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Country life is full of interesting things

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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The place I'm most looking forward to visiting in the summer is my grandfather's house in the countryside. There are beautiful lotus ponds, tasty lotus ponds, fruitful vegetable gardens, and an incredibly fun natural swimming pool

Country life is full of interesting things
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The place I'm most looking forward to visiting in the summer is my grandfather's house in the countryside. There are beautiful lotus ponds, tasty lotus ponds, fruitful vegetable gardens, and an incredibly fun natural swimming pool ......

This year was no exception, and by the time I arrived, the lotus flowers were in full bloom, one on top of the other. The lotus flowers were white and pink, as bright as crystal. The ones that are fully bloomed look like graceful lotus fairies dancing around. The lotus flowers give off a fresh and elegant fragrance, attracting butterflies to fly and play among them, which is pleasing to the eye. And the naughty dragonflies flap their wings and fly from one flower to another, playing happily with the lotus flowers. Watching them play happily, we also joined in their playfulness, running after them all the way ...... Some lotus flowers have lost their petals, revealing the greenish green rosettes, and the small holes on top of the rosettes seem to be little mouths, shouting at the top of their throats, "I'm ripe, come and pick! Ah!" My brother and sister and I gently picked the lotus seeds with our little hands, took them home, peeled off the shells, and ate them in big bites, not even bothering to spit out the slightly bitter cores in the middle. As we ate, we exclaimed, "So summer is also a harvest season!"

Grandpa's vegetable garden was always the place where we went to play the most. The garden is not big, four or five rectangular vegetable plots and each year will plant a different vegetable. This year, we planted cauliflower, eggplant, loofah, cucumber, pepper, and leek ...... Every day we would go to the vegetable garden to pick our favorite vegetables, sometimes leek, cucumber, sometimes eggplant, or loofah, whichever was so fresh and sweet that we ate it with great pleasure. There are also several fruit trees by the vegetable garden, there are yellow pears, late ripe crisp peaches, two honey orange trees, and grapefruit trees. When the fruit is ripe, we shake the trunk hard below or take a long bamboo pole to swoop the branches, the fruit will come down one by one. When picking up the fruit, we would always fight with mosquitoes "300 rounds". The mosquitoes in the vegetable garden were bigger than those at home. A mosquito like a bomber, we two hands with a mosquito swatter, a wave of "pop, pop", a mosquito died a heroic death, another wave of mosquitoes came to us, we have to fight another 300 rounds ......

Not far from the vegetable garden, there is a small river, where is our "natural swimming pool", is also our summer resort. We came down to the river under the leadership of our uncle and saw the cool water, we couldn't wait to jump into the water and start a water fight, you splash me, a shout. Suddenly, my sister shouted: "I see fish!" And whispered: "Shh! Let's wrap it up!" We followed my brother-in-law's command and scattered to several corners. We quietly half-crouched down and slowly, slowly leaned in the direction of the fish, afraid to disturb it and run away. The smaller our circle, the smaller the fish has swum to the feet of my uncle, my uncle's eyes and hands, only to hear a "dong", splashing, my uncle managed to catch the fish, "a carp! said, my brother-in-law. We clapped our hands happily and shouted, "We can eat fish at night! You can eat fish at night!" "What's this?" My brother picked out a small, black thing from the water. "It's a field snail, it's a field snail!" I cheered, "And we're going to have spicy field snails tonight!" And so we set out on a search and seizure. One, two, three ...... we carefully "searched" along the river like scouts until the snails were almost all caught by us. Looking at the basket full of snails and the carp caught in the bucket, I exclaimed, "It's a harvest day!"

In just a few days, I have fallen in love with this interesting country life. The beautiful countryside, with all its pleasures, allows us to dig into many interesting things. It is a garden, a zoo, an amusement park, and a great garden of knowledge!

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