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Dark Dig 13 - Ben's Dilemma

by Bruce J. Spohn 5 months ago in Mystery
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Ancient Goda Modern Drama

13 - Ben's Dilemma

Ben's Dilemma

Marcus raced out of the parking area right behind Todd. He was eager to get back to the dig, to see what new treasures were cataloged awaiting his review. He was especially eager to get on with his real mission in life.

Marcus was hot on the heels of Todd as they raced through the old village. Carol found she kept staring at the dark red scratches on Ben’s neck. Trying to break the frozen silence Carol attempted to kindle a casual conversation.

“Ben, you have been uncharacteristically quiet this morning. What’s on your mind?” Carol gently probed.

“Oh, sorry, I was going over a pile of reports I requested, about our strange cult leader.

Marcus, I think I might have some information that might help answer your persistent question about why your dig site was attacked,” Ben mumbled while looking at the reports scrolling on his monitor.

Marcus immediately shifted his body to hear Ben more clearly. “I want to hear everything you have in those reports. I’m so frustrated with all the wild goose chases and blind allies – I really need some sign of progress,” Marcus shouted over his shoulder.

Ben must have felt Carol’s eyes burning on the exposed flesh wounds on his neck, because he started to nervously try to adjust his shirt collar to cover the scratches. Attempting to ignore Carol, Ben focused on the reports and assured Marcus that as soon as he got to the office, he would brief him. Then he reminded Marcus there was a video conference scheduled this morning and maybe there would be some good news from INTERPOL because he said his contacts are reporting a lot of message traffic on the cult net.

True to his word, Ben sat down with Marcus as soon as they entered his office. Quickly he reviewed the key points of the reports in how they detailed a man who was a natural born looser.

The reports traced his life from early childhood when he was constantly in trouble with local authorities for various childhood miss adventures. In college he flipped and flopped from one major to the next. The only thing he had any real interest in was history. He developed a real intensive interest in power figures and how they rose to power.

Ben pointed out this weak creature found fertile ground in the political unrest of a region with huge untapped potential. He had contacts with people who could further his goals if he would assist them in achieving their goals. This is where I think your dig fits into the puzzle. Marcus looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Ben recounted his theory about some Muslim culture extremists might want to use this super sex pill to create a situation where Western society would be forced to adopt the same restriction on women that Muslims enforce. I think this power-hungry worm learned your site is associated with the Greek God Eros and he wanted to take it over and become the living connotation of Eros personified.

Marcus only looked dismayed and shook his head. As he pondered what Ben collected and presented it was at least the first time he heard anything that made any sense at all. Carol rushed over to inform them the video conference was about to start and Ruth was waiting with Todd in the conference room.

Marcus led the way as he was most eager to see what new developments have come to light and to hear what they might think about Ben’s theory. The video took much longer than usual. Everyone had a lot of detailed reports to present and explain how that information was being used to build a coordinated strike on the cult leadership and put them all behind bars.

One report attracted Marcus’ attention. Inspector Borga was beaming when he announced they located all of the missing women. He only cautioned that they had not been brought in yet, as that might cause the cult to go underground. But the women were under constant surveillance and could be picked up instantly if need be.

Both of the inspectors looked more than a bit skeptical, when Ben presented his reports about the cult leader and how he thought the initial attack on the site was an attempt to “SCARE” Marcus away and to use the old temple complex as a CULT HQ where he would become Eros incarnate. As Ben showed report after report to substantiate his theory, they started to see how it really did make sense.

Reviewing the case presented by Ben, they all came to the conclusion that the cult leader made the same mistake so many others like him make; they think they are smarter than everyone else. In this case they thought the armed attack would make everyone scared and they would run away leaving the site open. The irony is it only focused more attention on the group’s activities. They might have been able to build a much bigger cult of sexual excesses had they been more discrete. By the time they were done with all the new reports, Marcus complained his head hurt and he was starving. Ruth said she wanted to check on Todd and see if he wanted to join them for lunch. After all he might need to know some of the details.

