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Aunt Holler

Once upon a time, there was a widow who had two daughters under her knees, one was beautiful and hardworking, and the other was ugly and lazy.

By EmilyPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Aunt Holler

Once upon a time, there was a widow who had two daughters under her knees, one was beautiful and industrious, and the other was ugly and lazy. The widow loved the ugly and lazy one especially because she was her own daughter. The poor girl had to sit by the well by the road every day and spin and spin until her fingers were worn with blood.

One day, the spindle was all red with blood, and the girl planned to wash it with well water, but the spindle took off her hand and fell into the well. She was afraid of being scolded by her stepmother again, so she jumped into the well. In the well, she lost consciousness, and when she woke up, she found herself lying on a beautiful grass, bathed in bright sunshine, surrounded by colorful flowers, each competing for beauty. She stood up, walked to the front of the grass, stopped by an oven, and found that the oven was full of bread.

Bread said to her, "Take me out, take me out, or I'll be burnt. I've been baked in it for a long, long time."

The girl stepped forward, picked up the bread shovel, and took out all the bread one by one. Then, she continued to walk forward, and came to a fruit-laden apple tree, which shouted at her: "Shake me, shake me, all the apples on the tree are ripe."

So the girl shook the fruit tree vigorously, and the apples rained down one after another, until there was no one left on the tree, and she stopped; then she picked up the apples one by one and stacked them together, and then continued to walk.

Finally, the girl came to a small house, and saw an old lady looking at her from the window. The old lady flicked her teeth with a green face, and the girl was frightened at the sight, and planned to run away quickly. Who knew that the old lady shouted: "Why are you afraid, dear? Just stay with me! If you are willing to do good housework here, I will make sure you are comfortable. You must be careful, you must make my bed, shake my mattress hard, so that the down flutters around, and it will snow in the world. I am Aunt Holler."

When the old lady said this, she was kind, and the girl plucked up her courage and promised to stay and do the housework for her. She tried her best to do everything well to satisfy the old lady. When shaking the mattress, she used all her strength to shake her down like snowflakes. Therefore, the old lady was also very kind to her, making her life very comfortable, and every day there was meat on the plate, either stewed or cooked.

After a period of time like this, the girl missed home. Life at Aunt Holler's house was really a heaven and an earth compared to life at her stepmother's house, but despite this, she still returned to her heart like an arrow. Finally, she confided to Aunt Holler: "I am very homesick now. Down here, I am happy with everything, but I can't stay any longer, I have to go back to my relatives above."

Aunt Holler replied: "I am very happy to hear that you want to go back to your family. I am very satisfied that you are doing your best with me, so I will send you up myself."

After saying that, Aunt Holler took the girl's hand and led her to a door. The door opened, and as soon as the girl stood under the door, grains of gold rained down on her like raindrops, and they all adhered firmly to her clothes, so that she was covered in gold.

Suddenly, the door slammed shut, and the girl returned to the world above, standing near her stepmother's house. When she walked into the yard, the big rooster squatting on the reel clucked: "Lol... lol... lol... lol... lol..., our golden girl is back!"

She went into her stepmother's room, and because she was covered in gold, her stepmother and sister received her affectionately,

The girl told them about her thrilling experience. After hearing how she had obtained so much gold, the stepmother planned to give her ugly and lazy daughter so much gold, so she sent the daughter to the well to spin. In order to stain the spindle with blood, the girl put her hand into the thorn fence, pricked her finger, and then she threw the spindle into the well, and jumped in.

In the well, like a sister, she first came to a beautiful meadow, and then followed the same path. Finally, when she came to Aunt Holler's little house, she was not at all afraid when she met her because she had heard her sister say that the old lady had a green face and flicked her teeth. On the first day, the ugly girl was always thinking about the gold as a reward, so she tried to cheer up, pretended to be very diligent, and did everything according to the old lady's wishes. But on the second day, she was lazy; on the third day, she was so lazy that she didn't even want to get up in bed in the morning, and even forgot to make Aunt Holler's bed, not to mention shaking the mattress, shaking the down all over the place. After a few days, the boss had had enough, so he told her in advance that she was fired. When the lazy girl heard this, she was full of joy, and thought to herself, "It's time for the golden rain!"

Aunt Holler led her to the door, but when she stood under the door, not only did no gold fall, but a large pot of asphalt was thrown all over her: "This is what you deserve in return." Aunt Holler said to her, and then closed the door.

The lazy girl went home like this, covered in asphalt. The big rooster squatting on the pulley saw her and clucked: "Lol... lol... lol... lol... lol... our dirty girl is back!"

The asphalt on the lazy girl was so strong that no matter how much she rinsed it, it would not help, she had to be like this for the rest of her life.

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