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Cabin on Crying Hill

by Jamie Glanville 5 months ago in Horror · updated 4 months ago
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Magnificence of 369

"The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window."

Jacob and his team of paranormal investigators, who went by the name MIDWEST S.P.I.R.I.T, headed up to the old cabin that was located on Crying Hill. Crying Hill was an old, sacred Native American heritage site located in Mandan, North Dakota.

As the team approached the cabin they noticed a flickering light in the window that seemed to dim as they got closer. Once they entered the door of the cabin, the light extinguished completely. They could hear the cries of a young boy, with what appeared to be the faint sounds of ceremonial chants.

A year prior, while Jacob was still in college in Fargo, North Dakota, he had started a radio show with his best friend, called MIDNIGHT S.P.I.R.I.T., or Spiritual Psychic Intuitions & Readings in Tarot. Jacob and his friend Tiffanie went live on the air at 12 AM, with a rerun at 12 noon. Tiffanie would give on air readings to those that would call in, and would ask each caller whether or not they experienced an NDE, or Near Death Experience. She would then commence with their tarot reading, continuing the discussion based on their response. Jacob, himself, had a near death experience, thus the reason behind the radio show. Also, Tiffanie was extremely into Tarot and had been since highschool, and she was always viewed as highly intuitive, or as we call ‘em today, “light workers.”

Jacob began to take a liking to Tiffanie as he heard her speak to the callers on NDE’s. Since he had experienced a close encounter with death himself, he had sensed her interest in those that had escaped death, and just had a sixth sense about her overall presence that she brought to the table of being an interesting on air personality. He felt that outside of being classmates, they would have way more in common than a radio show. He felt a connection to her that went beyond sitting in a classroom for 60 minutes a day. Jacob wanted to start a paranormal investigation team. He decided that once summer came around, he would have the perfect opportunity with a couple of friends from his hometown of Bismarck who had the same interests.

When summer came, Jacob and Tiffanie parted ways but kept in contact over the summer. Then we fast forward to a year later to that cabin up on Crying Hill.

Jacob had decided one afternoon to grab his paranormal investigation equipment, jump in the spirit van, and head across the river to Crying Hill for a little haunting. Jacob noticed that a light was on in the window of the cabin that he had never noticed before, then again he had only viewed this cabin in the daytime and never at night. As Jacob began to approach the cabin with his paranormal gear he noticed a candle flickering. He also had noticed something carved into the wooden chair opposite the candle. Upon closer inspection, he noticed the numbers 963. There was a slight breeze that evening, but that was normal for the time of year. As Jacob walked through the door of the cabin, the breeze suddenly went away, however, the candle had gone out.

“That’s odd,” Jacob thought to himself. “How does the breeze go away, and then the flame on the candle still goes out as well?"

Jacob had noticed that he forgot the laser grid on the car. As he walked out of the cabin and proceeded towards his car, he heard a soft cry and what sounded like ceremonial chants, yet they were very faint. Jacob glanced back at the cabin, and when noticing the flickering flame in the cabin's window, Jacob got this feeling of excitement that he was surrounded by the energetic aura of Crying Hill. Jacob grabbed the laser grid from the trunk and made his way back to the cabin. Upon re-entering the cabin, the light went out once again and he could hear the same cries and chanting as before. He set up the grid and grabbed his spirit box, turning it to a random station to create radio noise or static. Jacob didn’t pick up anything on either his laser grid, or spirit box. Then he glanced over to the three numbers carved into the chair, and turned it to those same three numbers, 963. He sat quietly for a few minutes listening to nothing but static.

He spoke the words, “Is anyone here with me?”

Three seconds after he uttered those words, the candle's flame shot up and he could hear the cries and chants come through the static of the spirit box!

Jacob got scared and immediately ran out of the cabin as fast as he could towards his vehicle. Once he had calmed down, he phoned his best friend Tiffanie to tell her what he had just experienced.

“Oh my god Tif, I just had the craziest experience out here! You’ll never believe it!”

Tif responded, “What Jacob? Tell me what happened!”

Jacob excitedly explained that he decided to do a paranormal investigation of the old cabin up on Crying Hill.

“Tif, the weirdest, most unbelievable experience just happened! Oh my god! Oh my god!”

As Jacob began to catch his breath and calm down, he told her of the candle, the breeze, the cries, the chants and the number carved into the chair.