Ruth and Todd were the last to join the others for lunch. The group sat at a corner table and a lively conversation showed all were having a good time. Long after their plates were cleared from the table by the kitchen staff, they continued to go over some of the issues that still prevented the police from taking action.

Marcus stretched his arms up over his head and indicated he was about to call it a day. So, anyone needing transportation better speak up now. Carol was surprised to hear Ruth say she was going to stay at the compound as she had some work, she needed to get taken care of, but she almost insisted that Ben go with them.

Fronia’s Clandestine Mission

Fronia finally burst from her room. She decided to change her outfit and was now dressed like the current trend for young women at the university. In other words, a lot of exposed skin. Her snow-white top scarcely covered her ample bust and stopped well above her navel. The flame red, Minnie skirt showed so much thigh, one could argue it was more a belt than skirt. Fronia was pleased to see her outfit achieved the desired effect on Bob as his eye seemed to crawl over every inch of her shapely body.

The drive to Athens was long and to avoid boredom Fronia engaged in small talk with Bob about his family. Soon Bob’s shyness evaporated and he explained how he was fortunate to have this job because he was given so much opportunity to get advanced training. Fronia listened and thought how maybe she wasted her life by always taking the easy road.

Bob told about all of his hardships and how his school days were filled with many unpleasant memories. Fronia told him living is a village of old fishermen was not her idea of a great time. Ellen home schooled Fronia until grade six then sent her off to a boarding school to get her high school diploma.

Bob told Fronia of his trials and tribulation. Soon they were swapping tales of their traumatic experiences suffered at the hands of the resident bullies. As their conversation progressed, Bob seemed to become more at ease. Fronia sensed that he had always been a bit awkward with members of the opposite sex. Sure, he was not the star in some erotic dream, but he was . . . Charming if not “PRINCE CHARMING”. Maybe he was a bit too hard on himself and avoided women as a defense to prevent social embarrassment. A somewhat cruel sneer distorted her lips as she pushed such thoughts out of her mind.

Bob restlessly shifted his weight in the passenger seat as Fronia raced along the nearly empty road. Fronia was almost saddened that she made such good time on the highway, because she was really enjoying the conversation, and she started to see Bob in an entirely new light. Maybe this drug might help someone like Bob to overcome his inhibitions. She never stopped to think there might be some very bad side effects.

“You can drop me off at the next corner. The office has a service door here that goes directly to my lab,” Bob blurted out, as if he was relieved to get away from Fronia and back to the safety of his solitude.

Fronia stopped as directed and they waved to each other as she pulled away to complete her secret mission. Fronia’s ego was still hurting. She had gone to Ben’s room on the pretext of wanting him to give an update on Christina. Admittedly she had more erotic intentions, but Ben’s FBI training/armor was able to repel all of her advances. Then this morning she got a ration of shit for something that never happened. Fronia smirked thinking how funny that was. That was when she decided to find a way to melt down Ben’s armor.

The city traffic was heavier than normal and it took longer than Fronia expected to get to the part of town where she knew a lot of the more radical college students hung out. She was careful to lock the car and only took a small bag that she could hold tightly. She did not really expect any trouble, but then a woman had to always be prepared.

Fronia put the ear buds of her MP3 player in her ears and selected her favorite play list. As she sundered down the narrow street, she seemed to be dancing to the music pumped into her head. Now that she was immersed in the flow of the beat, she headed off in search of someone who might be able to direct her to a source of Aphrodite’s tears

Just a few blocks from where she parked, she found a sidewalk caffe’ teaming with students in high spirits. Fronia’s naturally effervescent personality made it easy to melt into the group. With candid comments she conveyed a general disaffection with her boyfriend. She exhibited all of her feminine wilds and showed she had more to offer than any one man could handle. In short, her quest was for a super high of sexual gratification. Boldly, she inquired if anyone knew about this new pill that is alleged to have magical properties much greater than Viagra as it enhanced both men and women’s sexual performance.

At that point many of the students drifted away, as if not wanting to be swept up in a sudden police raid. Those few who remained were mostly stoned on something or another. Just as Fronia was about to shuffle off to find a new location, a scrawny anorexic, blond staggered over to her. The girl was residing somewhere between real and unreal. It was hard to understand the words of her slurred attempt to speak English, but Fronia was sure she found what she was looking for.

