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Chapter 20

by test about a month ago in Mystery / Love / Fan Fiction
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Courage is knowing what not to fear

Chapter 20
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"Hey, we are in town! Are you free to meet us?" Ashley spoke over the phone with Avalyn.

"That is nice! I am currently in New York. One of those work trips that Rachel use to complain about always," Avalyn chuckled over the phone.

Ashley giggled on the other end of the phone and told Avalyn that they would be in town for quite some time. Avalyn promised them that she would meet up with them as soon as she lands in Melbourn the next day. Ashley and Rachel could not wait to share their stories with Avalyn, so, they were pestering Avalyn to finish her work fast and get on that return plane as soon as possible.

"I will come over to meet you guys as soon as I land, I promise. Till then, don't use up all of your stories with Sherin," Avalyn giggled as she teased them over the phone.

After they ended the call with Avalyn, she thought it was best for her to hit the bed that night, so, she closed the windows and jumped on the bed. She slipped into her blanket and adjusted her pillows before closing her eyes. Just then, Damon came knocking on the room door but Avalyn was fast asleep in the room. So, he tried to use his telepathy to wake Avalyn up from her sleep. Surprisingly, it did not work maybe because he was too drunk to wake her up that night.

Damon had no choice but to use his ability to go through the door which he rarely uses. He doesn't use this particular ability because he saw his mom getting beaten up by his dad once in his room back home. He heard his mom screaming in the room and he tried to open the door to his room but his dad locked it. So, he wanted to see if he could enter the room using his ability to go through the door for the first time.

When he successfully went through the door, he saw his mom die in his room and he decided that he wouldn't use this particular ability anymore on anyone. This time, he had no choice but to use it again on himself. He noticed that Avalyn was sleeping peacefully on the bed and he wanted to crash on the sofa next to the bed. He could have slept in the next room opposite her room but he was afraid Eliza would come for Avalyn again and this time, he wanted to be alert.

The night was peaceful without Eliza crashing into the room without any notice and both of them slept soundly. The next morning as the sun's rays hit Damon's face, he woke up with a hangover. That morning he swore he would not drink anymore but then he realized that he had been swearing the same thing for decades now. He held his thumping head and got off the bed as he looked over to Avalyn who was sleeping peacefully beside him. This time, he hoped he did not do anything that Avalyn would regret later.

"You slept with her on the same bed?! Damon, I knew I shouldn't have trusted you!" Eliza popped out of nowhere into the room.

"Eliza! Keep your voice down," Damon told Eliza.

"So, you are having feelings for her and want me to shut up now?" Eliza was annoyed.

"No, I am having a headache, for God's sake! Leave the room if you want to yell at me! You can do that back home," Damon pushed Eliza aside as he walked towards the bathroom to clean up.

"I would but before that, tell me if anything happened when you came back drunk?" Eliza asked him curiously.

"How did you know that I was drunk and I was out?" Damon looked up at her in confusion.

"I saw you coming off a bar last night and you went through the door, Damon. I am not blind!" Eliza yelled at Damon.

"Eliza, please just stop! I need this space now. Get out or I am calling for security!" Damon sounded annoyed.

Eliza took a deep breath and looked over at Avalyn who was soundly sleeping on the bed. Damon rushed over to Eliza and stopped her from getting closer to Avalyn on the bed. He made sure Eliza was out of the room and looked over to his brother's room opposite his room. It was still closed and Damon assumed that his brother was still sleeping.

"Where is the bracelet I gave you, Damon?" Eliza spotted the bracelet she gave him was not on his hand anymore.

"What bracelet?" Damon asked her without realizing it.

"Don't play the innocent card with me, Damon Blake! Where is the bracelet I gave you that day? Did that trash take it from you?!" Eliza was furious.

"No, no! Eliza, calm down! It is with me. It is in my bag. I took it off because I wanted to take a shower," Damon tried to cover up.

Eliza calmed herself down and looked at Damon as she stared into his soul. She felt Damon was hiding something from her and that is why she could not read Damon's heart and mind. It was as if he had built a safe and strong wall around him, so, that she could not read his mind that easily. Celeste kept calling Eliza back to help her with something that Celeste was working on to make Damon permanently Eliza's. Eliza had no choice but to succumb to her sister's request and vanished into thin air after requesting Damon to wear that bracelet.

"Now where did I put the bracelet?" Damon asked himself as he went through his luggage bag.

Damon wasn't going to wear the bracelet but he wanted to keep an eye on it to see how far will Eliza and Celeste go with their plan to make Damon theirs forever.

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