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Dream of the real murderer

by McCann, West 3 months ago in Short Story
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Private investigator Paul was worried these days. The "Sherlock Holmes" detective office had been open for business for a week, but no one patronized it.

Paul, a private detective, is worrying these days. The "Sherlock Holmes" detective office has been open for business for a week, but no one has visited. A year ago, Paul worked as a military dog handler in the SWAT team. After retiring, he was assigned to be a police dog handler in a Chicago police station. It's a professional counterpart, but Paul is not satisfied. He wants to be a great detective like Sherlock Holmes, so he asks Sheriff Carlos. Carlos said, you didn't graduate from the police academy, so it's a joke to ask you to be a detective. Paul quit his job in a fit of rage, rented two rooms in the city, got a business license, advertised in the newspaper, and once the sign was hung, it was considered to be open for business. In order to attract customers, Paul named the detective office "Sherlock Holmes" Detective Office. He wanted to use the image of Sherlock Holmes, a well-known detective in the world, to attract clients. However, he never dreamed that he would be left out in the cold. Austin, his hired assistant, said gloomily: "Dude, if this goes on, we should close our doors." The two were talking when a blonde walked in and said, her name is Katherine. Yesterday Monday, she and her boyfriend Tony were on a date by a small river in front of her house. At this time, a big wolf dog jumped out of the woods by the river and rushed towards Tony! Tony was stunned. Before he could resist, the big wolf dog cocked its front legs, opened its long, pointed mouth, and bit Tony's throat in one bite. Tony died on the spot, and the big wolf dog turned and got into the woods. She hurriedly called the police. Sheriff Carlos and his assistant came to the scene. After the autopsy, they went to the woods to search for a while, but did not find the shadow of the wolf dog. Carlos said that it may be a rabies crime, which is an emergency, so the case cannot be filed. Catherine was not reconciled. She suspected that someone was using wolf dogs to kill people, so she found his private detective office.

  After registering, Paul accepted the commission and graciously said that if the real murderer could not be found, he would return all the commission. Paul and Austin, led by Katherine, came to the morgue of the cremation plant for an autopsy. They saw that Tony's neck was bitten into a big hole by the wolf dog. He also found that the dog tooth marks were a little special, with two slanted forward and two slanted backward. The wolf dog's mouth was steady and ruthless, biting his throat straight. He concluded that this was by no means a sudden rabies killing, and that someone must have instructed a well-trained wolf dog to commit the crime. Paul and Austin came to the suburban crime scene again non-stop, and followed the dog's paw prints to find human footprints in the woods. Judging from the pattern on the soles, this is a pair of Nike sneakers, which Paul has worn. Through the size of the shoe print, Paul judged that the person was about 1.75 meters tall, and Austin immediately cast the shoe print into a model with plaster. Paul analyzed: "I have dealt with wolf dogs for many years, and I know them too well. Under normal circumstances, rabid dogs will not hurt people, and if they hurt people, it is impossible to hurt only one person. Catherine was with Tony that day, but the wolf dog didn't hurt her, which fully shows that this wolf dog is not a mad dog, but a well-trained dog, and its owner was hiding in the woods at that time. Who is this cunning real murderer, and what is the deep hatred between him and Tony that insists on taking his life? "

  Paul believes that the immediate priority is to find out Tony's identity. However, Catherine said that she and Tony have only known each other for half a month, and she does not know his specific situation. She only knows that he is the owner of a clothing company.

  Paul and his assistant Austin learned after investigation that Tony is 35 years old and a black immigrant from South Africa. Two years ago, he lived in a shack in a refugee area. Later, he went to work in a clothing company in the city. After only two years, he moved from the shack area to a villa on the outskirts of the city and set up his own clothing company. He has no siblings, his mother died a few years ago, and only his 70-year-old father lives with him. It is impossible for an old father to kill his son for occupying his son's property, but Tony did not talk about his girlfriend before moving out of the shack. Because he is poor, it is impossible for any girl to fall in love with him. Love murder is ruled out, so what remains is a vendetta in the business field. But Tony is dead, and it is difficult to find out who his enemies in the business field are. One detail that arouses Paul's suspicion is that he is a wage earner, why did he post it in two years? There must be articles in this.

  Paul and Austin inquired about various clothing companies in the city, and finally found the clothing company where he worked. The female owner of the company is Nina. Nina said that Tony won the lottery ticket and later offered to resign, talking about opening his own clothing company in the suburbs.

  Paul and Austin went to various lottery companies to investigate, and it turned out that Tony was not among the five people who won the jackpot. The two found Nina again. Nina spread her hands and said helplessly, I don't know, he said he won the jackpot.