“You looking for a THRILL sweetie? You do look like you need more than what most men can deliver. Maybe you should give me a test drive sweetheart. But I can already see you aren’t into the pleasures of the other side. I know about that pill you want. Took it and blew my mind - Went sex crazy for – hell who knows how long. I can get you a few if you got $20.00 U.S.,” growled the blond.

Fronia looked around fearing she might be tailed by the agents hoping she would lead them to the source of the drugs. With trembling hand Fronia pulled an old crumpled $20.00 bill out of her hand bag and slipped it to the girl.

With the money clutched in her filthy hand the woman bolted attempting to escape, but Fronia anticipated her move and grabbed her arm. A well practiced twist of the wrist sent the blond to her knees.

“If you want to keep your arm attached better deliver,” Fronia hissed between clenched teeth.

Struggling and flailing the girl cursed Fronia in at least four languages, before she succumbs to the pain and dug a brown plastic bottle out of her bag. Fronia took the bottle before she released her grip.

“Hope you and your boyfriend have a real BALL. Better lock the door unless you want to have sex with every able and not so able-bodied man in town,” hissed the girl as she pulled away still rubbing her arm.

Fronia dropped the girls arm and ignored her fleeting warning and set off to find her car and head home. She was already having visions of how Ben would respond to her secret experiment. Fronia wasted no time speeding back home. She wanted to make sure she had everything ready before the others returned home.

Gathering of minds and bodies

Fronia was the first to return. The dust from her panic stop had not yet cleared before she leaped out of the car and raced into the house. Fronia kissed Ellen on both cheeks as she rushed to her room. She wanted to make sure everything was set up and ready. With exaggerated care she put the tiny tablets on a silver tray. After laying out suitable attire for her little experiment, Fronia literally danced to the patio where Ellen was supervising the servants in preparing the table for the evening.

Jason lumbered up toting a box filled with an assortment of wine and higher-octane beverages. He planted a kiss behind Ellen’s right ear and sat the box down in easy reach from his seat.

Fronia look at her parents and a strange thought flashed through her youthful mind causing her to hide a giggle behind her hand. Just the thought of her parents lost in a hurricane of passion caused her to laugh no matter how hard she tried to hold back. The erotic image of her parents quickly faded when Ellen directed her to arrange some flowers for the table setting.

While Fronia was gathering a variety of flowers she heard voices echoing in the great hall. A quick check of her watch showed it to be too early for Marcus and his band of faithful to be home. Then she heard Jason’s boisterous voice bellowing greetings to Ben and Carol. After a short pause Fronia heard her father and Marcus joking about how good it was being the boss and going home early.

By the time Fronia had enough flowers gathered for the table everyone was seated enjoying a glass of red wine. Jason handed her a glass even before she took a chair next to Ben. Ellen was still in fake furry about everyone showing up early without the courtesy of a phone call.

“Where’s Ruth? Were you all in such a hurry to leave that you left her behind?” chided Ellen.

Marcus couldn’t stop laughing. “Ruth said she was going to stay at the compound tonight. She said she needed to use the classified video for an important meeting,” Marcus sputtered between his guffaws.

Abruptly Ben looked up from his electronic devise and nodded concurrence. “Ruth seemed to have a lot of things on her mind today. She sent me to the video briefing alone even though it was a lengthy and very productive conference.” ‘

Carol sat her glass down awaiting a refill, “I saw her talking to Todd as we were departing. Do you have any idea what she is up to Ben?” Carol inquired.

“No, Ruth has been keeping me at arm’s length the past two days. I hope she is not going to give me a bad performance review. I have been very careful to make sure I do everything by the book. I know she has killed a few agent carriers because she thought they were sexually harassing her. So, I always steer clear of that trap. But I’m sure she earned her nick-name ‘RUTHLESS’ somehow,” Ben replied.

His comments elicited snickers from everyone around the table. Fronia took his comments as an explanation for him ignoring her best flirtations the night before. The fact Ruth would not be around made Fronia more optimistic about cracking Ben’s shell.

