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Miracles happen but only if you believe in them

By Maneesh Kumar SrivastavaPublished 2 months ago 12 min read

William is a very troubled person. There are many problems in his life. He has not received salary for the last 3 months, half of his savings have been exhausted, he has borrowed a lot, his girlfriend is angry for 1 month and he is also taking migraine medicine for 2 months. Financial problem, relationship problem, and health problem. Means only and only problems in life. William used to pray to God every day that some miracle should happen and everything would be fine.

One day in the morning when William was leaving for his office, he found a mysterious box outside his house. It was a small packet which had the logo of a courier company along with the address and contact number of a person named Marcus. print was William could not understand that from where did this box come here? That's why he wrote on it Marcus's contact no. calls on But he gets a busy tone. After that, print courier company's toll free no on that box itself. calls on The courier company attends his call and then William tells them how he found the box outside his house. After that the courier company tells him that the delivery was done by drone, so it was delivered at the wrong place. But don't worry because a delivery person from the courier company will come and take the box the next day. William will have to take care of her just for a day. William agrees. Then the call gets disconnected. After this, William gets a call from Marcus. Then William tells him everything. Hearing which Marcus tells him that he needs that box urgently today. That's why he asks William to bring that box. For William refuses at first but then Marcus offers him $100. To which William asks for $150. Marcus wanted that box at any cost, so he says yes. William also agrees because Marcus' address was very close to his house. He could return to that place by his car within just 3 hours. Although William had to go to his office but he thinks that it is only a matter of 3 hours and he is also getting a chance to earn $150.

He immediately puts that box in his car and reaches Marcus' address. There Marcus was waiting for him with 2 people. When William gets there he asks, "Who is Marcus?" Then Marcus tells him that he is Marcus and then he asks for that box. William takes out that box from his car and then asks Marcus for his money. Marcus says that he will get his money but before that he wants to check his box. William takes out his box from the car and as soon as he is going to give it to Marcus, a shot is fired. Which hits directly in the hand of one of Marcus's companions standing there and after that all three people take out their guns. Frightened, William takes the box and runs towards his car. Only then 2 people come there with guns and then firing starts between them and Marcus' men. William somehow manages to reach his car but has to hide because of the gunfire. Marcus and his men had already killed one person. That's why the other man tries to run away from there. Marcus is also firing at William. Somehow William musters up the courage and starts his car and starts running away. That's why the other man who was firing at Marcus somehow enters William's car and on the way goes shoots at the tire of Marcus's car as well. But during this he gets shot in the leg. That's why he puts William at gun point and asks him to drive away the car fast. William who was very scared asks, "Who are you guys and what is all this happening?" Then the man tells that he is a secret agent and after that he starts asking William, what are you planning with Marcus? What's in this box? William could not understand anything and the secret agent kept him at gun point as well. That's why he tells everything the truth that how he got that box and then he got stuck in this problem. The secret agent did not believe his words. He said tell the truth or else I will kill you. William car was not stopping. But somehow he had to get out of all this. That's why an idea comes to him and he suddenly hits the break. Because of which the balance of the secret agent gets spoiled and William gets down from the car and runs away with the box. By now William had understood that he is stuck in some big problem and all this is happening only because of this box. That's why he decides to open that box. Then a call comes on his phone from an unknown number. When he attends that call, Marcus is speaking from the other end. Marcus tells him his exact location and says that you cannot escape from me. That's why if you want to stay alive then give that box to me. Because if I catch you, I will kill you and take that box. On hearing this, William disconnects the call. Then starts thinking something for a while and then throws his mobile phone there. Actually he understands that Marcus is tracking him through his mobile. Then he sits in a taxi from there and comes near his house in a while. He gets down from the taxi long before his house and then slowly starts moving towards his house. Only then he sees the police near his house and along with that he also sees the secret agent. He understands that those people have reached here in his car and have come to arrest him. He immediately leaves from there and goes a little far away and sits down at a deserted place and keeps that box aside. After this he starts trying to understand everything. Then he understands that Marcus is a very big criminal. Behind which secret agents are also engaged. That secret agent had seen him with Marcus, so he considers him as Marcus's accomplice. Marcus, on the other hand, wants his own box. If he does not find her, he will kill her. Secret agent also needs this box. But what is there in this box after all? He decides that he will open the box and see. But as soon as he looks next to him, the box is not there. Actually when he is thinking all this then some thief steals that box. William knew that if the box was not found, both the secret agent and Marcus would kill him. That's why he immediately starts searching for the box here and there like a madman. Even after searching a lot, he does not get that box.

