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The Vampire Story

By Vara RainePublished 25 days ago Updated 24 days ago 5 min read


The Vampire Story, a series of short stories of a young woman who is the direct descendant of Luceda Louis who was turned into a vampire by her lover Lord Ademis Bouquet in the 1900s. When she is killed by a vampire hunter, Ademis is beyond inconsolable, until he realizes he can bring Luceda back through one of her female lineal descendants. When Ademis finds Luce and turns her, she remembers the past life of Luceda through dreams within her transformation.

The story's series explores the dream realm that Luce finds herself in once she is in her vampire transformation and introduces Luceda, whom Luce is a blood descendant of.



The doorway gently pops open and I peak my head through. I'm at least glad that I stumbled upon this place as I have not seen anything but darkness for days. It's amazing that I haven't had any contact with anybody, it's like I'm stuck in a ghost town.

Hello, Is anyone inside?

There was no answer back, but faint laughter coming from inside. Slowly creeping in, I noticed two women talking to each other. The voices seemed quite familiar, yet I could not place them. The younger woman sits at a table while the older one neatly brushes her bright blonde hair.

The older lady haughtily says “Again we had been asked to dine with the Castelliano’s. You know your Daddy had been trying to gain entry into the Gallego Club, a high brow club that was invite only. He said that being friends with them was the best way to gain entrance as their family was one of its founders.”

I needed to get in closer but the moment I took a step, I found myself sitting at a rectangular dinner table setting. Big enough for four people to each longer side and one person at both shorter ends. Sitting on one side is a rather handsome man with dark hair and a prominent mustache, next to him sat the older woman from earlier and in turn I sat next to her. On the other side of the table sat a woman with bright red hair, rouge makeup on top of a pale complexion squeezed into a tight bodice and full length ruffled skirt. Next to her was a frail shell of a man who wore a top hat, glasses and coughed every time he started a sentence accompanied by two rowdy adolescent boys on the side of him.

I looked around the table lost in disbelief how I ended up here. The older lady with the blond hair leaned in and whispered: “Mrs. Castelliano was always the talk of the town as her breasts were always in hands that were not of her husbands. Mr. Castelliano was a drunken jealous pompous man because of it.” I found myself giggling for reasons unknown to me when a tall figure with quite a defined build came dashing to the table and sat in the empty chair next to me, “uh hm, excuse me for my tardiness”.

The Castelliano’s introduced him as one of their distant relatives who was one of the benefactors of the Gallego. He was here on a visit and returning to his home shortly. Despite the fact that he clearly looked uncomfortable sitting next to me, we nearly said one word to each other the entire dinner. But I couldn't be more fascinated by him. He had this elegant charm about him that lured me into his features which were graceful but sharp. I often caught myself leaning in closer to him to get a whiff of the pleasant scent seeping out from him.

After dinner I found myself walking through the Castelliano's garden. Although a bit wet, the freshness of flowers awakened me. I felt the garden a familiar place but quite apprehensive as I traveled deeper. Towards the middle of the garden laid a white statue of an exposed woman. As I looked at her I felt sadness. Her frame was a little worn down and pieces of her started to crumble before my eyes. As the statue continued to fall, from the rubble the man from the dinner table appeared. “I hadn’t yet introduced myself. I am Lord Ademis Bouquet of Caventon. Please to meet you my lady”

Lord Bouquet is very poised as he speaks, his black well-tailored suit with luxurious silk details compliments his frame. He exudes an aura of confidence but hidden beneath is a darkness I feel quite acquainted with. Before I knew it, I had given my name and enthralled myself into a conversation.

As I am listening to Lord Bouquet, the sky gets darker at the echoes of his voice, the scene changes from the garden and now in a town's market with the older woman from before who by now I can only presume to be my mother. She is going on about our family business and accomplishments her husband, my father has achieved to the woman behind the counter as she pays for her items.

My attention turns outside the market windows. I can see Lord Ademis Bouquet standing there peering in at me. I run out the doors to catch him but I’m instantly transported to lying in a bed.

The rain outside violently hits the window pane and a squall of wind pushes the windows open. I rushed out the bed to close them, as I turned around I was startled to find Lord Ademis standing behind me. I blinked my eyes as this could be a hallucination. Yet, my white nightgown translucent from the wet rain showing every part of my body reveals the verity. For a quick second, Lord Ademis stood there as parts of my body poked at his chest and I suddenly backed away.

Lord Bouquet moves in closer, as if I am a small prey he has cornered in. My breathing moves heavier as I do since the threat. I thought about running to the door but he quickly held me in place, as if he knew what I was thinking. “ Luceda, please do not be afraid. Ever since I met you, I have had this unceasing obsession in my thoughts, where I long to make you mine.”

He grabs hold of me, his frigid embrace now bears all weight to the truth. Our bodies ascend off the ground. His body seemed to take its luminescence from the shining moonlight from the window. His eyes pierced into me and while I wholeheartedly accept the immense danger I'm in, he has captivated me and I now wanted this as bad as he wanted me. He kissed me on the neck and slowly sank his teeth in to savor the taste of my blood. My excitement ran wild but his coldness calmed the intense heat within me. He took his finger nail and made a small slit in his chest, I drank from him and delighted in this Indecent pleasure.

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VRWritten by Vara Raine

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