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By fire by love

by N/A 2 months ago in Short Story
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Familiar love that some crave

Just some odd story I wrote a couple years ago? I have no idea where I was taking it and looking back don’t really like it but here you go, my first story

The soft embers glow in the dark woods and the smell of smoke tickled my nose. The fire quietly crackling as we lay together looking into the flames. Her back pressed into my chest and the faint smell of her flowery hair whafts past with every slight breeze.

I long to spend every waking moment with her like this. The touch of her skin on mine, her wavy maroon hair splayed in a way that highlights her striking blue eyes, the light bouncing off her radiant skin.

She shuffled slightly pressing further into me as if seeking for warmth and so I gently wrap my arms around her small figure, her delicate curves and her soft skin As she slips into a light snooze.

Nothing can disturb us.

The gentle whinnying of the horse brings me back from my thoughts of eternity and her. I get up and stoke the fire before placing another thick log into the embers. I pace around the fire to the horses and quickly check them over. All is good for them.

I tread my way back to my her, lying by the campfire. She looks asleep, eyes closed and her chest rising rhythmically. Flames flicker and give a halo of golden light to her godly features. I stand for a moment in awe, how did I ever meet such a girl and how did I end up in my favourite place with her. My one true love and my one true passion with me for everything I adore and enjoy.

Her lips twitched. “See something you like, lover boy?”

“Every day,” i replied. Her smile spreading to my own lips as I stood transfixed by this godlike girl before me. I could feel the blossoms on my cheeks forming as she sat upright, grinning from ear to ear.

Her stunning eyes lock with mine and for a second time stops, I study every inch of her face as though it were the last time I would see it. Her cheeks, her nose, her eye lashes, her lips, her chin, her hair and her eyes.

God those eyes could make me do anything. They say eyes are a gateway to the soul and she had stolen mine long ago. In those eyes I could see more than just soul. I could see love. I could see kindness. I could see the world. And with her like this I felt like I was stood at the top of the world. King of every land and she my queen. My noble queen.

“Are you just gonna stand there, pretty boy?” She said, pulling me back from my thoughts of her. “Sorry, did you want a drink?” I asked, pulling a couple from the small bag we had kept near the fire. “Of course I do!” She replied. I cracked the bottles open and walked over to her. She sat there with her alluring features glowing in the soft light of the fire.

I sat down next to her, passing her the drink as I got comfortable. She took a swig of the sweet beer and lightly rested her head on my shoulder. I laced my fingers through hers as she sat there, beer in one hand me in the other and once again I found myself asking how I got here. How I met this wonderful woman and how it had all gone so right for me.

She started humming a tune as we sat in silence. A song I knew all to well. The song we first danced to. I knew what would ensue and I wished so much to do it.

She stood. I stood.

She wrapped her arms around my neck. I placed my hands on her hips. We sway lightly, all our focus on each other completely oblivious to the surroundings. Our humming and the crackling fire was all the music we needed. She stepped into me, placing her head on my chest. She could probably hear how hard my heart was beating. And she knew why. It was always the same reason I gave but nonetheless she asked. “Your hearts thumping about a bit. What you thinking about?”

“Oh, you know, just the usual,” I said vaguely trying to hide the smile in my eyes as she looked up to me. “And what would that be?” She pressed wanting to hear me say the words “nothing much,” I continued teasing her further. “Fine, don’t tell me.” She whispered With a soft sight and the tinge of sarcasm in her voice. “I’m just thinking about you my dear.” I said as nonchalantly as possible.

She looked up at me her smile lighting up her whole face. “I really still play with your heart like that?” She asked looking up into my eyes. “There will never come a day when you can’t do that to me.”

“Your so sweet,” she muttered into my chest. I moved my arms up wrapping them around her shoulders and placing hand against her head as she continued swaying rhythmically. “I never want this to end” I whispered as I gazed off into the middle distance, her warm body pressed into mine. My heart and hers perfectly in sync as close as they could be. “It doesn’t have to end.” She said still holding my neck.

I kissed her on the forehead as we continued our slow swaying like blades of grass in the wind. Her soft hair tickling my arm with every movement. Our movements slowing now more to a slight rocking. Her head still resting against me. I could tell she was tired and would need sleep soon but she often refused saying she wasn’t tired or only the weak sleep. Another of her self destructive tendencies I had come to live with and fight with all the time.

I crouched down and picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my midriff. I held her like a child now, hugging her close to my body as if to protect her from some unseen monster. The deep looming darkness that surrounded our small encampment could hold anything. Me protecting her as she fought her oncoming sleep. She placed her chin on my shoulder and let out a small yawn and a sigh.

It brought a smile to my lips, like so many other small things she did. Things she thought no one payed attention to. How she flicked her hair in the wind, how she bit her nails when she was stressed, how she groaned in the morning asking for a minutes more sleep and how she’d perk up every morning when she smelt the sweet concoction I made that she loved so much in the morning. All the things people normally glance over or pay no attention to, I had learnt about.

She mesmerised me in her every move, caught like a deer in headlights. There wasn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for her and she knew that all to well. I would give my life for her, I would change my life for her, I would become a completely different person if she wanted me to. All out of love for her.

“I think it’s time we get some rest” I whispered in her ear. “No it’s not,” she mumbled, her head still buried in my neck “just another couple minutes, please?” She leant back in my arms to look me in the eyes.

“No,” I replied. firm in tone “we have a long days ride ahead of us, you should get some rest.”

“I’m not going to sleep without you,” she said pulling back to look me in the eyes. I knew there was nothing I could do to change her mind now. She was as stubborn as nails when she wanted to be. “Fine, I’ll come to bed too,” I said even though I knew I wouldn’t sleep. I’d lie and watch her for hour and never get tired of those features.

Her subtle curves and edges, her soft round face and thick dark hair. Her every move and every inch of her.

Short Story

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