Now the day was over and it was evening. William was also hungry. But he did not have money. That's why he tries to buy some food items from one place by using his credit card. But only then he comes to know that his card has been blocked. He understands that this is the work of a secret agent and now he has started searching for him along with the police. William begins to feel as if the end of his life has come. That's why he becomes very desperate and stands on one side of the road. Just then an old man is passing in front of him carrying some fruits and eatables. But due to a sudden faltering, he falls and his luggage also falls. William picks him up and also takes his belongings. Then he takes out a medicine bottle from his pocket. But he is not able to open its lid. Then William takes the bottle of medicine from his hand, opens it and feeds it to the old man. After this the old man feels fine and then William drops him to his house. During this the old man tells him that you seem like a very educated professional. But William doesn't say anything. Then the old man says that you seem very sad. By the way, if you want, you can share your sorrow with me, your mood will become a little lighter. After this, William tells all the problems of his life to that old man. After listening to which the old man first gives him a sandwich to eat. On which William says that I may not be alive after tonight. So this sandwich of yours will be useless. On this the old man laughs and says that if you want to die then eat something and die, if you die of hunger then it is possible that your soul may get acidity and you become a hungry ghost with acidity. William found this joke very bad but he laughs. He is a little happy because he got to hear a bad joke in such stress. After this the old man says that one should not think much about life & death and leave it to God. He further says that perhaps I would not be alive now if you had not helped me. These are all miracles of God. But William was very disappointed, so he says that I wish a miracle would happen to me too. Then that old man says that many miracles have happened to you too. Next to this he says that you just told that there were many attacks on you today but look at yourself, you got even a little scratch. Isn't this a miracle? Then he says, you told that you have migraine problem. But today you did not eat its medicine but still you are fine. Isn't this a miracle? After this the old man's house comes. Then he gives William a burger and says that if you keep asking, you will always get less and no miracle will happen. But if you keep on giving, you will always get more and many miracles will happen.

After this William is a little happy and leaves from there. He starts eating his burger standing at one place, when suddenly a car hits a man in front of him, due to which he falls on the road. Then a man gets down from the car and takes the bag from the fallen man's hand and walks away. William runs to the man and sees that blood is coming out of his leg and head. But still that man gets up. William asks her to go to the hospital. But he was not getting ready. Then William checks his pocket. In that he gets some money. Due to which he stops a taxi and goes to the nearby hospital and gets him admitted there. In the hospital, William meets his girlfriend Lucy, who was a nurse there. She tells that it is her brother John. John was addicted to theft, so his mother had thrown him out of the house. Only then John needs blood. William donates blood for her. After this he starts talking to Lucy. He tells her that I have always been very selfish and never tried to know any of your problems. I'm sorry for that. After this everything becomes fine between him and Lucy. Then Lucy tells him that some policemen had come to meet him during the day and were asking about him. He has also given a number that when you come, I should inform him. Only then John's condition gets cured and he tells William that he had stolen his box today. William immediately starts asking where is that box? Then John tells them where the box is. Then William brings that box. William sees that the box is open and inside it is a mini-locker box made by the same company he works for. Actually William was working in a company that manufactures security locks. But thieves were breaking them, due to which the company's sales were down and that's why he did not get salary for the last 3 months. William asks John how did you open it? John tells that all this is a minor task for me. Then William asks what was in it? Then John tells that there are 3 bottles of some chemical in it. William's mind starts racing and he calls Lucy. He tells him to call on the number given to you by the police. When Lucy calls, the secret agent attends her. But William talks instead of Lucy. Then the secret agent tells William that I know that you are innocent, but this thing will be proved only when Marcus will speak from his own mouth. After this both of them make a plan together. After which William calls Marcus and says that he will give him the box. Marcus invites her to a place. As soon as he reaches there, William gives him that box. Then Marcus points his gun at him. On which William tells him to check his box first. Marcus checks the box and finds that it is empty. Then Marcus says that you have nothing to do with all this. That's why just give me those three bottles and I will let you go. Just after this the secret agent comes there with the police and arrests Marcus. Actually Marcus wanted to make a bio weapon. For this, William is also given a reward from the government. He gets John to work in his own company, due to which he gets rid of the addiction of theft and now the company starts making better security locks than before, due to which their sales increase. Lucy is also very happy with this and marries William.

All this was nothing less than a miracle for William. Then he remembers that old man that make a habit of giving instead of asking, miracles will happen automatically.


About the Creator

Maneesh Kumar Srivastava

Freelance Writer and Business Consultant with specialization in e-commerce.

I have worked on more than 50 projects of various FORTUNE 500 companies and as a consultant for more than 10 e-commerce and Ed-tech startups.

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