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Car Accident

by Epic Writer Inbound, L.J. 10 months ago in Fan Fiction
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Don't Drive When Angry...

Car Accident
Photo by Brendan Steeves on Unsplash

From a former, and unpublished, Supernatural fan-fiction I made...

Between March 20th-28th, 2006; Oklahoma

Cruising the road in her Audi, Riley silently dreaded the decision she made. Perhaps they should've stayed with the Winchesters and delayed the inevitable. She was very afraid, truth be told; afraid of growing closer to them and making a place for them in her heart. However, it was far too late for that because it had already been done; she cared for them very much and didn't like the thought of them dying, which was why she wanted to leave in the first place. Everyone in that life of theirs, they always ended up dead eventually; hunters would come and go, due to death.

Sitting beside Riley, Selena stared at her silently. She was thinking about the same matters, but didn't seem as emotionally affected. Sure, she missed them, but had hope that they'd see one another again someday. She had a lot of faith in the future, despite what she heard from the entity in her head; she didn't care because either way, regardless of if the Winchesters would ruin her life or not, she would never regret meeting them; they made her world brighter than it ever had been. "...Do you already miss them?" she asked quietly, her gaze soft.

Riley kept her eyes on the road. Eventually, she answered, releasing a long sigh beforehand. "I..." She sighed again. She planned on lying but thought better of it. "The two of them have grown on me,” she revealed. “So, yeah. I guess so." Dean and Sam had taken a place in her heart, and there was nothing she could do about it. She missed them, even though it only had been five-to-seven minutes since they drove away. Sam was definitely within her heart; he was like an older sibling. Additionally, despite uncertain feelings she had for Dean, she knew he had a special place in her heart, too, regardless of whatever she was feeling. Thinking of that, she wondered what he thought of her note.

Selena released a rather long hum. "We can always go back," she suggested. "They may not be there anymore, though, so perhaps we can meet up with them on their next case." She paused. "...Is that what you want? For us to stay with them throughout this little journey of ours?" She was happy with either since they'd be keeping touch, but much rather preferred being by their sides.

That was what Riley wanted, but couldn't have. She didn't want to witness their deaths; she couldn't bear the thought of seeing that. She wanted them to fade from her mind and heart so that when they did pass on, it wouldn't hurt her as badly. So, she shook her head. "I'll admit that may be what I want, but it's far better this way. I don't know why you and Sammy-" She released a grunt-like noise after saying Sam's nickname and backtracked a bit. "I don't know why you and Sam thought that Dean and I were meant to be. We were never meant to be, so don't go bringing him up. Ever. I don't believe in that crap." She sighed. "Everyone leaves this world eventually, Selena, and I don't want to be there when it happens to them. I thought I stated this already." She was getting a bit frustrated. "It's better to leave now while our attachment is still growing." She glanced towards Selena, seeing that she was confused. "I'd rather it not be painful when we learn they died, whenever they do. I don't want that. Not again."

Selena frowned and nodded, her eyes drifting away. She stared at the dashboard. "I suppose I can agree with your words, but perhaps we should've remained with them regardless. I think it would've been better to spend all the time we could with them if they truly are to die someday because just as they could die, we could die. I do not believe we should avoid them because of fear for loss." She glanced at her. "I do not want either of us regretting not having spent more time with them. Attachments may fade in time, but they never truly break."

Riley tightened her grip on the steering wheel, continuing to drive at a reasonable speed. "...If you want, I can call Dean or Sam and have them pick you up somewhere. You don't have to travel with me if you don't want to." If Selena really thought that they should had stayed with the Winchesters, then Riley wasn't gonna hold her back from returning to them. After all, Riley was the one who thought up the plan to leave. So, if Selena really wanted to return to the brothers, Riley wouldn't hesitate to get her back to them; she just had to say the word.

"No," Selena immediately disagreed. She looked back towards the dashboard. She was unaware of Riley's eyes widening in surprise. "Part of my reasoning for becoming a hunter would be for nothing if I just left, leaving you with no one. I wish to remain here with you, despite my opinions. Besides, I am almost entirely certain that we will see them again someday. After all, how long does it take to find a clue when in two separate locations? At this rate, we are more likely to find something. So, in other words, our early separation from them will not be for nothing." Riley hummed. The conversation died back down into silence. Selena looked at everything they were passing and mumbled so that Riley could not hear. "I hope."

Around April 2nd, 2006; Mississippi

“What the fuck?! Why didn’t you tell me, Selena?!” Riley yelled as she sped down the road in her Audi. Beside her, Selena whimpered, clinging onto the passenger’s seat; she was becoming uncomfortable. Riley didn’t give a shit that she was terrifying Selena; she was fucking pissed. There she was, turning twenty-two, minding her own business when she got a phone call from Sam, where he revealed to her that Rebecca, Selena’s mother, would very likely come looking for her, not to mention that Selena already fucking knew about it (assumingly). After Riley had calmly hung up, she began yelling at Selena. She deserved to know and yet Selena didn’t bother telling her anything herself; instead, Riley had to hear it from Sam. Again, she was assuming that Selena already knew.

Selena, gripping her seat tightly, glanced at Riley with a confused and terrified expression. “I-I do not know w-what you’re speaking o-of,” she stuttered. She released another whimper as Riley sped up, their car moving at a very dangerous speed. She wanted to tell Riley to pull over or slow down, but the words never left her lips because she was aware that Riley would ignore her requests and continue going faster.

