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Dreams full of eyes and hope full of heart, you friend will actually give all my love.

I have decorated my mind with flowers, you two will actually decorate life together.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 7 min read

homemade love story,I bought dry food from there, will they work? - Shake his head. - I'm on the side of the car. . Just got out of the car, suddenly a police car came out of nowhere. A policeman said - what's the matter! What are you doing here so late? Tohide was silent in fear. He couldn't think of what to say. What would he give in their identities? I do not understand. Farah said before Tauhid said anything - you can see what I'm doing. what do you think? We are here to do bad things! Or did I do something bad? . - I didn't say that. But where are you going in the middle of the night? and give your identity. - Husband and wife, we are going to make an emergency call to Dhaka. - OK. sorry to bother you. Be careful. If you have any questions on the way, please call. - Of course. . For a while, Tao Shide became a fool. He said in his heart, what did Farah say! What did you tell the police? But are we bound by this? - here is! Why did you lie to the police? - What else can be done? If he gave any other identity, he would accept it. - The little head does nothing. - Mookki smiles.

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• Farah hands and face. This was the first time Tawheed saw his face. Suddenly, he felt his heart churning. Farah said while eating. - Your story is unknown! Why did such an idea suddenly appear? - I walked out of the house angrily. When I get home, someone can ask all kinds of questions. So I came up with this idea. . - but why? Mookki said with a smile - for marriage. She forced me to get married at home. . - Hahahaha, some people get married and leave home, some people leave home without getting married. why do not you get married? - Girls are scared these days. Who is better? Who is evil? This is not understandable. So I decided not to get married. . - here is! Better not get married! But I will not tolerate the humiliation of other girls as girls. - That's your business. But you have to accept the facts. . - this is correct. But not everyone is like that. - Yes, that's right. Does it feel good to see them whistling in the street? Looks dirty, feel good? - Who will explain these girls? When he loses everything, he kills himself, or lives as a corpse. . - This type of girl wants to ask me a question. How much are they going to marry? One or more? - Girls should not be blamed for this. The culture of Western countries and our social system are also responsible for this. . - this is correct. But who knows when this rule will be rolled out! - Remember one thing, good is bad, good is bad. • A golden light rises in the eastern sky. Tohide drove drowsily. He looked at Farah again and again, with an unknown attraction. And Farah! He is sleeping. Suddenly, a loud horn disturbed Farah's sleep. - Brother, where have you been all night? You know! How much pressure did Khalamma cause you? ——Seeing Farah getting out of the car, he looked at her with wide eyes. ——The aunt came early, and the nephew came. . Tao Xide's mother went downstairs and cried and said, "Baby, where have you been all night?" Why is your cell phone dead? You know how many times he called you! I won't tell you to get married again. Yet you don't leave home to go anywhere. - keep quiet. . The boy hadn't noticed Farah for a long time. He looked at Farah like an ignorant child. . - Farah, my mother. - Assalamu Alaikum Aunt Salam looked at Rahmat like a fool. - Olekum Assalam. - Don't ask any questions now. I'll tell you later. Without further ado, let Tawheed go. He knew that if he said anything, he would leave again. • Farah turns to look at Tauhid's room. Don't know me, don't know, help. He stayed with me all night. But not once did he look evil. He wasn't trying to do anything bad. It didn't take me long to realize that the man who came in his life would be lucky. . Tohide fell asleep. He woke up and said to Farah - you haven't rested yet? - Yes. - Let's have breakfast. Um. . Everyone is eating breakfast in silence. What did Tohide say! Her parents are waiting to hear. After breakfast, they went to sit on the sofa.

- homemade love story,ather is Farah. - Uncle Assalamu Alaikum. - Olekum Assalam. - I met him on the street yesterday. Then tell the parents the whole story. . Farah stood on the balcony looking at the cloudy sky. That's when Touhid's mother came and said - Farah! - Yes Aunt - I want to tell you something. I don't know how you will accept it. - I don't mind, you say. . - Never did so much for a girl in Tauhid's time; I quickly understood - Tauhid meant your words. We believe you can give her a new life. So your uncle and I want you to be the daughter of this family. . - Farrah can't think of what to say. - If you have an objection, we will not insist. Everything is your pleasure. • Farah stood on the roof watching the last afternoon sun, thinking about the words of Tauhid's mother. . Couldn't find Farah anywhere, he went to the roof. Farah was dismayed to see Tauhid, watching the last afternoon sun. He felt a pain in his chest. . - What are you doing alone on the roof? - This is watching the sunset; what to say? After a while Towhid said - my mom told me everything and you were hurt by what mom said, right? . - No, it didn't hurt. That is your misunderstanding. —I never thought my mother would do such a thing. Where will you get up? I do not remember. Otherwise you don't have to wear it. - You just take it a different way. I do not mind. .- I'm not for my mom; he shouldn't be talking about it anymore (he was talking to her by the throat. - Tauhid happened in his heart for a while. Farah couldn't say it herself. It was hard for him to hear that. They all looked at the sky sadly. • Kring Kring Kring - who said hello? - Brother Abir, I'm Farah. - Farah, where are you? Why didn't you go to my girlfriend's house? - I was at the man's house. So I didn't Go there. -I don't understand.-Tell the whole story.-So what are you doing now?-Tell Mommy we're coming.•Two families sit together.Tauhid and Farah talk about dowry. Farah is getting married! Tauhid still doesn't believe it. - I see my mistake. Mama Farah, please forgive me. - Auntie, what are you talking about? Can a child have a mother's sin? . He grabbed Farah and started crying.. Tauhid's father said- When everything is ready, Mr. Baai; we want to finish the wedding today. It doesn't mind if you don't. - No, we have no objection. What do you think of Abir's mother? - I say so, no delay. - Alhamdulillah - told Abir Kazi. Their marriage ended in laughter. The two looked at the night sky. Tauhid said - why did you marry me? .. - Got it. But you can marry me! He'll get a better boy than me. - But I can't find a bad boy like you.. - He's (distraught) right.- Is that so? Within 24 hours, a girl appeared in her mind. Now girls can't think of anything but you. So she can't help marrying you.. He covers his eyes and face with his hands in shame. Tauhid removes his Hand says - shy wife! You're so shameless? Who's in a relationship? - Still in a relationship? - Tawheed which means understanding. The two look at each other. They exchange love with the moon in the night sky. In the dead of night , the firefly fell in love with the tree. The wave of love spread in the hearts of Tao Shide and Farah.

Short Story

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HI, I am Nikhil Bhowmik.I passed Master Degree in Mathematics.I also passed Master in Library and Information Science.I write blog, articles and courses in my personal website. I also write articles to medium,Hub-pages and Facebook.

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