The conversation shifted gears and went in diverse directions as more wine was served. The passage of time was not detected, until a servant entered the patio and asked Ellen where she should serve the evening meal.

Ellen looked around the gathering and decided to have the meal served where they were. Then she turned her attention back to the current topic. Again, the subject harped back to the attack on the site. Marcus was mumbling something about how hard it was for him to believe this entire mess was the result of some mad mans ego trip.

Carol sided with Ben and pointed out that all throughout history decisions were made on the whims of some despot with an ego driven desire to dominate the world. Then she started snickering.

“They even made a cartoon series about it. ‘Pinkie & the Brain’ about two lab rats and the daily scheme to take over the world. The scheme would always fail because of the wrong thinking on the part of the Brain,” Carol reflected.

Ben laughed at Carol’s analogy, but submitted, “as silly as it might seem, this is really very close to what we are dealing with.”

Ellen sat silently trying to sort through all the issues. Her thoughts kept returning to Ruth and what it could be that made her stay the night at the camp,

The meal being served halted the conversation momentarily as hunger trumped all else. While she ate Ellen tried to let the Gods whisper to her. She felt surging warmth and shared compassion. She sensed the joining of minds and bodies. She felt joy and happiness. She felt the profound relief of accomplishment. Try as she might, Ellen could not see or feel the identities of the souls involved, but she knew the Gods were working.

Meanwhile at the camp, Ruth was busy gathering her thoughts for the video interview with the CEO of CYBEREYE. She commandeered Marcus’ office to use the secure video equipment as she was sure there would be a requirement to talk about aspects of her job that were classified. Todd told her he had some issues he needed to tend to and left her alone to face the “BOSS”

She was careful to have the equipment turned and ready to receive the call. For the third or was it the fourth time she went over her notes. Her attention was attracted to the monitor as it flashed and flickered until a desk top came into focus. She noted some sort of motion at the extreme edge of the view and suddenly a tall figure stepped up to take a seat at the desk.

Ruth was left speechless. She only stared at the screen with a shocked expression. After an excruciatingly long pause Ruth managed to find her voice. “Todd, what are you doing? Is this going to be a multiple point conference? When is the CEO going to join in?” Ruth stammered.

Todd put his fist in front of his mouth and started chuckling, “Sorry Ruth, I just could not resist the temptation. Earlier, in the car, when you were talking about perhaps getting a job at CYBEREYE it was clear you thought I was just a director of the field operations. I thought it best to let you think that as it would let you be more candid. Oh, and to put your mind at ease ‘YOU ARE HIRED’. I was going to try to get you to see how much better I treat my staff than the FBI so I was delighted when you asked about a possible job. I wanted to get your unvarnished reasons for leaving the FBI. I’m sure you have a résumé all polished and politically correct that you would present to any potential new job, but this way I got all the information I needed to complete your file. Yes, Ruth I have been doing my homework and that is why I knew how much you earn and had a good idea of what I would need to offer to you to get you to come to work for me,” Todd explained.

Ruth stared at the monitor trying to gather her senses. As soon as she regained control of her tongue and the dryness in her mouth subsided, she choked out a crackling “Thank You.”

“You better get over here to the security office. There is a bottle of Champaign starting to go bad and must be consumed quickly,” Todd making a come here waving motion with his arm.

The distance between the two buildings was not great and Ruth seemed to travel with wings on her feet. She was greeted, by Todd, with a chilled glass of Champaign as she entered the office. The on-duty staff all held up their glasses in a toast to Ruth as being a new team member. After downing nearly half the glass Ruth reminded Todd, she was still an agent of the FBI. She had not yet submitted her resignation to the HR office. Then she pointed out that she would have to wait until the end of the month or when the current case is closed, which ever takes longer, before she would be released.

At that, Todd smiled and raised his glass anew to toast her. Ruth could not avoid seeing a definite twinkle in Todd’s eye as she drained her glass.

A beeping sound interrupted the calibration, and a tech rushed to his console. Todd was right behind. A quick perusal of the monitors, revealed four intruders approaching the newly opened vault area.

