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Era of Lilith

by Makenzee Jae Montague 7 months ago in Love

The tell of Azay-Leah 🌸

They refer to that era as the time of Lilith. The day that doom and darkness fell on the Earth was the beginning of separation. Separation from self and others. The sky went raven black for to long to recall. All feelings, colors, and even energy was stripped out of the world like a vacuum. No longer were emotions felt or remembered and their past lives disintegrated in their minds. A life of connection and motivation forgotten for repetitious labor. Most of nature refused to grow from harsh environments due to lack of sunlight. Weather became a constant cold. Eventually, the Earth was illuminated by a dim grey light, reveling the carcass of a colorless, dead world. Lilith spread a veil over their souls. Easily convincing everyone that daily living involved intense labor followed by rest at home. Individuals lived in their own modest homes, alone. Conditions and labor were exhaustive but unnoticed by veiled eyes and hearts. Personal identity, even names, were forgotten. They listened to authorities, going to work and returning home daily. Not happy; nor sad. Not living; merely existing. This was the age of Lilith, and it was a lonely, isolated time.


There was one they once called Azay who traveled by foot about a mile to her job each day. Azay’s path curved around one of the few trees left after Lilith’s gloomy veil. Every time she traveled by, she made an effort to circumvent the tree entirely.

“That tree makes me… uncomfortable.”  She continued to ponder as she briskly whisked by. “I see that tree must be extremely contaminated and I must stay away.”

The struggling tree was avoided for a long time until one morning, Azay caught sight of a glistening flash of light near the roots as she passed.

“What was that?” Azay voiced out loud.

Not being able to recall ever seeing a shimmer light, she took a step forward. Immediately realizing she was about to stray from the path, she quickly stepped back.

“I cannot go see, that is the tree that I must stay away from.”

Even so, Azay was too intrigued to look away and continued as she moved forward. After a few steps the light shimmered again and without hesitation, Azay took a leap this time, escaping her safe mundane path. Finding herself next to the trunk but to intimidated to touch.

“Power from this bark is palpable.”

The intensity left her in awe. Just then a quick sliver beam of light broke through the grey again and caught the edge of an dainty iron chain. The gleam reminded Azay’s of her original intention.

“Oh!” She swiftly bent down to pick up the trinket. “How strange. It’s a heart locket.”

There were a few worn in her town but none looked so beautiful. It was made well with a sparkling white crystal heart on the front. “Azay?” She questioned as she read the name engraved next to the crystal. She tilted the heart back and as she did the locket opened, revealing a picture of herself. Without warning, Azay felt a moment of shock. She realized that the locket was for her, and had a glimpse into a memory of when her name was Azay. She felt a sliver of happiness and it ignited an inner spark. She was so dazed by this unexplainable event that she stood motionless, without blinking, staring at the locket. She realized that the light around her was engulfing her.

“Am I on fire?!”

She squinted away from the heart and realized that before her extended decadent mountains with cascading waterfalls. A bright, glorious sunset lit up the sky and birds sung from the trees. She could feel the energy of colors and was amazed by the vibrant wings of butterflies fluttering around plentiful wildlife. She saw groups of animals helping one another and mothers caring for their young. The sight of such a lush, loving Earth full of life and emotion frightened Azay. She cried aloud as she dropped the locket. Simultaneously, the world turned back into a dismal grey.

“I will never return.” Vowing as she sprinted back to her directed path, leaving the locket behind. Azay did not know that her words would hold so true. She could never return to her “normal” self. It was hard to know a world of light vs. a world of darkness. She struggled unaided. When attempting to open up, no one believed or cared. She was so uncomfortable knowing what she knew with no one to confide in, that feelings of anger and resentment arose. She began being aggressive and yelling at others. She threw rocks at the tree going back and forth from work, hoping to rid herself of the helplessness she carried now. After months of this, she decided she would throw the locket over a nearby cliff.

“And if that does not work, I will throw myself.”

Later that evening she picked the heart up slowly, unsure if anything would happen. Her name rang through her head but she couldn’t hear anything. Puzzled, she glanced over. Again, she was in a garden of Eden. The once tired, dried up tree was now strong and healthy. In that moment she realized it was the tree whispering in her mind. Azay began to cry.