  The case reached a stalemate for a while. At this time, there were waves of unrest and waves. On Tuesday, another wife named Mihir found Paul, saying that yesterday morning she and her husband Charles were on vacation at a forest farm in the suburbs, and suddenly a wolf dog came out of the jungle and killed Charles. She called the police, and Sheriff Carlos went to the scene for an autopsy and said it was the work of a rabid dog. She suspects that someone used the wolf dog to kill. Carlos said that there was no evidence of murder at the scene, and it could only be considered an emergency, so the case was not filed. She only found Paul, hoping that Paul could find out the real murderer, and it didn't matter how much the commission was. Through the autopsy, Paul was surprised to find that Charles was also bitten by a wolf dog and died. Two of the four tooth marks were forward and two were backward. It can be seen that the death of Tony and Charles was the work of the same wolf dog. This further confirms that it was murder, not an emergency like Carlos, the bastard sheriff, said. Paul and Austin went to the scene to investigate again, and found human footprints deep in the jungle along the dog's paw prints. After measurement, the size of the shoe print was as large as the shoe print found in the grove in front of Tony's house, and it was also Nike brand sneaker pattern. Paul concluded from this that the real murderer of Charles and Tony was the same person!

Paul learned after investigation that Charles was also the owner of a clothing company. He also worked at Nina's clothing company five years ago, and later married Nina. A year later, the two divorced due to a feud. Charles shared a huge fortune and later set up his own clothing company, marrying Mihir two years ago. The deceased in both murders had worked for Nina's clothing company, and both made windfalls to start their own clothing companies. Paul concluded that the deaths of the two were directly related to Nina, who was suspected of major homicide. However, Nina was only 1.6 meters tall and had very small feet, so the footprints in the woods were definitely not left by her. Besides, Paul had secretly investigated that Nina's family and company had never had a big wolf dog. Obviously, Nina couldn't be the real murderer. So who is the real murderer? Did Tony and Charles really have nothing to do with Nina?

  Paul was deeply caught up in the complex and contradictory case and couldn't extricate himself. For days he was restless, sleepless and sleepless. One night, he suddenly saw the real murderer in a dream. The real murderer looked real. He was a handsome white boy about 1.75 meters tall, with a high nose, blue eyes, and curly blond hair. Paul saw the real murderer in his dream. For a while, he was training a wolf dog with Tony's simulator model, and let the wolf dog bite Tony's throat; for a while, he was training the wolf dog to bite Charles's throat with Charles' simulator model. The next day, Paul told his assistant Austin about the situation in the dream last night. Austin smiled and said, "Dude, are you thinking that the murderer is crazy? How can the murderer in the dream be the real murderer in reality? Take a step back and say, Even if the person you saw in your dream is the real murderer, we don't know his name, and we don't know where he lives. How to find him? Only by finding him can we tell the truth from the fake."

  Paul said, I have a way to find the real murderer of this dream. He found a painter friend, and according to his description, the painter quickly drew the man who trained the dog in his dream. Paul came to the newspaper with the portrait and published a missing person notice. The next day, he received five calls, and the person who provided the clue said that the person he was looking for was Wilson, a animal trainer in a circus. When Paul heard this, he was so excited that he said thank you again and again. Austin also thought it was amazing, it was a little incredible. He said to Paul, "Dude, it seems that your dream really has some spirit. This Wilson has the conditions to commit a crime. But why do we say he is the real murderer? "Paul said:" Don't worry, find this circus first. If this Wilson is the real murderer, we will definitely find clues. When we find evidence, we will not be afraid of him denying it. "

  The next day, Paul and Austin found the circus in California. The circus was performing in a large theater. A colorful poster was posted outside the gate of the theater, and the two saw Wilson, the trainer, and a big wolf dog beside him at a glance. The big wolf dog opened its mouth wide, revealing four tusks, two forward and two backward. The two looked at each other, smiled at each other, and then bought tickets to enter.

  At this time, Wilson was seen leading a big wolf dog from behind the scenes to the front desk. Under Wilson's instruction, the big wolf dog counted first, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing within 20. Answer the question. After the big wolf dog finished counting, he performed jumping hoops of fire again. The last trick was very thrilling. Wilson put a sausage in his throat, and the big wolf dog rushed forward with a "swoosh", raised his front paws, and bit Wilson's neck. Wilson fell to the ground, and the audience in the audience exclaimed. At this time, Wilson bounced up with a carp and pointed at his throat without any damage. There was thunderous applause from the audience.

  After the show, Paul entertained the circus owner at a hotel. During the dinner, Paul asked the boss if Wilson was in the group last Monday and last Monday. The boss took a sip of wine and recalled: "Last Monday and last Monday were resting in the group. Early in the morning, Wilson said he was going to play at the house of a stepsister he had just met, and took the big wolf dog with him. I saw with my own eyes a woman in her thirties in a sedan to pick him up." Paul immediately took out a picture of Nina and said to the boss, "Is it this woman?" The boss said: "Yes, that's her. Although she was wearing sunglasses that day, I could recognize her pointy chin and thin body at a glance." Paul asked again: "What shoes did Wilson wear that day?" The boss said: "It's a pair of white and blue Nike sneakers."