As soon as Ruth heard Todd say intruders, she called Ben.

Ben, hearing the phone ring tone indicating it was Ruth, excused himself to take the call. After only a few second, Ben grunted a positive reply and turned to inform Marcus.

“That was Ruth. She said the camp is being invaded by four individuals. Todd and his swat team are mobilized and of course our friends Inspector Campus and Inspector Borga have been notified. She did not say you need to return to the camp tonight. I think she left that decision up to you, as she has no authority to give you orders,” Ben reported with a voice tight with tension.

Instantly both Carol and Marcus jumped up. Hurriedly they gave apologies to Ellen as they grabbed Ben by the arm and headed to the car. The tires squealed as Marcus punched the pedal to the metal. Carol had never seen him drive so fast. Her knuckles were white from clutching the strap above the door to prevent her from being tossed about like a rag doll.

Ellen felt a shiver run the length of her spine. She returned to the table where Jason and Fronia remained speechlessly staring at each other as if an answer would magically appear on the others forehead. Ellen tried to cover her feelings of concern with a bright smile.

“Never a dull moment in this house,” Ellen chirped attempting to change the solemn mood. Fronia sat silent, poking her food around the plate with her fork. Disappointment painted boldly across her face.

“Yes, never a dull moment in this house,” Fronia mumbled with generous sarcasm dripping off each syllable. Crushed by the reality that all of her plans were swept away in the whirlwind of intrigue and clandestine attacks, Fronia retreated to the security of her room. She quietly put away the sexy outfit and took the tinny pill off the silver tray and returned it to the dirty brown plastic bottle that was sold to her by the young student.

After a long cleansing shower Fronia slipped between the white satin sheets. She grabbed a large pillow and tightly wrapped her arms around it as if holding a lover. Feeling safe, secure and comforted Fronia drifted toward to soft darkness of sleep. Just before the shroud of slumber engulfed her, she heard a rapping gentle tapping on her chamber door.

“Who’s there?” Fronia inquired with a voice choked with slumber.

“Fronia, it’s me Ellen. May I come in?” replied a voice muffled by the massive oak door.

Hearing a mumbled consent, Ellen opened the door and slid into Fronia’s room and took a seat on the edge of the bed. She explained that she did not wish to appear nosey. She pointed out to Fronia that she was worried about her actions the last few days. At first Fronia became defensive and rolled her eyes at Ellen’s suggestion that there was something on her mind.

Ellen did not let go so easy. She reminded Fronia the Gods were warning her of personal stress and tangled love affairs. Tossing the big pillow aside, Fronia sat up in her bed and listened to Ellen until she paused.

“Ellen I’m just a little depressed. I think you know I have been paying extra attention to Ben, but he just ignores me. This morning you all seemed convinced that Ben and I spent a hot time last night. The sad truth is I did go to his room with some lame pretense. He was very polite and extremely proper. After I ran out of silly questions without getting him to melt in the heat of my charms I gave up and slinked back to my room. As to the red mark on my shoulder, I really did drop my curling iron and burn myself. I knew if I had said that everyone at the table would have laughed out loud,” Fronia grudgingly admitted.

“Yes, I think everyone has seen how you have been doting on Ben. He does seem to be a good person. The Gods seem to really like him. Fronia, you have to understand Ben is under a lot of pressure. He told me about how he fears Ruth might not give him a good performance report. He explained that she has had a long career dealing with sexual harassment and she does not tolerate any form of sexual miss-conduct. I’m sure you tested his metal to the breaking point and maybe you should consider his ability to stay true to his FBI code as a positive sign. It might mean he would be equally faithful to his wife when he gets married,” Ellen consoled.

“Thank you, Mom. I knew I could count on you for answers to questions I was not even aware I had,” Fronia replied while grabbing the pillow again.

“Good night, Dear. Sleep well and you know I’m always here for you,” Ellen crooned as she slipped out the door.

