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Anna Maria Mickiewicz Chocolate pastry shop


By Anna Maria MickiewiczPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Anna Maria Mickiewicz

Chocolate pastry shop

There was a pastry shop at the corner, I often went there alone or with my friends. It attracted people with the aroma of chocolate, the warm scent of icing and vanilla ... In display cases on golden rectangular and round trays, there were sky-high delicacies: meringues, cakes with cream, pancakes and wonderful slices of chocolate cakes decorated with different colors.

Many people from the town visited this little candy shop. Why were they going there? The confectionery was more than just a sweet delivery, and the delight of the palate. It was a kind of mecca for gourmets who understood each other perfectly without words. It was interesting that these people were always smiling. As they entered the confectionery, their eyes flashed, their cheeks flushed. Most realized what they had in common. People came not only to eat a cookie, greedily, but also so that they met company, warmth and sweetness. Nobody but the pastry shop has been able to provide this. They knew that a chocolate cake can always be counted on in difficult times. They appreciated it very much. Years flowed and more and more supporters of chocolate cakes appeared in the town. At some point, almost all residents began to visit the enchanted pastry shop at the corner of the street. Nobody even thought of what the next years might bring.

One day, however, an old woman died. Nobody was able to guess the cause of death. Death was explained by the old age and the matter was forgotten. However, more and more such unexplained deaths appeared in the town. Concerned residents set up a committee to investigate the cause of these mysterious deaths. There was panic in the town. The confectionery did not keep up with the production of cakes. Everyone who could rushed there so as not to think about the mysterious deaths. People got addicted to chocolate. One day, one confectionery employee came to the committee, asking that what he said would be kept secret for some time.

What do you want to tell us? – they asked.

Committee - said the confectioner - in our department of chocolate biscuits, which Richard has been running almost since he was a child, his rule was that he never took any biscuits in his mouth. We tried to persuade him many times, sometimes even insidiously, and he replied that he was sick at the sight of the cookies and that if he had not had to, he would not have been working in the pastry shop. And now I want to tell you the most important thing. Well, Richard's whole family died mysteriously. Richard loved his family very much, that's why he ate a cake at the funeral, the first in his life. Then he ate the second, third, and the next day he died. My point is I guess maybe it's the slices of chocolate cakes and cookies that are killing people…?

After these words, there was silence in the hall. Despite the absurdity of this thesis, it was decided to investigate it. The composition of the cookies was analyzed, but it did not help. Then it was decided to observe the patrons of the confectionery who agreed to it. And what turned out? Each subject, after eating the third chocolate cake, died quietly with a smile on his face.

It is difficult to describe what happened next in the town. The Committee decided to close the confectionery. Selling cookies secretly was a punishable offense.

After some time, people noticed that without cookies, they could not live. They started to get sick, they couldn't work, everything was falling out of their hands.

Until one time, a crowd gathered in front of the pastry shop, staring at empty golden trays, which once had cakes. After a while, a whisper was heard: We want chocolate cookies! The whisper turned to a scream. The members of the Committee were human too, so they understood this phenomenon very well. It was decided to open a confectionery. The aromatic smell of chocolate reappeared at the corner of the street.

I moved out of this town. My friends too.

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    Anna Maria MickiewiczWritten by Anna Maria Mickiewicz

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