“What was the number?” Tiffanie asked out of curiosity.

Jacob responded, “963. But I feel they hold a significance because when I set the radio to that frequency, I got static at first, but after a while, the flame on the candle shot up into the air and I could hear the cries of what appeared to be a young child and ceremonial chants!"

“Hmmmm,” thought Tif. “Well those numbers you saw carved into the chair are what’s known as God's frequency. 963 is also related to the crown chakra, and during meditation if you use extreme focus it will activate your pineal gland, or in other words, awaken your 3rd eye putting you into a state of calmness and zen, thus being able to communicate back. But you don’t sound calm. After summer break we will get together and figure something out. If nothing else this is great radio content!”

As Jacob left the cabin that night he was full of energy, so now by this time he was wide awake. He drove the 3 hours back to Fargo to hopefully get his best friend to come back with him to experience what he had earlier that evening. Once he had arrived at the college he called Tiffanie to meet him so they could discuss further plans to move forward. Even though Tiffanie wasn’t expecting a call at 3 o’clock in the morning, she was excited to hear he was back in Fargo as she was not expecting him to return for 2 more months.

“What’s going on J?” asked Tiffanie. “Well, Tif, I wanted to discuss with all of our listeners while this was still fresh in my mind, but before that I want to bring you back with me so you can experience it too! What do you think?”

“J, it’s literally…" She trailed off as she looked over at her clock. “It’s 3:33 AM! Well, come over and we can talk about this and figure out where to go from here. I like your tenacity Jacob,” said Tiffanie.

Once the 2 friends met up they brainstormed for a couple of hours and came up with a plan on how they would approach the situation. Upon researching the site, Tiffanie noticed that a family of Native Americans once lived there in the 1930s, and the young child had developed a case of smallpox and passed away in his bed in the early morning hours of March 3rd, 1933.

They headed back towards Mandan once the sun came up, but did not revisit the site until later that evening. Around 9pm that evening, Tiffanie and Jacob set out for Crying Hill. They packed up the laser grid and spirit box, and drove across the river to the cabin. As the two approached the hill, they noticed the candle wasn’t burning, which they found odd. However, continued on with their investigation. Jacob wanted to prove to his friend what he had experienced. As they entered the cabin, Tiffanie noticed a very distinct smell.

“Palo santo," she said.

“Huh?” Jacob asked.

“Nothing,” Tiffanie said. “You’ll understand shortly. Now, shhhh.”

After they got the grid set up and radio tuned into the correct frequency, they waited for a little paranormal activity. A couple minutes passed by, then the flame shot up and was soon followed by those ceremonial chants and cries that came across the radio static. Tiffanie glanced at her watch. She got her friends' attention.

“Jacob, note the time, 9:36." Tiffanie and Jacob actually had a conversation with these spiritual voices, and had come to the conclusion that the cries were indeed those of a young boy who had passed away of small pox, and those ceremonial chants were those of his parents performing a ritual over his body.

“What's that smell?” Jacob interrupted as if he was asking the spirits the question.

Tif glared at him, “Shhhh!”

As the static continued, the two got up and Tif grabbed her tablet to show Jacob what she had found when she researched Crying Hill and the cabin.

“March 3rd of 1933, a young Native American boy had developed a case of smallpox and after his passing, his mom and dad performed a ritual through smudging and chanting over the boy's crib as he lay dying.”

Jacob pointed to a black smudge in the corner of the cabin behind the crib, to which Tif responded, “THAT is most likely where the smudge was smashed into the wall to extinguish the burning sage."

“Makes sense,” Jacob quickly responded.

After leaving the site, Tiffanie thanked Jacob for bringing her along but that being awoken at 3:33 in the morning wasn’t something she was particularly thrilled about, however it made sense…actually Tiffanie’s favorite number was 3 and 333 were her favorite sequence of numbers and while 333 is a spiritual number, its also representing you being guided to reconnect with your life’s purpose and the deeper needs for your soul.

“Check this out,” said Tif.

What Jacob didn’t know, was although Tif was very much into spirituality, she was into numbers as well.

“There’s an old quote from my favorite scientist of all time, 'If you knew the Magnificence of 369, you would hold the keys to the universe.' Look around J, the universe is just waiting to be unlocked…what were the numbers on the chair? 963 right?”


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