Confronting The Attackers

The Security SWAT team was assembled and receiving a last-minute briefing from Todd as Marcus brought the car to a screeching halt next to the operations building. Ben hopped out and rushed to find Ruth to get a detailed update. Marcus and Carol tried to listen in on the briefing to get a better appreciation of the situation.

They learned that there were four unidentified intruders and the security team took immediate action and followed the protocol exactly as detailed in the op-manual. Marcus was visibly relieved, when he heard they activated the security door on the vault preventing any possibility of theft of the yet un-cataloged treasures within.

Carol suggested that they should go inside and follow the action on the monitors. She argued it would give them better oversight of what was happening and they could greet the local police when they responded to the call. Marcus agreed and they both took seats in the security office with a clear view of the monitors. There was a cluster of blue dots representing Todd and the SWAT Team. Also visible were four white spots representing the intruders. They were visibly moving in the general direction of the newly opened vault.

The lead tech laughed out loud and said, “If they go to the vault they will be caught in the trap. The Vault is secure and the SWAT Team will have them surrounded.”

At that announcement, Marcus spoke up inquiring about the presence of two red dots.

“Oh, those are the two FBI agents. We wanted to make sure we knew who was who to avoid friendly fire incidents,” responded the other Tech as he maneuvered the drone to a better position.

Marcus shook his head in amazement as he watched the drama play out on the monitors. Carol was clutching Marcus’ arm in a vise like grip. This was way more adventure than she expected. All she could do is sit in the small room surrounded by high tech equipment and let the drama play out. In an attempt to calm her nerves, she tore her eyes from the monitor and took a few deep breaths.

While trying to collect her composure, Carol idly looked around the small control room. She was a bit surprised to see empty Champagne bottles on a shelf.

“Looks like this attack interrupted a party. Did someone here have a birthday or get notified their wife had a baby?” Carol asked.

“Oh, no! Todd just wanted to introduce a new employee. We were in the middle of the toast when the alarm went off, so we all had to drop everything and get serious,” the lead tech answered.

Carol gave no further thought to the party. She assumed the new employee was introduced by way of a video conference and they had to terminate the call to focus all monitors on the intruders. As these random thoughts tumbled through her conscious mind, she suddenly became aware of a strange feeling, as if there was a presence in the room, a presence that could not be seen but only felt. Soon she realized this was the same sensation she felt on the night of the terrible storm.

The same powerful emotions welled up from a secret cavern hidden deep within her. Carol was adrift on an ocean of wild erotic turmoil. Her mind was reluctantly dragged back to the here and now when Marcus suddenly jumped up from his seat. Trying to see what brought about Marcus’ reaction, and Carol was compelled to examine the video monitors.

On the main screen she saw how two of the white dots were advancing to the entrance to the vault. At the same time the other two white dots were moving into positions that would allow them to give direct line of sight to cover the two approaching the vault door. As she watched intently, she saw three blue dots heading for a location just behind the two white dots. The remaining six blue dots split into two groups each was accompanied by a red dot.

Marcus was on his feet, like a spectator at a football game, trying to cheer his team to victory. Carol watched in silent amazement. She was about to ask a question when the lead tech shouted “YES! Todd, you got them now. Go in for the KILL!” as he hammered his fist on the console.

“How do you know Todd has them in a trap? Just because you see the trap does not mean they do,” Carol injected.

The Tech turned to her and in a voice a kindergarten teacher might use to explain to a slow student he pointed out all the helmets had heads-up displays so every member of the SWAT Team was seeing exactly what was on the main video monitor.

Suddenly, the two white dots, standing back to provide cover for the two approaching the vault, were covered by blue dots. This was followed by two beeps on the speaker (each beep represented one capture). Immediately after the beeps the two groups surged forward and covered the remaining white dots.

“You got them all,” shouted the Lead Tech into a mic.

After a short pause, everyone heard Todd’s voice declare, “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!”

The mood in the control room suddenly changed. Marcus fell back into the chair with a loud sigh of relief. Carol continued to observe the dots on the monitor as they started to gather together and then return, as a group, back to the camp.

