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Calf woof woof

Our family's ranch is a large ranch that has been run for generations.

By SalamPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Our family's ranch is a ranch that has been run for generations. My older brother Kenneth is 70 and people call him Daddy Kenneth; my mother is 92 and people call her Grandma. Although they are all old, they are still doing what they can for the farm. It can be said that with their help, our cattle are amazing.

Last winter, a cow gave birth to a calf. Because the mother was too young to feed her calf, the calf was hungry and cold, and it looked really pitiful. My nephew Jimmy took the calf to his father, Papa Kenneth, to feed. Papa fed the calf from a bottle every day, and put the calf in the den of his two dogs. Because the calf was always with the barking dog, everyone called the calf "Wang Wang". For a long time, the calf thought he was a dog. Wherever the dog is, the calf is there; the two dogs are fighting, and the calf runs and jumps with them; the dog food that Dad prepares for the dogs is always some meals, leftovers and bones that have been removed from the table, and the calf also enjoys it with the dogs; in rainy and snowy weather, everyone stays at home and doesn't work. At this time, you can always see the calf and the two dogs lying in front of Kenneth's father's house. Sleeping in the hallway.

Every day when Dad goes out to work, as soon as the car starts, the two dogs will scramble to jump into the trunk, drop the calf and moo sadly at Dad, and Dad will naturally carry the calf into the car. Everyone here knows that whenever we see two dogs and a cow in the trunk, it must be Papa Kenneth driving.

Sometimes Dad had to go to places where it was inconvenient to take a dog, so he left the dog and the cow at home. The three brothers were not idle. They would walk across the fields to the old grandmother's house. Although the old grandmother was old, she was still very tough. The first time the old grandmother saw the calf with the dog as company, she knew it was the poor little "woof", and she loved it very much and fed it with food. The food the owner ate was exactly to the calf's taste. This time, the calf woof often ran around on the back porch of the old grandmother's house, waiting for the old grandmother to feed it. Too bad, in the eyes of the cow, the pasture is the same as the owner's porch. It can be convenient and convenient anytime, anywhere. Now the grandmother can't bear it, and she can't satisfy the calf's appetite for growing every day. The grandmother complained to Kenneth's father: You have to take care of the calf, you can't let it come by its temper.

Although he couldn't bear it, Dad tied the calf to the open space in the backyard of his house, which was Dad's vegetable garden in summer. Although the calf has plenty of feed, he can also eat the special dog food provided by Dad and Grandma every now and then. But the calf who lost his freedom looked listless, alas, this spoiled calf!

Spring is here, and the pasture is thriving. Dad is going to arrange a new life for the calf and let it out of its little world.

On this day, Dad hiked to the pasture to take care of the cattle. Dad walked in front, and the calf swayed behind. The pasture is very large, and National Highway 75 crosses the pasture, and it is a long way to go from one end to the other, and it also has to pass through the culvert under the road. Dad led the calf in order to send the calf to the herd and let it integrate into its own kind. Unexpectedly, the calf performed well that day, and obediently stayed. But after a few days, it actually found its own way and ran back. Good boy, it seems that it doesn't want to stay with its own kind. Dad and grandma had to keep the calf by their side.

One day, Dad was planting onions in the backyard. At first, he didn't think there was anything wrong with the calf in the yard. He just buried his head in planting onions. After planting a row, he looked back and found that the calf was gnawing onions with relish, eating at a rate similar to the speed of his own planting. Now Dad was angry: if he didn't take this onion-loving guy away, he would not grow this vegetable garden. Dad made up his mind to send the calf to the most remote pasture, vowing to let it learn to live the life of a cow.

After a few weeks on the ranch, the calf was still obsessed with going home with his dad. Every time Papa Kenneth went to see the cows, the calf would wait cautiously by the fence gate.

As time passed, the calf Wang Wang gradually adapted to the collective life of the herd in the pasture. If it knew that it was a cow, it must think that it was not an ordinary cow, but a baby cow with special care from its owner. Last week, when Dad Kenneth was driving the car and brought his grandmother to the pasture to watch the cattle, Dad stopped the car and shouted loudly: "Hi! Wang Wang, where are you?" I saw Wang Wang running over happily, as if he was waiting for his master's call at any time.

It was time for the cows to come out of the slaughter, and we had all the cows together and ready to send them to the auction. All the cows were there, except for a few of the cows that Daddy Kenneth loved: "Little Joe", "Pearl", and of course "Woof".

We all know that there is no need to waste time looking for it. If Dad doesn't say where he hid the cow, it will be in vain!

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