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Choice of your life

It is worthy

By stephanie cetoutePublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 5 min read
Choice of your life
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There is a rich family who lives in a suburban area. They have two children, one boy, and one girl. The girl was very pretentious and arrogant. She did not like to do choices in her house. Because of that, their parents had decided to get a maid. She acted like a princess. Contrary to his brother. He is very humble and appreciates everybody.

They hired a maid for them. The maid had to do everything around the house. She orders the maid like a slave. On days the maid was washing his vessels in the kitchen by accident the maid brake one of the vessels. She came to the kitchen and slap her on the face. His brother was there at that time and he yelled at his sister why you slap her. The maid was in tears and left the room.

When their parents came back from work, his brother told them what her sister did to the maid. There were not happy and asked her sister to apologize to the maid. She had no choice but to say sorry to the maid. His brother started to feel more attractive to the maid. He tries to have a personal conversation with her. She explained why she came to work as a maid. She lost her mother when she was young and she had to live with her grandmother for a while after she lost her she started looking to work. And she gets this job. The boy asked her what her level of education was. She told him that she went to school but she stop going due lack of money. The boy was very sad. And he left.

When the boy went out, she bought stuff for her. But she told her to keep it secret. They became friends. Her sister suspected her there relationship. She began to observe them closer. She told her parents about them. They did not believe it. The boy gives her a private lesson. The maid was very smart.

They spend a lot of time together, the boy started to express his feelings toward her. She is just left without saying a word. She does not feel comfortable being around him. In her mind, she thinks about why he loves her. She is just a maid, she did not have any class. The boy keeps telling her how he feels.

One time the boy went to a party and get junk. It was late when she came back. The maid was there and help him to go to his room and they make love. In the morning, the maid was shy to see him but the boy was happy to talk to her. The maid told him it will never happen again. This is a secret.

The maid never knew that the house had a camera on it. Their parent called her into the living room to ask her why they see her coming into his son's bedroom late last night. She was shocked and tell them that his son was junk and he helps him to his room. Nothing else. They believe her and tell her to go. She left and continue with her work.

A few months later, she is feeling helpless, tired, and vomiting all the time. She had decided to see a doctor for an exam. She gets a piece of news that will change her life forever. The doctor told her that she is six weeks pregnant. She was devastated and cried through the street. Her life was crushing down.

When she got home, she saw the boy and give him the result. He was shocked and did not know what they will do. She had to give their parent the result. When their parents came and asked her for the result. She gave them the result. Their parents asked her who is responsible for that. The maid was crying and told them the truth.

There called their son to tell them if it was true? he replied to them yes. They feel ashamed of him. You stood so low to get your maid pregnant. Now they had realized that her sister was right. They told them that nobody should know about it. The maid can stay here and deliver the baby. After they will take the baby as their own, she will have to look for another place to work.

The maid was agree because she did not want her child to suffer the same way she did. The time came she delivered a bounce baby boy. After a few days, she left the house in tears. They give her some money. The baby boy grows up as a king. They love him dearly. His grandmother takes him as his own.

The baby boy never knew the real mother because they kept it secret. The baby boy knew that his grandmother and her grandfather that their real dad and mother. Until he gets older, her aunty who is her sister told her the truth. He was mad and asked his biological dad for his real mother. They did not know where his real mother are. He had decided to look for her.

Her real mother always follows him anyways he goes but the family did not know that. She had to do it secretly. She had waited for a long time to confront her son. His son used to go to church. He follow him and asked him to talk to him. The boy listen to what she said and he told her that he had to look for her because he knew the truth. They were happy and give her a big hug from her mother. They talked and give her mother his phone number. But his mother asked him not to tell anyone. He agreed and left.

They became closer. When the boy finishes college and gets a job. He had decided to move in with her biological mother. His mother was happy. His mother regains her happiness again.


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stephanie cetoute

My name is Stephanie. My passion is express myself by writing. Come and enjoy my story .Follow me on Instagram Kenley206 and Tik tok stephanie cetoute1.

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