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Because of you my youth and the world's warm embrace

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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Your silvery-white body emits a dazzling and holy light, my fingertips gently glide over your dynamic flute holes,

Because of you my youth and the world's warm embrace
Photo by Marcel Ardivan on Unsplash

Your silvery-white body emits a dazzling and holy light, my fingertips gently glide over your dynamic flute holes, my fingers deftly rotate from side to side, fly up and down, and the diverse keys gently jump, flowing with my thoughts. --Title

  Falling in love at first sight

  My dear, I remember the first time I met you, I saw your video - you played the beating notes, the ethereal tone, and the lively melody made me great interest. I couldn't help but gaze at you, and your slender stature and dazzling light just made me fall in love at first sight. Your beautiful singing voice gave me an unprecedented feeling of being shaken inside as I stood in front of the TV. It seemed that something was calling me from deep inside my heart. I could sense the unfulfilled destiny with you in my past life.

  Second sighting

  My dear, I remembered the first time I came in close contact with you, your beauty, your charm, stunned me. My eyes were open, my mouth was slightly open, my two hands were clasped together, and I was holding my breath as I looked at you from above: I saw you being held in my teacher's broad hands, a "jewel in the palm" that I was afraid would melt in my mouth and fall out of my pocket. "! You are made of shiny silver, your straight body in the light, radiating for a girl, irresistible light and charm. The layer of slightly undulating waves shifted my gaze again - it was the teacher's hand! The teacher's hands fluttered up and down, swirling from side to side as if a group of flower butterflies were in a beauty contest. The butterflies jumped, flew, and dazzled me with their wonderful performances. I could see that your lively, pleasing soul was released from your physical body. I knew that you were dancing a rhythmic cha-cha with Mr. Tadpole. Your cheerfulness infected me, and I couldn't help but dance my improvised dance.

  At the end of the song, you and I were engaged for life. Then, I dated you every day, and it was hard to part with you. At that time, no matter how busy I was, no matter how tired I was, I would meet you regularly in front of the score stand to rehearse with you. When I think of it now, the time I spent with you is still so exciting and nostalgic.

  Sharing worries and solving problems

  I failed a quiz in the fifth grade, and that bright red eighty-nine was starkly on display. When I think about it now, my friend's 100 percent, my deskmate's taunting, my teacher's disappointed look, and the "89" are still huge rocks in the sea of memories.

  When the blood-red sunset changed to a purple-red evening sun, I dragged my tired body back home. The house was empty and I collapsed on the sofa in disappointment - ah, oh no, and you! You were detained in the box, and it was as if you could hear my heart groaning!

  I quickly put down my book bag and quickly freed you from your "prison". My fingers slid mischievously over the keys, fluttering freely, dancing freely; my ears rang with the familiar ethereal tones, the lively melody was not complex, but beating with the genie of music, I tapped into the mine of happiness inside - happy and relaxed instead of disappointed and sad! My heart was like a butterfly that had just broken out of its cocoon and was reborn, struggling for wings amid hardship, finally reuniting with this beautiful world, but unaware that I had undergone a miraculous metamorphosis. My heart is overflowing with happiness, but also with a different kind of honey.

  Relaxation and entertainment

  "Finally!" I moved the "homework generals" into their dwelling, stretched out a big comfortable lazy back, and forced out the "fury" in my body with my throat.

  Suddenly, I saw you standing in the corner, smiling warmly at me. I was so happy that I leaped up and took your hand intimately, and brought you to the open place where you could dance to your heart's content.

  And so that lilting tone, again, resonated in my study, in my home, in my mind, and resonated in your heart.

  You led me again into that joyful world overflowing with ease and leisure. We were there to relax and have fun. My body seemed lighter, my head was empty, and my whole being was much more relaxed and refreshed. After feeling the change in me, you, an extremely beautiful Western beauty, smiled slightly at me, and that smile was very beautiful, very drunk, very drunk.

  Tie the knot forever

  Thank you - my dear flute. My communication with you is complete without words, a look, a smile, or even a trend of action, are sufficient. My "first half of youth", with your company, you say, this is not fate?

  Three years, you and I follow each other, it is a blink of an eye that is three years. My cloudy and sunny, you can see it all; my sorrow and happiness, your piece in the heart.

  My dear, because of you, my youth and life warm embrace, my youth and the world warm embrace, moreover, my youth and my true self warm embrace! Darling, may we grow old together and never be separated!

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