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by Lawrence Finlayson 8 months ago in Short Story
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Odys vs Lucifinians


"What's wrong with them?" Slenderman asked his mother Machu Pichu, polishing his Bearer and Begetter emblem.

"They Just Boasted Excessive Trespasses."


"What's wrong with them?" Batsheba of The Well of Seven Adders asked the Beersheba.

"They have tooo much, tooo much, tooo much knowledge." her voice excessively over-voweled.


Low-Frequency Communication it would be called years later involved embarassment and degradation, often by religious compelling or reduction policy and colon locatives of 'forms of pulling into ones sight' of The Babel Tower.

High-Frequency Communication was then, after LFC, implanted the intent and expectation, at the cost of stress and pressure.


The split began, many years ago... with the -Ody's taking the fifth element of the Star of Lucifer.  The last great holdout of them was the Jehovah Witnesses being reduced, which was covered up as the Hale-Bop Cult, it is occuring again.


Slenderman looked towards Machu Pichu and then to Quetzalcoatl, the Lucifinian Mask Holder, having gave up direct control over the Star of Lucifer's constituent parts.  He gave back the Golden Emblem of the Bearer and Begetter to its owner, that he would be taking up judgement which was his.  Then a mask of static, he took up from Machu Pichu.

"This mask will be the face of the one who judged, the one removed from the situation and circumstance that could not be resolved by normal means or methods."


"What's wrong with them?" Slenderman asked his mother Machu Pichu, polishing his Bearer and Begetter emblem.

"They Just Boasted Excessive Trespasses."

Not Right Now is his real name, though afterwards, the Nahuatl speakers would call him The Slenderman; the four brothers, four sons of the Bearer and Begetter, their mother Machu Pichu, their Grandmother Xumucane.

About the same time that the Babylonian wedding between Quetzalcoatl and Lilith was culminating, a 'Time of Renewal' was occurring. To see one's society degenerating in entropic fashion is overwhelming in none but those whom have thought to see such. The most undermining factor of the matter is the perception of entitlement to those with applied intention and expectation, and the knowledge of understanding that the stress and pressure that the academics and history hold.

The overall loss of cohesion between the '-Ody's', those who utilized LFC's and had the entitlement, intention and expectation, were opposed to the 'Lucifinian's', the HFC's positives of knowledges, were those who were stressed and pressured.

For the extent that the Pyramid Nohmul was decorated for the cermonial appointments of Quetzalcoatl and Lilith, nothing had been moved, the site was cursed since the Quasart had bitten the Cocoa and Tobacco Bundles in retaliation of what religious compelling and institutional reduction was occurring during that particular “time of renewal”, a recirculation of prayer.

Now that Not Right Now had become the Slenderman, and the Quasart had been taken, there were technical details as the Fourth Brother acted against the Bearer and Begetter, and became the Rake.

That history forgot these narratives is not happenstance, but the way the world works.

The Slenderman, The Mothman, The Rake, and their brother The Serpent King.

Lilith was thusly appointed as the Fairy/ Faerie Queen, hers whose drive and ambition was that to overtake the world, and now in await of her husband, while knowledge was reinterpretted over and again, to find out where it had all gone wrong.


Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden thusly named and renamed that which they understood and beheld, a world not known to them, but a world anew. A sound echoed therein of... a crunch. They had both heard it before... they went about as husband and wife to find where it was.

“He has hidden the world from you, do you not seek the Tree of Knowledge?” The Serpent asked Adam and Eve.


The -Ody's have always existed, though that is there most basic of detailed designation as many a religion came along afterwards, those of faith and belief based upon property rights and laws... valued, yes; though never tempted or coveted of. Those of intent and expectation. They had always separated themselves from the Lucifinians.

Eventually what culminated was known as the Oath to Order and the Right to Remain Silent, though Mary Magdoline of the House of Lion had interpretives of religion into Institutions in a comfort and security. The desert having come to her France abode was of great insult, and she suffered the consequences of those among her of what she tried, and though, in death, like Jesus, she was understood afterwards.

“What do you now bring me Quasart after I am culminated suchly?”

Quetzalcoatl asked.

“There are Twelve Above, known as Elders of those things; There are Twelve Below, known as elders of those things. It is so that each culminates inclusionary acceptance of each. End result computated, all that is left is known as acceptance and adherance.”

“This is good. This is Godly.”

“Type Three. Not of Hypnosis. Not of What is Written.”

“So be it.”

And so it was, though the -Ody's perceived it as their blessing held or taken by the Lucifinians; though, one might remember how Loyal Assistants once helped Their Grand Masters in that things could be solved internally that externally they could be praised and enrich the world!

Whether Amish, or Jehovah's Witness or any of the twelve, they themselves had a great answer, but to deter an encroachment of bees as it were perceived by QuetzalCorp inSeptember 2016; something was happening externally.

To be continued....

Short Story

About the author

Lawrence Finlayson

I started writing at 11. Finished Highschool at 20, still an undergrad at 40, Major Indigenous Studies, Minor Indian Art History; spent much time in the Mining Trade Sector and Community Recreation Sector.

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