.

Wind: I also like Qingdao.

Snow: I am going to go back once before the wedding, how about accompanying me?

Wind: Good.

This cry of good was a struggle for me. I thought about my time with her, about that night. Suddenly there was a regret that although I had talked to her for two years, I never had her. And she was about to get married, about to become someone else's woman. How could my heart be willing? At that moment, I was filled with tenderness, but also jealousy, but also the desire to conquer, in a variety of feelings intertwined, I suddenly had an idea: I want to have her once.

Seeing the alliance again, I have some regrets. I am such a betrayal of the alliance. But I have promised Snow, how to tell the League? Should I tell the truth or lie to her? After much hesitation, I chose to cheat. I don't want to lose the alliance yet. I told the alliance, the unit business trip, I have to go back to Qingdao once. The alliance is very happy, said: "always hear you say Qingdao is good, I also want to go. Tomorrow I will ask for leave with the leader." I couldn't help but get anxious and made up a haphazard excuse, telling her how she could bring her family on a business trip. She did not say anything, silent a little angry. I coaxed her, teasing her, but she finally did not care.

Snow and I are preparing for the trip to Qingdao. During those days, every night alliance. She seems to feel that I am about to go far away, especially cherish the days together. And I perhaps always have something on my mind, not the very top, every time sketchy. On a not-so-special day, I linger with the alliance again. I want to go straight to the point, even the alliance's top did not take off. The alliance is unhappy, I will make up for the foreplay, through the clothes touching. The alliance wore thin clothes, bra untied, but I suddenly had a feeling of déjà vu. I touched and seemed to see another pair of round, smooth, white breasts. I hugged alliance tumbling, wild ......

That night, the alliance was satisfied like never before.

And I, confused.

Short Story

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brottman reece

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil tears, and sweat.

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