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An Uninvited Guest

by Alexander Richardson 12 months ago in Short Story
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Does this girl ever sleep?

Art done by "mekarcomics" (Instagram)

“Hello? Is anyone home?” A young woman asks from the other end of the door. She pounds the door with a furious aggression but speaks with such a polite tone. She’s been banging on the door for a while now but refuses to wait until morning to come back.

She doesn’t have anything better to do tonight. The night is so warm and comforting, but this woman chooses to hammer away on this door all night. An odd choice, but everyone is free to do what they want with themselves, even if they’re wasting their time. “I know you have to be home. Where else could you be this late at night?” The woman doubles down, letting her obnoxious attitude fester in the hallway of the building.

“There are other people trying to sleep!” A man from a faraway door screams, but the woman isn’t fazed at all.

“Don’t you realize what you’re doing? You’re ruining sleep for everyone on your floor. I know you’re awake in there.”

The young woman’s voice travels down the halls, and soon, there was no noise at all. One might think that peace has finally returned to the eighth floor of Astoria’s apartment complex. But they’d be dead wrong.

Right before the woman’s knuckles could assault the surface of the door again, locks begin to clink and clank, until the door reveals another young woman on the other side. She looks miserable, her hair frayed and pointing in all sorts of directions. It wouldn’t be hard to convince a child that this is the true form of a witch.

“What do you want, Reya,” The Witch grumbles.

“I knew you were hiding in there. What took you so long? There’s no way you were doing something important at this time of day.”

“It’s the middle of the night.”

“Nighttime doesn’t actually exist because once the clock hits twelve, it’s already morning, so it’s either early morning or late morning.”

“It’s late morning then…” The Witch groans with hopelessness escaping her breathe.

“Then why didn’t you sleep earlier this morning?”

“Because I was working earlier this morning, not that you’d understand the concept of working.”

“Oh, I work. Just not often. And because I don’t work often, it’s not often that you see me miserable, unlike you.” The Witch is left speechless. She’d love to let her fantasies loose and punch this woman so hard, that her neck will be stuck at a ninety-degree angle.

“Tell me what you’re here for before I gut you like a pig.” It would be hilarious to see her try, but The Witch knows that she can’t risk getting evicted, so an exaggerated threat will have to do.

“I’m here because I have this to give to you.” The young woman reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small package wrapped in brown paper. “It’s addressed to you, but the delivery boy brought it over to my door. I’ve been trying to get it to you for the past couple of days now, but you’re either not home, or you’re too busy to answer the door.”

The Witch snatches the package from the young woman’s hand with blinding speed. “Did you open it?”

“No, I never even thought about it. I was just surprised to see a package small enough to fit into my pocket.”

“Well… thanks.” Oh. This is new. It seems that The Witch is choosing to ditch her miserable ways and is showing her neighbor a little bit of gratitude. “But next time, please just leave it at the door. I don’t want people getting mad at me for you banging on my door.”

“Why would they get mad at me for that?”

“Because everyone is trying to sleep, and here’s some weirdo slamming my door as hard as she can, telling me that she knows that I’m here’.”

“Well, you are here. Aren’t you?”

“Just leave it at my door next time.”

“But what if someone steals it?”

“I can just order a replacement. I’d rather have that over my neighbors hating me for you breaking my door down.”

“Your line of logic isn’t making much sense. If I were the one slamming on the door, then why would you get in trouble for that? If anything, they’d call the police on me and have me detained.”

“That’s even worse than me getting yelled at. Just stop slamming on my door so late at night.”


“Have a goodnight.”

“Will do.”

The best friendships blossom from the seeds of misunderstanding. Once the smoke of ignorance clears on both sides, all that’s left is the clarity to reflect on what’s shared between people. Whether it be a group or a pair. Any mistake can be turned into a miracle.

“Oh! I forgot to ask you something,” Reya pleads, sticking her foot in the door.

“What is it?”

“I know you’re poor and can’t afford food often, so I thought I’d bring you a little snack!” Reya rummages through her pockets and pulls out a dozen of flat strips of plastic, thin enough to slip into the smallest of cracks.


“Yeah, they’re snacks, just watch.” Reya slaps puts the rest into her pockets, leaving one in her hand. “I was cleaning my apartment and I found an entire box of Galaxy Gummies in my kitchen. I use to love them but the sugar was making me super hyperactive.”

“You’re giving me wrappers to eat? Are you trying to be funny?”

“Wrappers? Oh! Hold on, just watch.” Reya puts out her hand and starts to shake the plastic slip as hard as she can. Small sprinkles of yellow jump into the air and melt right away. The plastic slip starts to pop up in size, revealing a wrapper decorated in a beautiful midnight purple with dark blue strips running parallel across it. Before they knew, there was a wrapper brimming with gummies before the both of them. “Getting the gummies to pop is the best part! It’s always satisfying to me.”

“Oh! I remember those. They used to be everywhere when I was a kid. They’re so rare now.”

“Really? Well it makes no never mind to me. You can have as many as you like.”

“I mean, I never said I liked them but yeah. And that’s not really real food either. If I get addicted, I’ll be malnourished in no time.” The Witch groans, slowly easing back into her apartment.

“Oh… that’s a shame. What type of foods did you eat as a kid? I loved to eat this dish called Estuary Surprise. It was this weird soup that has an assortment of different flavors and seasonings floating around in it with a bunch of different colors. Each stream of seasonings were like their own private rivers. I was eating three soups all at once!”

“I liked anything that was edible. Now I don’t mean to be rude but I have to get up early tomorrow, Reya. Thanks for delivering my package.”

“Oh… No problem.” Yet again, Poor Reya’s attempts at boding are crushed under the power of The Witch’s demanding work schedule. With her head held low, The Witch stubs Reya’s foot until it’s out of the doorway closes the door, the crack of the doors lock stabbing into Reya’s heart.

As much as it hurts to have good intentions feel so miniscule, the night is still young Reya. There’s much for you to go explore in Astoria, even while being unemployed.

As if she can feel a presence calling to her, Reya picks up her head and huffs out a sigh, releasing her negativity and begins to walk down the hall. Where could she be going? Who knows, but her sudden look of determination shows that it isn’t going to be back home any time soon.

Short Story

About the author

Alexander Richardson

I've been writing for over 5 years now and I'd love for the chance to share my work with others. I specialize with creative writing and short stories.

Feel free to message me on Instagram @alexander45678901

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