The sound of a car skidding to a stop caught Carol’s attention. Curious as to whom it might be, she stepped outside just in time to see Inspector Campus jump out of the passenger side of a police cruiser. He appeared to be in bad spirits. A dark scowl distorted his normally jovial face.

“Hello Inspector Campus. Where is Inspector Borga,” Carol called out to the new arrival.

“It’s one hell of a night! Inspector Borga was called by his HQ to investigate an incident that might involve the ‘Tears of Aphrodite’ and then I get this urgent call to come here,” Campus grunted in response.

When Campus reached the door, he kissed Carol on both cheeks in a more cordial greeting.

Campus drew in a breath before questioning Carol about what all the fuss was about. Just as Campus was about to speak, Todd and his team rounded the corner of the building with four, black clad, individuals sandwiched between his security team members.

“Well Inspector Campus looks like your timing is perfect. We caught these four attempting to steal artifacts from the vault that Marcus recently discovered. We can supply full video of the break in and anything else you might need to ensure they are behind bars for a very long time,” Todd called out to Campus as he herded the captives toward the uniformed police officer escorting Campus.

“Oh, thank you for making my job easier. At least it was not a wasted trip. I will have these ‘suspects’ taken to HQ for interrogation. We might be able to pry a few names out of them before the legal system steps in to protect them from some of the more painful questions,” Campus acknowledged.

“Always glad to assist the local authorities,” Todd quipped and gave a comic solute as he turned to enter his office.

“Just a minute! You should know that Inspector Borga is flying to one of the islands off the coast to check out some incident that could be related to ‘Tears of Aphrodite’. He should be back by noon tomorrow. We’ll conduct a video conference when he returns. I’ve really got to go. My driver just informed me there is a big disturbance, near the University,” Campus announced before he returned an equally comic salute to Todd.

“In that case I can understand you are in a hurry and don’t have time to share a glass of Champagne to toast my newest employee,” Todd called out to Campus as he ducked into the police cruiser.

“What is this talk about a new employee?” Carol asked.

Before Todd could answer, Ruth gave him a rather stern look and she cut him off short.

“I was at the little party they held and I’m sure there will be a better time to introduce the new employee to everyone. Right now, Ben and I have a lot of reports to prepare and I have to confess I’ve become addicted to getting at least 4 hours of sleep,” Ruth joked as she grabbed Ben and rushed off in the direction of the office space she shared with Ben.

Marcus slid his arm around Carol’s waist and waved to the backs of the FBI agents as they disappeared into their office. Carol felt a strong surge of raw emotions flood her. She looked up to Marcus’ face and thought she could see a shimmering glow radiate from him. It was almost like the glow of St Elmo’s fire she saw during the storm.

Unable to control her burning desires, Carol pulled Marcus’ face down until she could mash her mouth on his lips and let the flames of passion ignite Marcus’ all-consuming lust. Apparently, Marcus was also aware of the erotic presence filling his existence. He held Carol tightly and started toward their sleeping quarters. It was difficult to make much head-way with their lips locked together.

Compelled by forces neither of them could identify they ducked into the big warehouse and let their flaming erotic fantasies explode under the cold hard stares of marble statues and terracotta figurines. The perverted nature of the erotic images, on the vases and figurines, were only pale replications of the real-life orgy played out on the rough, wooden, work table.

The cavernous building echoed with the wild guttural sounds emitted from the couple as they found ever higher levels of sexual gratification. The very air seemed supercharged as the two bodies twisted and writhed becoming one. The passions flamed and burned with white hot intensity. They no longer had to fumble cautiously, attempting to learn how to please each other.

They spent enough time learning all of their hidden secrets and were no longer inhibited by any social restraints to fully pursue the limits of their lust. Driven on by forces they had no control of Marcus and Carol were willing puppets in a play as old as eternity. At some point they lost consciousness, only to awake with their sweaty flesh caked with the dust of antiquity that fell off the newly unearthed artifacts. When they saw each other, they laughed as it looked like they were two victims of medusa who had cast her spell upon them. But, the in tensity of their passion crushed the stone returning them to life. Realizing where they were they grabbed their clothing and dashed the short distance to their quarters to shower and prepare for a new day.


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