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Chapter 2 Peter

This is the excerpt of What If A Rose and Flame Novel 1

By Emily AurelienPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Chapter 2 Peter
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As he made his way home, it felt great to be home. It was at that moment he couldn’t get that girl he bumped into at Hewanorra International Airport. All of his life he has seen beauty but nothing that beautiful. Her piercing right on the bottom lip made her dimple noticeable. The gorgeous red hair even though clearly it’s bottle red, she wore it with pride. The full figured body is definitely like the stick and bone figure of his girlfriend JJ.

He wasn’t sure if it was lust, or attraction. As his drive home seemed to take longer than usual makes him proud he is the writer he always has been. On a writing assignment.


Finally he arrives and the man still couldn’t get her out of his mind. When he entered his place he loved most he earned.

A few hours later, settling in, he noticed that he had someone lonely with that girl still on his mind. He did the unthinkable: he starts to masturbate the soft moaning coming from his mouth when his girlfriend comes barging in on Peter.

“What the hell, Jasmine can’t a man do his business in peace?”

“Oh my, don’t let me stop you.” She closes the door watching him.

His face flushes and he pretends she isn’t even there and keeps masturbating. The man had no shame thinking about another woman when all he wanted was to be happy.

Something Peter was unable to know what it’s like. He was in a loveless relationship, with a psycho woman. Who couldn’t even give him what he desires most. To just simply get off, was a start.

As his cum shoots up and his feet curl thinking of the mysterious girl he bumped into he looks over back in his reality the psychotic girl standing in front of him with lust in her eyes.

As Jasmine walks over looking at him she wants to obviously give him what he wants. Or what she thinks he wants.

“Is there something wrong? We haven’t done anything in months.”

He glares at her, “You know what’s wrong with us, JJ. And it’s not me, now leave, you saw what you wanted to see, go.” He gives her attitude.

She looks at him with anger in her eyes, “What! I thought you wanted me now you don’t!? What the fuck Peter?”

She screams like a wild woman and picks up the nearest thing, his laptop, his pride and joy. She tosses it through his window, and slams the door leaving him.

The fury in his eyes had been radiating within him as Peter ran outside.

“JJ that’s my fucking laptop you owe me money. I have my work on it, my book.” He screams and she slams her car door taking off like Cruella in the epic scene going after the puppies.

He walks back into his house, the last straw tears rolling down his cheeks as this happens he feels defeated.

I can’t do this anymore, I can’t deal with her wickedness.

He uses his phone checking his google drive making sure everything is still there. Thank heavens Peter has backups to his files.

This was every writer's worst nightmare, never having a laptop. As soon as he made sure everything was okay with his files.

He orders a new laptop on Amazon, the fact she can destroy something that is so precious to him makes him feel angry.

Peter will not fall prey to being a victim no longer. She can have all the affairs she wants because now he considers himself a single man. Everything will be changing soon and he will not let anyone use him again.

This will be changing drastically, and very soon.

He clicks on his Facebook app, he doesn’t hesitate his status to single and completely block JJ from his activity.


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Emily Aurelien

The Struggle is real. Just once would I like to win a writing Challenge.

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  • Antoinette L Brey5 months ago

    It would be nice to hear about the change, if it actually happens. Easier to plan to leave than actually leaving

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