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Dr. Taylor Montgomery

A Short Story

By TestPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
Dr. Taylor Montgomery
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I walked through the swirling snow, the cabin barely visible in the distance. Dr. Taylor Montgomery said I should meet him here, in an inconspicuous place, to finish ghostwriting his celebrity memoir for him.

My car had gotten stuck due to the weather, and there was no cell reception here, so I'd gotten out and walked: Money was scarce, and I needed to pay my rent. If I had to trudge through the snow, so be it.

He had better have a good story, and actually pay me what I'm worth.

I thought to myself.

We were nearing the end of the book now, and I was becoming quite livid with this man's habits, like meeting in the middle of winter, in a storm, to talk about what happened to his nephew: Jonathen Michaels.

He'd said little to nothing on the matter, but the kid had only been eight when he'd mysteriously disappeared.

Taylor had said very little on the matter, but he was going to tell me today, or so he had promised.

Honestly, I was getting sick and tired of this man's promises.

Celebrities were so strange, I thought to myself.

They thought everything was secret, yet it wasn't: The man had led me here under the illusion that revealing whatever he knew would be private, even though he was going to share this with the entire world when it came out in 'his' book. The nerve.

"Come in."

Jonathen died. Taylor was there. He had killed him.


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