  Paul immediately called Sheriff Carlos, saying that he had found the real murderer of Tony and Charles, and asked him to come to California quickly, and with a search warrant, he searched the large wooden box used by Wilson Ping for fashion things, and sure enough, Tony and Charles were found. A plastic simulation model, and a foot on an inflatable tube. As soon as the model is inflated, it looks like a real person. The assistant found another pair of Nike sneakers from a small box, the size and pattern were exactly the same as the shoe prints left in the woods.

  Wilson and the wolf dog were "invited" into the police station, but he refused to plead guilty. Paul demonstrated on the spot, he inflated Tony's plastic model, and then shook it in front of him. When the wolf dog saw it, he immediately had a conditioned reflex, jumped forward with a "whoosh", raised his front paws, stretched out his pointed mouth, and bit Tony on the throat of the model...

  With ironclad evidence, Wilson had to explain how he tamed the wolf dog to avenge Nina and let the wolf dog kill Tony and Charles.

  On the evening of a month ago, Wilson took the big wolf dog for a walk in the mountains in the suburbs, and suddenly found a woman who was about to jump off a cliff. He hurried forward and grabbed the woman, which was Nina. Nina wept and told him about her experience of being deceived -

Five years ago, Charles came to work in the clothing company started by her father. Because of his hard work, he won her father's trust and made him the sales manager. Nina worked as a clothing designer in the company, and the two fell in love and got married. Two years later, his father died. Charles wanted to be the general manager of the company, but Nina wouldn't let him. She believed that the company was started by her father, and she should be the general manager. Charles held a grudge against Nina without becoming the general manager. A year later, he filed a divorce lawsuit in court on the grounds of discord between the husband and wife. After the divorce, he shared a huge amount of property, then returned to his suburban hometown to start his own clothing company, and stole her customers by improper means, resulting in a sharp decline in the company's efficiency. She felt both angry and sad, but helpless. Just at this time, Tony came to work in her company, which gradually improved the company's benefits. Tony's sales ability was trusted by Nina and made him the company's business director. Nina never dreamed that Tony would run away behind her back with a huge sum of money from the company that had not been paid off. She didn't even expect that after Tony started his own clothing company with this huge sum of money, he frantically stole her company's famous brand trademark, resulting in her company's clothing sales not going out, and the benefits plummeted. She was desperate, so she wanted to jump off the cliff for the rest of her life...

  After hearing Nina's cry, Wilson hated Charles and Tony even more while sympathizing with her. At this time, he couldn't help but think of his sister. After being cheated by her boyfriend for sex and money, he took poison and committed suicide. In order to avenge his sister, he designed to assassinate the hateful man. In order to evade police questioning, he came to Chicago from New York and applied for a job as a trainer in this circus.

  He took out his handkerchief, wiped Nina's tears, and said earnestly: "You look too much like my sister, and now my sister is gone, if you want, just be my sister, okay?" Nina nodded tearfully and agreed. He hugged Nina's thin body tightly and swore: "Please rest assured, sister, I will definitely avenge you." Then he talked about his plan to use wolf dogs to kill...

  After Tony and Charles died, Wilson learned that Sheriff Carlos had ruled the two wolf dog homicides as emergencies and did not file a case, so he came to California with the circus from Chicago with confidence, and kept the plastic simulation of Tony and Charles., in order to train dogs on weekdays, and at the same time vent his deep hatred for Tony and Charles. But he never dreamed that Tony's girlfriend Katherine and Charles' wife Michel would find Paul, a private detective, and Paul dreamed of him in his dream and found him through portraits and missing persons notices...

  After the case was solved, Paul and his private detective office suddenly became famous, and newspapers in Chicago and other states and cities in the United States reported Paul's investigation under the title of "Dreaming of the Real Murderer". Some people say that he has special abilities, which makes criminals who think they are more intelligent than the police talk about Paul's name, and the criminal plan they want to carry out has to stop, for fear of being daring to fall into Paul's "dream". In fact, Paul's mind was not hot. He had calmly recalled that he did not know Wilson, how could he dream of him in his dreams? He finally remembered that one day before the crime, he had met Wilson on the street, leading a big wolf dog, and he couldn't help but say, "What a good dog!" Wilson also nodded and smiled at him, but He didn't think of Wilson during the case. As for his dream of Wilson, and Wilson was the real murderer, this can only be said to be an accidental coincidence, not a special ability.

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