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Dying to Remember

The Dark Nissan

By Brenda BertucciPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

The fall cool breeze was blowing across my face, as I took the last mile across the bridge, back to the neighborhood. I cranked up the dance mix playing in my headset for that last power kick. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun felt like it was challenging the cool day. I could hear the rush of the river crashing across the rocks below through my headset. A car horn begins to blare from behind causing me to turn my head in a jerking fashion. I don’t recognize the vehicle, but scoot over for it to pass. I wasn’t even blocking his path, I thought to myself. He had plenty of room to go around, but I kept moving forward awaiting his rude pass. I hear the horn again and wonder what the deal is. I slow down to look behind me and he is still there. “Well, pass already!!” I mumble out loud. He begins to tease me gunning the gas then letting off. It happens several times. I start to feel aggravated and shook up at the same time. I still have no idea who it could be. “Your almost to the end of the bridge, just ignore him.” I tell myself. The dark blue Nissan on the verge of bumping me off the road, begins to flash its lights and honks several times. This time startled and caught off guard, I stumble to the railing of the bridge as my heart begins to race and I feel my sweat run down my spine. The panic sets in. What does this person want? The Nissan has its fun and then floors it past me very closely. Almost leaving me no choice but to climb on the railing of the bridge. All I can see inside the Nissan, is a shadow figure, due to the dark tinted windows. I stay put a few moments to collect myself. I found it odd that no other vehicles came around during this time. I take my headset off and hold them in my hand as I finish the journey home.

Dressed and ready for work, I grab my keys, wallet, and coffee cup, and head into the garage. I look at my watch realizing I am late. Ah... what the hell? I say aloud, as I hit the garage door button and enter my truck. I start the engine and slowly back out into the driveway. “Shit!!!! I yell, slamming my foot on the brakes before hitting someone parked in the driveway. Bright lights are glaring in my face through my rear view mirror and side mirror. They are inches from my back bumper. I hear the revving of a motor as it just sits there. Realizing that they aren’t moving, I open my driver door and climb out to go see who it is. I begin to walk to the back of my truck towards them and they lunge forward as if to hit me or pin me in between the two vehicles. “Who are you? And what do you want?” I yell at them. I recognize it’s the car that was on the bridge earlier. It harshly begins to floor itself backward out of the driveway and screeches down the road and out of the subdivision. I feel somewhat paralyzed and slowly walk back to enter my truck. I pull out of the garage and head to work.

The paranoia sets in and I begin to constantly look around me as I drive. Every vehicle that passes makes me flinch wondering if its him again. Glance up to look in my rear-view mirror, then my side mirrors in an unsure fashion. Uncomfortable, uneasy, and unsteady, I try to keep my composure to make it safely to work.

I try to act casual walking through the doors of the tall brick building where I work. I pass several office doors then cubicles of others beginning their work day. I see my door to the left and shut the door behind me. Before the door closes completely, I hear a tap tap and someone is pushing back on the door. I slowly lean around to see who it is. It was my boss, Brad. “You okay man? He jokes staring at me. “You look like you seen a ghost!!” he chuckles and begins asking about some papers from the day before he needed. Makes a little small talk then exits closing the door behind himself. I stare out the tall slender glass that hugs the door. I see people walking about as if it's just a regular day.

The five o’clock day is complete. I climb back into my truck to head out. Do I want to go home? Will I be followed? Who is this? What do they want? Many thoughts begin to flood my mind. How could they not after what has been happening. I surf through my Sirius satellite radio and find a nice country station to keep me focused. I roll down my window to enjoy the cool weather as I cruise home.

I hear loud sounds all around me. I hear a semi slam brakes, I hear horns honking, and sounds of crashing vehicles. I reach over to turn down the radio and glance in the mirrors. There is a multi- car pileup to the left and a semi turned at an angle, blocking the road to through traffic, as I see a motorist charging straight for me full speed. In a panic I hit the gas and the chase begins. Swerving between cars and trucks, running red lights, and turning sharp corners to lose them. I don’t have time to see if it’s the same car. I quickly turn again at the next four way to the right and floor it between buildings. I take a back road out of town and think I have lost them. I see the bridge ahead and feel a sense of urgency to cross it and get to safety. Sharply turning the wheel once more to the left and a few feet from the bridge, the rear window is shattered. A huge ax lands in my lap missing my head. I freak out and look behind me at the broken window to see the Nissan on my ass. As I pass over the bridge, I toss out the ax into the raging water below without thinking. In a split second I get an idea; I slam my brakes hard and the tires slide the truck to a fast halt while the Nissan still aims for me with nowhere to go. It doesn’t have time to stop, so hits the rear end of me hard and fast, hurtling around and slamming my head into the steering wheel. Discombobulated, I don’t move. I wonder if the other driver is hurt or worse.

I lift my head in pain from the steering wheel. I slowly undo my seat belt. I turn my head to the left looking out my window. “POOWWWW” the echo of a gunshot rings through the air. My eyes in shock as I feel it hit me in the forehead, forcing me sideways in the seat of my truck. I see nobody. I hear nothing, but the loud ringing in my ears. I can smell the gun powder. I close my eyes and feel my body slowly shut down.

Eyes begin to slowly open and gaze across the white walled room. There is a tightness feeling all around me as I lay in bed. I can’t move. I hear the sounds of hospital equipment beeping. I notice tubes hanging all over me. I see a window and turn my eyes to another wall, to see a solid wood door with a very small window. How long have I been asleep I wonder......


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