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Encounter in the library

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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I was preparing to go to the library in the afternoon to study for my exams, and I met a girl in the library.

I was preparing to go to the library in the afternoon to study for my exams, and I met a girl in the library.

The winter in Zhengzhou is like previous years, a wind blows, there is always a bone-chilling cold, even if you tighten the corners of your clothes, it does not help.

The ginkgo trees on both sides of the road have long since withered, and the fallen leaves on the ground have a different kind of fading beauty.

The books on the table, but not to move the pen, but took out the phone on the books, put on the headphones.

"Found the book that contains, your her paintings, the shades of soft pastel crayons, exactly the colors you like ......"

The song lingered in my head, looking out the window at the shimmering lake, I was actually a little frustrated that a song was about to finish playing, so I turned back to prepare to read the book.

I turned my head to find a girl sitting across from me at some point, with her head down, reading a book, the winter afternoon sunlight refracted in, sprinkled on her hair, shining with stars.

I quickly lowered my head, only to feel some heat on my face, must be the indoor heating is too hot, picked up a pen in the book if anything, casually scribbled, a horizontal line, and add a vertical line, and finally a circle with a pen black.

"Under certain conditions, as consumers' consumption of a good increases, the marginal utility that consumers receive from each successive increase in the unit of consumption of that good is decreasing." Looking at this passage in the book over and over again, but not being able to get it into my mind, I couldn't help but sigh.

Inadvertently glanced at her looking up at me, I smiled awkwardly, she also politely returned my smile.

Do you know what it's like to light a match in the dark and have a bright starburst? Yes, at that moment, I felt that the whole world was bright.

When the match burned out, leaving only withered charcoal, I wanted to light another match, but I had no more. So, I was restless, but there was nothing I could do about it. The momentary light could not bring long-lasting warmth, but it would make people miss that light forever.

After I had struggled countless times and looked at the diminishing marginal effect countless times, I finally made up my mind and carefully tore off half of the manuscript paper and wrote down a line with one stroke: "Excuse me, are you also here to review?"

When I thought of the sentence I wrote later, I wanted to hammer my own head, what is this writing ah?

I folded the paper in half and gently crossed it over the desk.

But she didn't react, she was still reading the book.

I wondered in my mind, what kind of book was it that made her so focused? Or did she not see it at all? If she didn't see it, should I push it a little further? But that doesn't make sense, does it?

I struggled for a long time, but I looked up and took a peek, and the note was still lying there quietly in its original form.

Obviously, no.

Lower your head and look again and again at the book that has never been turned, if the ground is now cracked, I must immediately get into it.

She may have finished reading that chapter and reached for the note. My heart felt like it was jumping into my throat and I buried my head deeper, looking over and over at the line of words I had read countless times in the book.

The note was passed back to me, and like a squirrel with squirrels secretly hiding pine nuts in its cheeks, I stuck the note between my books and looked at the words she had written, which were clear and just like her: "I'm reading Sanso's 'The Rainy Season Never Comes Again'."

So you're not reviewing? Is she a senior sister? I wanted to ask one more question, only to see her glance at her phone, pack up her things and prepare to go out.

At that moment my mind was racing, should I follow her out, but would that scare her? But I wanted to know her so much, what should I do?

She finished packing, smiled at me, waved and walked away.

I was a little hot in the face, smiling in response to her, wanting to follow her out of the body but not obedient, thinking that then wait to follow, but still did not get up, and finally, she just disappeared from my sight, I finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The winter dusk is particularly charming, with golden light and shadows churning on the surface of the lake, sparkling.

Pushing open the door back to the dorm, my roommates were playing games, and I sighed loudly, "Ugh!"

"What's wrong with this?"

"It's hard, I didn't learn anything in today."

"Hahahaha, I knew I couldn't learn in, might as well play games in the dorm ...... hey hey hey, you open up big, don't let him get away!"

The dormitory is always so lively, my whole body lying on the bed, tomorrow I can still see her?

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