“Rebecca,” Riley growled as she gripped the steering wheel tightly, pushing her foot further onto the acceleration petal. “Your mother, Selena! Why the fuck didn’t you tell me that she’d come looking for you?! Didn’t think I was worthy of knowing?!” She always hated yelling at her but goddamn, was she pissed. How could Selena leave her out like that? Was it because she knew that she’d react negatively? Sure, she hated Rebecca a whole lot because she was the biggest bitch of bitches to have ever bitched but still, Selena could’ve told her. Hell, she should’ve told her. She had to hear it from Sam fucking Winchester, who was probably many miles away from them with his older brother.

"I..." Selena gulped, her fear never leaving. Riley took it as hesitation. “...I am not sure what you are talking about,” she stated as calmly as she could in that situation, hoping that Riley would be merciful and slow down before damage could be created. God, let Riley believe her and calm down before it was too late.

Riley growled again, indicating that she didn’t believe her. “For fuck sake, Selena! Since Juliet isn't gonna mate someone any time soon, that bitchy mother of yours is gonna come looking for the next best person to give her grandchildren or whatever and that's you! Sam told me everything! Don't know why Juliet warned him and not me, but whatever! Fuck me, I guess!" She kept her eyes on the road, the Audi approaching a sharp turn; she didn't slow down. Her mind wasn't in the correct place. "If the bitch seriously thinks that she can just force you to have children with some random douche-dick of an alpha or whatever he is-" She growled yet again, more animalistic than the last. "I'll show her a thing or two when I see her goddamn face again! I'll rip her fucking face off! I'll tear her to ribbons! No one is allowed to touch you ever again! I won't allow it!"

Selena shrieked as the car swerved when Riley began turning around the sharp curve. Things were getting too dangerous as Riley even began driving on the wrong side of the road. Riley's control was getting out of control. Selena spoke in a panic. "It would be in our best interest if you calmed down and drove at a reasonable speed again before you get someone killed!"

Riley ignored her and didn’t attempt slowing down as she drove towards another turn, the vehicle on the correct side again. She was being too reckless. This is the worst birthday ever. “This speed ain’t nothing, Selena! We’ll be fucking fine!” As she sped around the next curve, the vehicle shifted to the wrong side of the road again and, unable to react, the Audi hit another vehicle head on; the driver of the other vehicle appeared to be able to swerve a bit before impact, the car getting hit by the side. The impact was enough to send the second car flipping over the Audi. The Audi swerved a few feet before it came to a stop, landing on its side in the middle of the street. Riley blacked out momentarily when the impact happened; she came to with her bleeding head lying against the mostly shattered window. Her side of the vehicle was towards the ground, which meant that Selena was suspended in the air via her seat-belt. With a groan, Riley turned her head carefully so she wouldn’t get cut more by the glass, looking up at Selena. She groaned. “Selena…”

Selena shifted her head slightly, whimpering. Her head was bleeding badly. Glass was lodged into her right arm; the window on her side was missing apart from a single shard. She could barely keep her eyes open as she felt like she would pass out, but she fought against the feeling; she needed to be certain that Riley would make it out in one piece.

Riley cursed under her breath and began mumbling about how she'd save them both. She managed to unbuckle her belt but immediately regretted her actions as her body dropped against the shattered window, glass sticking into her skin as her shirt rose up slightly; she hissed when it entered her side. A small orange-red flame caught the corner of her eye; she began panicking when she noticed that the car's engine was on fire. She could control it, but she'd only delay their inevitable doom if they couldn't remove themselves from the vehicle.

"S-Selena..." Riley groaned, keeping her focus on the fire that tried to grow but couldn't because of her power. "S-Stay with me. I need you. I n-need your help or we won't make it. Can you... Could you bend the metal...? Please, tell me you have the strength to bend it..." Selena didn't verbal respond but did as Riley asked with some difficulty; she couldn't focus very well because of the intense pain but could concentrate enough to bend the metal. Very slowly, the hood of the vehicle began shifting out of the way, moving enough to allow Riley to crawl out; she didn't make a move, though. When the metal stopped shifting, Riley realized that Selena couldn't continue any further. "It's... That's okay... You did good, Selena..." Riley missed Selena's weak half-smile as she crawled from the vehicle. While managing to keep the fire under control, she moved slowly to see if she was injured anywhere else; her back was fine, her arms were sore, and one of her legs was sore while the other felt very bad when she attempted standing on it. She forced herself to deal with the pain as she reached to where Selena was suspended, releasing her hold on the fire which grew immediately. "This might hurt like hell but it's better than burning alive. I should shut up before we both die. Sorry."

Quickly, Riley unbuckled Selena's seat-belt and caught her ungracefully in her arms, grunting in pain from the glass in her side, the extra weight on her potentially broken leg, and the soreness of her arms. Selena yelped as the shard of glass entered her arm more and she felt intense pain in multiple of her other limbs; she was hurt worse than either of them thought. If the wreckage hadn't been so bad, Riley wouldn't had attempted moving her; time was of the essence. Selena started blacking out as Riley carried her away from the wreckage with difficulty. The vehicle exploded when they were a safe distance away, destroying and ruining everything left within it. Unable to deal with the pain anymore, Riley collapsed onto the side of the street with Selena landing atop her. The shard in her side entered her body more; she hissed. She tried getting Selena to get off her but when Selena remained limp, Riley panicked. She maneuvered her off, learning that she'd fainted. As she desperately tried to wake her, Riley found herself losing consciousness...

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