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Beautiful Woman

By Rosa James

By ROSA n JAMESPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Kayla sat at the table enjoying drinks with some of her friends at a local bar when a woman entered. They all watched the woman as she walked pass them before taking a seat at the bar.

Her friends did not waste anytime as they began to critique the woman from her not-so-neat hair to the chipped nail polish on her left pinky finger.

Kayla signed, she was fed up with her friends always pointing out such petty things in. In Kayla's eyes there was no such thing as a flaw and what made us perfect is our imperfections.

She wondered why her friends could not see the what she saw. The woman's hair was long, healthy, and natural. The chipped nail polish was on a bed of natural nails and not acrylic. Her make up was simple because she possessed natural beauty and did not need it.

The continuous mocking reminded Kayla of when she was teased as a little girl. Now the ladies that she considered friends were becoming estranged to her as they continued to criticize the woman who appeared to have no knowledge that she was the joke of the night.

Now feeling uncomfortable, Kayla excused herself and went to the ladies room to make sure she was on point. While walking away from the table, she wondered if her friends had noticed the tear at the bottom of her skirt and that her acrylic nails needed a fill. She entered the ladies room and went straight to the mirror. She stood staring at herself wondering if her friends were talking about her. Before leaving Kayla washed her hands and took a deep breath anticipating her return to the lions den.

When she made it back to the table she was mortified to find the ladies were still talking about the woman. No longer able to stand it, Kayla went over to the bar to order another drink this time a crown and coke. She planned to gulp it down and call it a night but instead the woman began to talking to her.

“Oh, so you are a crown and coke girl also,” said the woman displaying a smile.

Kayla smiled and nodded yes.

For the next hour, Kayla and the woman sat at the bar enjoying conversation with one another. Every now and then Kayla would look over at her friends noticing they were still focused on the woman and why she was talking to her. She blocked out the spiteful stares from them and listened to the woman pour herself to a stranger.

Kayla learned that earlier that day the woman lost her children custody battle with her ex-husband. The woman was feeling depressed so she went back to work to avoid being alone at home for the first time in years.

A few of the woman’s co-workers invited her for drinks after work. After work she stopped at home to freshen up. On the way her car broke down three blocks away from this very bar. She waited two hours for roadside assistance to tow her car to the shop. Beyond stressed, she decided to walk to clear her mind before coming to this bar.

Then suddenly the conversation changed. The woman began to explain that she was allergic to acrylic, most weaves and makeups so she learned to grow her own hair and nails. When Kayla asked why she was explaining that, the woman revealed that she overheard the ladies talking about her.

She told Kayla that they all were beautiful women and she wished that they could see themselves as she saw them. BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, UNIQUE

She could not understand why women put each other down when we had so many other things to face together in the world. Kayla nodded in agreement as she finished her second round of crown and coke. She offered the woman a ride home but she declined. They exchanged numbers and Kayla walked out of the bar without saying goodbye to her friends.

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I am a newly published author of two urban fiction books "Loyal Snakes" and "Harris".

Writing is my ZEN!

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