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Becoming the Void

Consuming all that live

By Justin Douglas LeePublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 6 min read

Dragons didn't have names. They were endless beings of unimaginable power that soared through the skies. They were as nameless as the stars that changed with every passing night. They were more endless than the moons that seemed to come and go at their own leisure. Dragons were like the still wind within the deepest cave, known within the core of every living thing, but never thought of. They were a sudden chill in the spine of all that dwelled beneath during their passing, but nothing more to most. They were worshipped as gods in many cultures, though only a few dragons took pleasure in being worshipped. There was a dragon that hated the worshippers and their kin. He was disgusted by them, seeing them as pests that left only filth around their homes and where they travelled.

He flew where he pleased on most days with no errands or responsibilities. He tried to craft his life in a way that was easy to manage. One day, he flew past a village that was empty of people. He hovered over the buildings, looking for signs of life, but saw none. Though it was unusual, he thought nothing of it, for he had seen abandoned villages before.

When he spotted a child, only old enough to walk on its own, stumbling through the forest below his flight path, he could not help himself. He didn't notice how odd the clearing in the trees looked or the empty patches of dirt that appeared under the child's feet as it waddled about. There were no humans around to tattle and spread word of his actions and no dragons around to shun him for his deeds. He was free to act as he pleased and so he did. He swooped down to eat the child.

Ku Lu was a village that stood as a beacon of strength to the ones around. The people were independent and kept strong bonds with each other so that they could always overcome any disaster that struck them. They were privy to a deep garden hidden within a dense forest that kept them well-fed and healthy. Fruit from the garden, fish from the river, and chickens and goats that they raised were their main sources of nutrition and all of the people in the village grew up healthy and strong and proud.

There was one among them who was different than the rest. His mind was filled with dark and twisted thoughts and wicked desires, though he kept them to himself and so none knew of his evil intentions or of his secret experiments. When his wife fell to illness, the others of the village thought it a sad, but unpreventable disaster for him. In truth, he poisoned her to test the effects of his brew and to see if she would notice. In the end, he believed she suspected him, but she never said so aloud and so he was never certain.

His three-year-old daughter and only child was the target of his next experiment. He wanted to create a hole in the fabric of the aether, and he believed he could brew a potion that would cause one to emerge from within his own daughter. He worked diligently at his task and kept a close eye on his daughter so that she would not be lost or die before he could perform his experiment on her. She was a bothersome necessity for his plans, but he did not allow her to prevent him from completing his task. It took him months of research and trial and error before he completed what he believed would be a successful brew.

He poured the potion on his daughter's head which did not splash or drip down, but fell as if it was pouring directly into her head. The madman smiled and waited, but his daughter remained and nothing seemed to be changing within or around her. He became frustrated and impatient and reached for her. As soon as his flesh touched her, he was pulled into her or through her into some dimension beyond. It happened so quickly that his body was stretched with the motion and in a moment he vanished, never to return.

The young girl was very frightened by this and ran, escaping into the village where some concerned adults approached her to calm her down. One of them reached to pick her up and the moment his flesh touched her, he was pulled into her as his body became distorted with the speed of the motion. The girl cried out and the other villagers gasped and backed away. The girl ran toward them, but they shouted and dodged her. A man approached, confused by what he was seeing and went to the little girl not knowing what had happened to the last person who touched her. The others tried to warn him, but he did not understand why they were so afraid and so he ignored them. The moment his flesh touched her, his body was stretched and pulled into her faster than a blink.

Then, something within the girl began to glow and a loud rumbling started and then a powerful energy exploded from her and spread out in all directions, engulfing the town and the surrounding forests, and all that was alive within the blast vanished in an instant, leaving only stone and dirt and empty homes.

The moment the dragon's tooth touched the child, he was pulled into her void as the others had been. When this happened, a shockwave blasted out in a disc from within the little girl, and the shock twisted and broke many things within its path. Then a loud rumbling came from somewhere within the girl and a bright light began to glow. Again, she exploded with energy, only this time the blast engulfed the entire planet and even beyond, reaching almost as far as their own sun. This all happened in the span of a moment and when it was over, the little girl was the only thing left alive in all of the world.

She wandered aimlessly and without purpose for her mind was still one of a child and she was simple because she had been neglected and abused. She did not understand any of what was happening around her and she was frightened and did not like being alone. She continued to wander for countless ages. There was nobody alive to understand that she had become one with the void and the void does not age and cannot die. The void simply remains.

In time, new life emerged, but when she discovered it and touched it, she would consume it and explode again killing all other life around her. Sometimes living things would visit from beyond the stars. They were also consumed by the girl, though not always completely, but the ones that survived always fled and left her alone again.

Her sun finally faded one day and burst with energy much like she had, though it destroyed all that it touched. All except the girl. She was lauched into the void to drift aimlessly and without purpose. Her mind eventually became as empty as the pure void and she continues to remain an eternal enigma. She drifts with no certain direction and no purpose, and she consumes all life that touches her. This is what she is and what she will always be. She's out there somewhere and her arrival is inevitable.

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Justin Douglas Lee

Pupper Blog

I'm an aspiring author and poet, on a life-long journey of self-discovery and learning. I'm an avid reader and lover of all things creative and independent.

[email protected]

You can find my book on Amazon.

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