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Encountering the most beautiful poems

by Elia J Craig 3 months ago in Short Story
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Appreciate poetry and taste life. I encounter the most beautiful scenery in a classic poem.

Encountering the most beautiful poems
Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Appreciate poetry and taste life. I encounter the most beautiful scenery in a classic poem.

Sitting on a chair with a book of poems in my hand, I shake my head and read aloud, "The wildfire cannot be burned out, the spring breeze blows again." I imagined what it would be like to be on the prairie, and my mind couldn't help but play with such a picture.

Life should be the same as grass, "the spring breeze blows and grows again." I wandered in the endless grassland, this original lush grassland, how a piece of yellow, I looked at the lifeless grass, can not help but some heartache. Huh? The withered grass, how a little vague green? I went up to the new shoots. It seems that spring is coming, although the fire had mercilessly burned the grass, still burned, the spring breeze, and the grass, and regained life. Life is like grass, the road ahead is always as flaming as the heavy difficulties, but can not stop our pace of growth, I encountered the most beautiful scenery - grass-like life.

Suddenly a turn, a bamboo into the mind. Life should be the same as the bamboo, "a thousand trials and tribulations are still strong". Look at this bamboo, her roots have been deeply rooted into the stone. This bamboo is crooked, one can imagine how hard she is growing, but she clings to the stone, never relax, and never give up, even if the storm, can not bring this bamboo down. No matter whether she has endured thousands of trials and tribulations, she still stands strong and tough, nothing, can make this bamboo yield. Life is like bamboo, there are always setbacks and tribulations on the way to growing up, but we can't stop ourselves from being strong and upward. I encountered the most beautiful scenery - bamboo is like life.

At this time, the sound of horses' hooves played in my head. Life is like a dream, fantasy, and reality, always so far apart. "Today I come to think, the rain and snow are falling." I looked up at the sky, snowflakes falling, the warriors who went to war finally finished fighting, I looked at the warriors riding back one by one in triumph, but no smile on their faces, when they went, it should be the willow, I did not expect to come back now, has been full of snow. A year has not seen the relatives, a year has not returned to the hometown, returned to the hometown has changed a lot. I reached out my hand to catch the flying snow, and if we live in harmony, there should not be so many mothers and children separated by war. Life is like a dream, when you grow up and come out to work, you may also have much less time to get together with your parents, right? When I was young, I always wanted to grow up and not be like those brothers and sisters who were far away from home, but I couldn't see my parents for a few years, but life forces me to, and the gap between reality and dreams is always so big. I encountered the most beautiful ancient poem - life is like a dream.

A gust of wind blew by and I froze back to my senses, still holding the book of poems in my hand, I smiled faintly and continued to read aloud. The rhythm of the poem gradually deepens in the words, and life gets stronger and stronger on the road of time. In this life, it is enough to encounter this most beautiful scenery!

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