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Carnivorous part eleven; The Red Secret

by Melissa Ingoldsby 3 months ago in Series
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Clothes on, we can satisfy your needs

Carnivorous part eleven; The Red Secret
Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

The covert, high end Brothel, “The Red Secret,” had a long history since 1917, which went on the cusp of prohibition and had its own sort of legal trouble(it had at first had another location in Jacksonville, locating itself next to a naval base). This caused the original owner a three year stretch in prison and a large fine.

Settled in the unincorporated outskirts of a town in Florida called Avon Park, or, “The City of Charm,” therein lied the innocuous, small two story business of pleasure. The Brothel’s new home. The old historic town was more well known for its prolific wildlife and mile long mall nestled off of Main Street, and only a few choice clientele and even a few well know public figures were aware of such a place.

More than anything, it was a cover for a much more illegal trade. It had profits swimming directly into the pool of this legal yet strange sort of Brothel, put immediately to wash. The “Madame” whom was put in charge of such an high end establishment, “Madame Dubois,” a pseudonym for the handsome and tall woman who was as tough as nails to clients and workers alike, pretended to be oblivious to such inner workings.

The family that was behind it all had a local artist paint a commission of a woman with very red lips, pursed and full, and two fingers perched over her mouth to look as though she were hushing someone unseen.

From its humble and slightly illegal beginnings, it became a source of refuge to the odd and creatively snuffed out minority of rich and sometimes older clients.

They prided themselves on clean, wholesome and very open-minded fun, and it was for those whom couldn’t share their strange cravings in modest, public society. There ad placement summed it up well, as it was in the corner of a cheap knockoff of the local newspaper—stating, “Clothes on, we can satisfy your needs.”

After the eighties, the knock off Avon Park, Florida newspaper got kicked off the market and it was only through word of mouth that held any salt and you needed references before you could make an appointment.

They even had a silk printed menu in the registry of the front office for new and old clients. It was covered in satin cloths, pink, old fashioned lamps and chestnut furniture that had been polished and oiled down with Endust furniture spray.

The menu had no prices. Just a, {** See proprietor for details**} and anything off menu had to be approved by the owner.

The owner was not from Florida, nor any part of the United States. He could almost never be reached, but instead, was redirected by “Reyes” whom would approve or disapprove decisions on day to day going’s on.

It was rumored that he was a high level cartel leader who traveled throughout Mexico and his homeland of Colombia, and was in the meth business, peddling his wares all over North and South America.

It was also rumored he was the only one who picked out the established entertainment. No one else.

Whatever the case, back in it’s hayday, it was the beaming light of safety in sinning, and quality in vice.

And the owner had an eye for beauty and quality, only seeking out workers after they turned eighteen and still naive, willing to please.

He first uncovered the lovely man with large black curls and big brown eyes at a club. A non exclusive club, and one that had a unusual sort of dress code, (Anything goes!) and switched gender coding was their premise.

He was there to get a drink, as he was already drunk and broke off from his party, and got a Manhattan followed by a shot of tequila. He was only aware of the type of club it was once he finally stepped deep inside of it, and it didn’t bother him. He zeroed in on a few distinct looking patrons and saw the opportunity to turn a profit in his own organization, and maybe even something more.

“There he is,” thought the tall, forty year old secret owner of The Red Secret, “There’s my new headliner, my new star.”

He was wearing a red Jessica Simpson pump, but otherwise, a normally dressed man—-the drunk yet discerning Brothel owner could see the style of the heel clearly as he was the one who purchased all the duds and entertainment dresses for all his workers. He was a man who liked fine details. He didn’t partake in them, merely provided it to their rich and willing clients.

“What’s your name, sweetie?” The man said over the loud blaring music from the overhead speakers.

The curly haired doe looked over and frowned, “No one.”

A loud laugh, and a touch on the arm. “You are definitely someone, look at how you wear those heels with such grace.” His eyes looked up and down and up again, making the curly haired doe feel uncomfortable. As though he was already sized up for something terrible.

He stepped back, no longer dancing. “I’m not interested.”

As he walked away, the man called out, “I’m not interested in what you think I am. Come over here, and let me properly introduce myself so I can buy you a drink. We can discuss business. Man to man.”

This got the heel wearing doe’s attention, and now it was time for the attack as he bought the new star, quietly self-introduced as Arturo, several whisky and tonics.

For Manuel Salador-Velázquez, the owner of The Red Secret and high level Columbian/Mexican cartel boss, this was the best part.

He saw each new headliner as a soft, innocent sweet doe or dove, and himself, the hunter, going in for the most innocent of kills.

New, fresh, classy blood.

Waiting to be divided and plucked apart by his greedy and hungry, meat eating customers.

“But no touching. Just eat them with your eyes!” Manuel would tease a public defender in waiting for his next appointment to begin.

Eating someone alive was a slow process, Manuel believed, but well worth it in the end.


About the author

Melissa Ingoldsby

I write short stories and poetry. I hope you find yourself in between the spaces of my words.

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  • A.3 months ago

    LOVE This! So .... delicious!

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