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Cryptic Flash Fiction (Dilogy)

We create truths in our own perception. Use your truth to bypass deception. Green wood. ~Zap Aura~

By ~Awakened~Published 6 months ago 4 min read
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"The Fool, the Wise, and the Truth.." \/


"When the fuck is this going to make sense?!" the Fool said, throwing his patience against the wall. Encrypted was the message, so difficult to see yet harder to decipher. What was the meaning? Where do the signs end?

"But of course," said the Fool, "They are limitless. They never end." Then the fool took up his elucidation, his conviction, his stroke of creativity, and began to paint.

Upon completion of his work, the Fool proclaimed, "It all makes sense now," as he reflected on the expansive painting. Others may not understand, but as the Fool stared into the art, it was all clear. He was plumbing the depths of Truth.

The Truth is, never had he been a fool. He had sought the knowledge of Truth; Truth that existed but was never seen. But now he knew, and He saw it was good.

Follow the starry light, Wiseman.

Les vérités se trouvent à travers l'expression de soi, mais une telle expression n'a de sens que pour soi.


\/ "Double Vision"


The bizarre was bustling with activity. Buyers moving from shop to vendor, purchasing crops and produce, exotic mahi-mahi and meats, spending their coin and following the "guiding" signs like rats in a maze. Xýpnise stood in line at the broker's tent to pawn his two spinel; priceless gemstones that had filled the orbits of his family's precious family heirloom, the statue of Athena. Broken and starving and having lost his loved ones, Xýpnise felt he had no other choice. He was ready to cash in.

As the line progressed, Xýpnise observed his surrounding, catching glimpses of the other tents and wares. Plastered on practically every tent, board, and even garment was a sign. A sign of propaganda and promotion of goods. Branding and advertisement; it was everywhere. And the people? They accepted it, even followed it; idolized it, worshipped it. And so, too, did he. But who ever said that was a profane reality? Xýpnise questioned. Such a blasphemous question, but a question nonetheless. And as with any philosopher, his pondering was answered in unexpected ways.


A voice echoed in his mind.

Xýpnise, do you know who I am?

The voice compelled him to speak.

"Y-you're.. my inner voice. A manifestation of my thoughts. You are the presence of Giachvé."

That, I am. Xýpnise, look around you...

He inspected further the activities surrounding him.

Why have you come to such a place as this? To a pawnshop, of all things. Do these people look happy? Do they look fulfilled with their life and content with their gifts?

The voice was right, of course, and Xýpnise knew that. Economic adversity and family tragedies are what brought these poor, broken souls to this place. The only indicators of joy's presence were the children weaving between customers, gawking at the curiosities within the shop. These people had sold their sight for worldly value and status.

Contemplate your actions, Xýpnise. Make yourself aware. Selling those gems would be to sell your vision and to descend back into slumber. Accept the truth, Xýpnise... and open your eyes!

Suddenly, Xýpnise felt a burning on his forehead, centered on his locus of sight. In the literal blink of an eye, a blanket was lifted from his sight, and he could see with true clarity the evils dwelling in the establishment.

قبل أيام فقط ، وجدت نفسي أنظر من خلال العدسة المكبرة ، أبحث عن مخرج. لم أجد أي شيء. بحثت مرارًا وتكرارًا ، مضيعةً دقائق لا حصر لها في فراغ المجهول. أين تكمن هذه الأفكار؟ في ذهني أم في الهاوية؟ من القلب ينهضون ، أو ينهضون من الجحيم نفسها. رقم لن تعرف الحزن في روحي. لن أجد مخرجًا أبدًا.

All around him, he felt, saw, heard, smelled, tasted, thought, only pain. All around him, waves, seemingly from nowhere and everywhere at once.

The truth hurts, doesn't it? Acceptance is the only way. Accept the truth, and you will find peace in your decisions. All will be clear.

Only strength of mind allowed him to press past the pain and to experience what the universe was trying to show him. He could not ignore the pain, because though the pain seemed to hold him back, it was only his ignorance that allowed him to feel it. sofía

All that you know, Xýpnise, all that you desire, can be acquired if you simply manifest. Channel your energy. In yourself, you will find rejuvenation and strength. All is balanced and all in the universe will align, but only if you enrich your soul and align the Chakras.

Xýpnise saw that the agony he had experienced was the pain and ignorance that comes from not knowing. Knowledge was a key, and he now had knowledge. The knowledge to maintain himself and sell himself to no-one.

"Sir, you're next in line." Xýpnise's vision inverted, and he could once again stare directly at the man in front of him, who had extended a hand to adjure him to hand over the gem.

"I- I think I'll keep my vision. I'm not supposed to be here." He placed the gem on the counter and without another word, sauntered out of the establishment, presumably following his heart to the next step in his journey.


الجهل مقابل القبول

Short Story

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Silence. Ego can be one's downfall, as well as a wall that must be broken down to breach the fifth dimension. This, you must remember in the times to come.

(In case there is any confusion, this is Zap Aura's updated page)

Twitter: @ZapAura

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