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Bright eyed dragon

One day, the little hedgehog was walking outside, walking and walking, and came to the ladder of Pumpkin Village.

By KianaPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

One day, the little hedgehog was walking outside, walking and walking, and came to the ladder of Pumpkin Village. At this time, the little hedgehog saw that a dragon happened to climb down from the ladder.

  What kind of dragon is this? It doesn't look like anything special, just the big eyes. The big-eyed dragon slowly crawled down, and suddenly, he fell.

  "Bang!" The dragon's butt fell heavily to the ground, shaking the ground.

  The little hedgehog thought: Hey, this dragon is so strange, it climbed down well, why did it fall?

  The big-eyed dragon slowly got up, holding a slender pathfinder stick in his hand. He used the stick to tap east, west, and groped forward. As he walked, he bumped on the tree: "Ouch!" As he walked, he stumbled on the root of the tree again: "Ouch!"

  The little hedgehog was even more strange, and quickly ran up and asked, "Hey, what kind of dragon are you, why can't you walk well?" The dragon touched forward with both hands and said, "Who is talking to me? My name is Bright Eyed Dragon, and I can't see with my eyes."

  The little hedgehog said, "You can't see and still call it Bright Eyed Dragon? You should go to the hospital for treatment."

  Bright-eyed Dragon said, "Heaven can't cure my illness, so I want to come down and cure it. But, I don't have any money."

  The little hedgehog said, "Well, looking at you like this, let's go to my house first."

  The little hedgehog helped the bright-eyed dragon into his thatched hut. He thought: I really want to help the bright-eyed dragon, but I don't have the money myself, how can I help him?

  At night, the bright-eyed dragon's eyes glowed, and the light became brighter and brighter, and it also shone with colorful light. The little hedgehog screamed unconsciously: "My God, it's so beautiful!"

  The bright-eyed dragon said: "Alas, it is because my eyes glow that I cannot see. If my eyes don't glow, I can see things. To keep my eyes from glowing, I need a very expensive medicine."

  When the bright-eyed dragon spoke, he looked very sad.

  The little hedgehog lay on the bed and thought, "I must find a way to make a lot of money to heal the Bright Eyed Dragon!"

  The next morning, the little hedgehog said to the bright-eyed dragon, "Stay at home, don't run around, and wait for me to come back." Then, the little hedgehog went out.

  Bright-eyed dragon waited at home for a day, but did not see the little hedgehog come back. It wasn't until evening that the little hedgehog came back.

  The little hedgehog let the bright-eyed dragon sit in the center of the room, and then said, "Sit still."

  Bright Eyed Dragon said, "Okay." Then, he sat obediently without moving.

  The bright-eyed dragon's eyes could not see, but his ears were very smart. He heard that there seemed to be many footsteps walking around him, and he also heard the little hedgehog whispering to others: "Shh, everyone, be quiet and line up..."

  Some were saying, "His eyes are so bright." Others said, "Yeah, it's so beautiful, the true value of this trip."

  Bright Eyed Dragon couldn't bear it any longer and asked, "Who are you? What are you doing?"

  The voices answered him, "We came to see your eyes after reading the advertisement in the newspaper."

  "Yeah, we all bought tickets."

  At this time, Bright Eyed Dragon heard the little hedgehog collecting money at the door, and kept saying, "Thank you, thank you."

  Bright-eyed Dragon felt sad for a while, he thought: It turns out that my friend is using my eyes to make money...

  Until very late, the visitors left. The little hedgehog began to count the money there, looking very happy. But the bright-eyed dragon was sad all night.

  The next morning, the little hedgehog said to the bright-eyed dragon again, "Stay at home and don't run around. I'll go out and come back soon."

  Bright Eyed Dragon thought to himself that he must have invited someone to visit again. After a long time, the little hedgehog finally came back happily. He said loudly, "Bright Eyed Dragon, I have invited an orangutan doctor to treat your eyes!"

  The orangutan doctor looked at the bright-eyed dragon's eyes very carefully, put a particularly valuable medicine in his eyes, and bandaged him.

  "It will be fine in a few days," said the gorilla doctor.

  A few days passed, and the little hedgehog took off the bandage for the bright-eyed dragon. "I can see! I can see!" The bright-eyed dragon cried loudly, how happy he was!

  Now, the bright-eyed dragon finally understands: the little hedgehog makes money to heal me!

  Since then, the bright-eyed dragon and the little hedgehog have become best friends.

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