“I haven’t cried before.” She confessed to the evergreen. As the words released so did her old reality. She began to understand that this, this was real life. That she was living a lie. That life is beautiful, emotional, and connected. Azay sat crying and attempting to take it all in. The tree whispered to her mind again.

“My dear child. You are living in a falsehood. On the day the darkness came, it removed all love and therefore all light.” The breeze rustled through the leafs, comfortingly urging on. “Connection and love will bring the light back.”

Azay instantaneously felt a crack in her soul as she heard this. Stunned she fell to her knees. The locket falling and cracking on the rocks as well. Once again, Azay found herself amidst the illusion. Life was back to the same dimly lit veil. When she picked up the locket it no longer reveled the truth. She saw that she was still in the world of lies but now she understood the truth. She felt she had metamorphosed into light and love, which was a much better feeling than isolation and lies. 

“Its not through anger and force that I will share this light, but through connection. I need to share love so they can feel the truth.”

She began carrying the broken locket with her as a reminder to always love. She spoke to others in kindness even though they were unreceptive. She visited the tree often with water and spent time in town trying to meet someone that she could share love. Exhausted in effort one day, Azay sat on a bench. Pulling out the locket, she fiddled with it in her hands as she contemplated her next step to form a friendship. Feeling a stare, she peered from her peripherals to see a woman focused on the locket. Her clothes were tarnished and covered in soot. Azay knew from the attire that she must be a blacksmith. Excitement filled her chest as she realized the interest the girl had for the locket. She looked to the blacksmith.

“Could you fix something like this?” She inquired, already knowing the answer. The blacksmith locked eyes with her, simply nodding, then rushing away. Azay followed but the woman entered her home, which Azay was not welcomed.

Azay began to meet up to walk back and forth with the blacksmith daily. She discovered that her new friend was actually a very talented ironsmith, although she would never speak to Azay with words. Auditory conversations weren’t had but the importance of their connection was felt. She decided to name her Leah and began to feel very close to her companionship. Sometimes she thought Leah felt it too.

“Do you know what I call you?” Azay confessed one morning. “Leah. I named you Leah.”

Leah appeared confused but finally smiled slightly. Shyly continuing on to work. Azay got excited from the smile.

“Will you, please, repair my locket?!”

Azay had begged Leah countless times with no answer. Leah contemplated before nodding yes, entering through the door to her job.

“I’ll meet you after work!” Azay shouted astonished before the door shut.

Later that day Azay sat outside Leah’s work, swinging the locket. Unexpectedly, Leah gently took it and started toward her home. Azay followed, to happy to have any words. They neared Leah’s humble home, but Azay hesitated. It had been ages since she entered anyone else house. Leah walked through her door and turned, giving a small gesture to enter too. In this moment, Azay felt pure love for Leah. Her hesitation turned into gratitude as she joined Leah inside. They worked all night repairing the locket. In complete exhaustion, they fell asleep at Leah’s work bench.


A strong whisper woke Azay up. But the whisper was in her mind like before with the evergreen tree. Azay turned and was surprised to see Leah already awake staring out the window. Out in the distance the special tree was once again thriving and illuminated in light, speaking to Leah. She sat terrified, frozen in fear. Startled, Azay moved back, bumping into the locket. Looking down at the repaired heart she noticed it no longer read Azay but had been replaced with Leah. She picked up the locket in disbelief.

“Leah!” Azay pleaded. “Leah, come with me to the tree! Please, follow me! This is real and it’s beautiful!” Without any movement from Leah, she continued. “We can live in truth, I promise you!”

Leah looked at Azay, horror expressed in her face. She held tightly to her chair. Azay knew Leah had never strayed from her life, never feeling or taking risks. She felt compassion and love for her friend again, knowing exactly the shock she was experiencing.

“Look at the engraving, Leah.”

Tossing the necklace, Leah eyes widen as she saw her name carved into the metal like it had always been there. Leah’s eyes filled with tears as she grabbed Azay’s hand and they rushed out of the house. Running toward the magnificent tree, running towards Nirvana.

Leaving azalea flowers in their footsteps.




Makenzee Jae Montague

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