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Cherry town

The landmark buildings of Cherry Town are three street lamps: yellow pumpkin lamps, red pepper lamps, and purple eggplant lamps.

By SalamPublished 6 months ago 6 min read

The landmark buildings of Cherry Town are three street lamps: yellow pumpkin lamps, red pepper lamps, and purple eggplant lamps.

  Cherry Town is a cherry-sized town. At night, three street lamps illuminate the town inside and out.

  Since there are street lights, the night in the town has become prosperous and lively. The spider woman is busy weaving webs with flying needles and threads. The rabbit boy and the rabbit girl are busy talking about love. The bat brothers are busy showing their flying skills. The mother sheep with no lights at home and her three children are busy reading and studying under the street lights. Crab electrician, Uncle Niu, Magpie sister-in-law... Many people gathered under the street lights, drinking tea, chatting, singing, dancing... No one could give up such a wonderful light and go home early to sleep.

  Cherry Town is a town with four distinct seasons.

  The sharp north wind whistled through the street, and snowflakes began to fall frequently - winter in Cherry Town.

  The cold forced the townspeople to give up outdoor activities on winter nights. Even the three students of Mother Sheep's house could only end their daily studies under the lights sadly. The night in the town became quiet and bleak.

  It was a snowy night. Snowflakes were flying in the sky, and the ground was covered with a thick layer of snow.

  Crunch, crunch, crunch... who is alone in the snow on the cold street? Of course it's Mayor Bear. Since the street lamp, Mayor Bear has changed his hibernation habit. Every night, he has to walk out of his log cabin to check the street lamp. It's a landmark building of the town, and no one can look after it.

  As he walked, Mayor Xiong discovered a serious problem. "It seems like a dream? The good eggplant lamp is lost." Mayor Xiong kept rubbing his sleepy eyes.

  "Where did it go?" Mayor Xiong was puzzled, but he couldn't find many places in the Great Forest overnight.

  However, at dawn, the sleepy and tired mayor of Bear returned to Cherry Town, and saw from a distance that the eggplant lamp had returned by itself, standing in its original position!

  "It seems like I had a dream." Mayor Xiong waved his big fleshy hand and kept patting his head, "I didn't get enough sleep this winter, and I read it wrong last night."

  It was dark again, and the music of Bear Town Mayor stepping on the snow was playing on the street again.

  That night, the question left to Mayor Xiong was: the eggplant lamp and the pepper lamp disappeared at the same time!

  "It seems like another dream." In the early morning, looking at the lamp lost last night coming back, Mayor Xiong waved his big fleshy hand and kept patting his head, thinking reluctantly, "I didn't get enough sleep this winter, I read it wrong last night."

  After that, for more than ten days, the honest and serious Mayor Xiong searched for street lamps in the big forest every night with doubts. Because every night, street lamps deserted, sometimes one, sometimes two, and in serious cases, all three lamps left their posts.

  "It's not a dream." Mayor Xiong waved his big fleshy hand and kept patting his head, "There's nothing wrong with lack of sleep, there's something wrong with the street lights."

  The mayor of the bear town thought: The mystery of the mysterious disappearance of the street lamps must be solved. At night when they are not there, wolves and foxes will sneak into the town to do bad things.

  That night, Mayor Xiong invited the Monkey Immortal Master from Carrot Mountain to solve the case. There are many people in Cherry Town who trouble the Monkey Immortal Master with high mana. The horns on Uncle Niu's head, the pearl necklace of Magpie's sister-in-law, the skill of weaving webs by Spider Woman, a star in the night sky in Cherry Town... Many things were lost, and they were all recovered by Monkey Immortal Master.

  All the residents of Cherry Town came to the street without lights to watch Monkey Immortal solve the case.

  Immortal Monkey stroked the goatee, his wise little eyes turned a few times behind the round glasses, and quickly calculated the whereabouts of the three lamps. However, Immortal Monkey hid his mind and did not lead people to the place where the street lights were hiding.

  "They are here..." The mysterious Immortal Monkey Master said, took out a square mirror from his arms and hung it on the tree on the street. It was a precious mirror that could peek into everything in the world.

  "Look - what appears in the mirror, why is it Mother Sheep's house?" Mayor Xiong and the others recognized the dark and dilapidated hut of Mother Sheep's house in the mirror.

  Monkey Immortal Master used his spell to open the tightly shielded curtains.

  Ah?! People watching the mirror on the street were stunned by the vivid and touching scene in the hut. The three street lamps in Cherry Town were reduced to three table lamps, sitting on three desks respectively. The three sisters of the sheep family were reading intently under the three warm lights. Hua Fa's early-born mother sheep sat by the side, mending the children's clothes with fine needles.

  People can also see in the mirror that Mother Sheep's house is a poor family. There are street lights on the street, and there are no lights in Mother Sheep's house. Other people's houses are hot, while Mother Sheep's house has no firewood, and the heating stove is cold. There are soft and thick quilts on other people's beds, there are four people in Mother Sheep's family, and a thin quilt is closed in winter... If it weren't for the street lights that brought light and warmth to this home, not only would the children not be able to study, but they would not know how this family would survive the cold and long winter nights?

  It was dawn. The street lamps quietly left Mother Sheep's house and returned to the street. They and Mother Sheep's family didn't know what happened in Cherry Town last night. Mother Sheep was going to take the children and apologize to the mayor of Bear Town. Although the street lamps were their best friends and took the initiative to come to help at night, this matter was like a heavy stone that had always been pressed in the hearts of Mother Sheep's family. "The street lamps are collective property. They should illuminate the doors of everyone in Cherry Town at night, and they shouldn't come to their own houses..."

  The guilty mother sheep clattered and opened the door.

  The sight in front of them stunned Mother Sheep's family! Mayor Xiong and all the residents of Cherry Town were standing in front of Mother Sheep's house.

  The mystery of the street lamp was solved, but the residents of Cherry Town spent a sleepless night. Everyone was ashamed in their hearts. The residents of the same town cared less about the mother sheep's family than the street lamps. Everyone was thinking: "How can I help the mother sheep's family tomorrow?"

  Mayor Xiong walked forward, took Mother Sheep's hand and said, "I've notified the school to exempt the children from tuition and miscellaneous fees. In the future, you don't have to worry about this expense anymore."

  The crab electrician carried bundles of wires and two large pliers to install lights for the mother sheep's house.

  Uncle Niu pulled a cart of firewood.

  Sister-in-law Magpie brought a few duvets.

  The bunny couple brought books for students...

  With the help of people, Mother Sheep's family has survived the difficulties and lived a good life. Since then, the street lights in Cherry Town at night will never leave their posts again.

  To this day, Cherry Town is still three street lights: pumpkin lights, pepper lights, and eggplant lights. Under their illumination, Cherry Town has become a more beautiful town.

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