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Amazing god

by McCann, West 3 months ago in Short Story
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Bowers' wife died, and he lived with his son.

Bowers' wife died, and he and his son depended on each other. Unfortunately, his son became seriously ill and needed $2,000 for treatment. $2,000 is not much, but it is a huge sum of money for the impoverished Bowers. Bowers asked his neighbors and friends to borrow money, but no one would lend it to him because everyone was worried that he would not be able to pay it back. Bowers was cornered and anxious.

  Suddenly, Bowers thought of the rich John. John's villa is nearby, but he rarely lives here, and there is only one security guard Mark in the villa. Bowers thought that there must be a lot of valuable things in the villa, and just stealing any one of them could save his son's life. So he went outside the villa, and after some observation, he saw a hole in the south of the villa that he could get into.

  In the evening, Bowers came to the hole on the south side of the villa. He prayed to the sky and said, "God, please forgive me! I can't watch my son die, I need $2,000 to heal him. That's all I can do to save him." Then Bowers leaned down and got into the hole. Bowers, a small man, got in through the hole without much effort.

  Bowers walked into the hall lightly with a flashlight, and his eyes couldn't help but light up: there was a wad of money on the coffee table. Bowers hurried forward to grab the money, and counted it, no more, no less, exactly $2,000. Bowers was overjoyed: "My God! It's amazing, I need $2,000, you give me $2,000! I'll pay you back when I have the money!"

  The next day, Bowers took his son to the hospital. Because of that money, the son was saved.

  Soon, the daughter of Bowers' neighbor, Imi, also contracted his son's disease and needed $2,000 for treatment. But Imi's husband died very early, and she and her daughter have always depended on each other, and her family is as poor as the Bowers family. Imi, who has no money, goes out every day to borrow money from neighbors, relatives and friends, but every time he gets rejected. Bowers looked at Imi, who was in a hurry, and felt very uncomfortable. He decided to go to the villa again.

  That night, Bowers came to the south side of the villa and walked to the entrance of the cave. He said, "God, please forgive me again! Emie's daughter is sick and needs $2,000 for treatment, but her family is destitute. That's all I can do to save the child." Then Bowers leaned down and went through the hole again.

  Bowers walked into the hall lightly with a flashlight, only to see another wad of money on the coffee table. Bowers hurried forward to pick up the money, no more or no less, exactly $2,000. Bowers was overjoyed: "My God! It's amazing, I need $2,000 and you'll give me $2,000! I'll pay you back when I have the money!"

  The next day, Bowers handed the money to Imi and asked her to take her daughter to the hospital for treatment. Imi was very grateful, and took the money and took her daughter to the hospital.

  After Imi's daughter recovered, she came to Bowers. She said she didn't know how to thank him, saying that she would like to be his son's mother and help them do laundry and cook. Bowers also had the intention of becoming a family with Imi. Hearing Imi say this, he immediately agreed happily.

  After the two families became a family, Bowers thought that if he only did odd jobs, it would be difficult to maintain the family's expenses. After thinking about it, Bowers decided to open a store. But he calculated that it would cost at least $5,000. How to do? Bowers thought of the villa again.

  In the evening, Bowers came to the hole in the south wall of the villa again. He said, "God, please forgive me again! I need $5,000 to open a small shop for Emie and the two children to have a good life." Then Bowers got in through the hole again.

  Bowers walked into the hall with a flashlight. As on the previous two occasions, there was another wad of money on the coffee table, but it looked more than the last two times. Bowers picked up a number, no more, no less, exactly $5,000. Bowers was overjoyed: "My God! I thank you so much! When I have the money, I will definitely pay it back to you!"

  Bowers' small store opened. Because of his duty to be a man and operate with integrity, people in the neighborhood went to his small store to buy things. In just half a year, he made a lot of money.

  One night, Bowers entered the villa with $9,000. He put the money and a note on the coffee table in the hall, and quietly left. The note read: "Dear God, I borrowed money from you three times for a total of $9,000. Now I will return the money to you. Thank you so much for helping my family!"

The next morning, Bowers opened the door and saw an envelope on the ground. When he opened it, he saw that it was the $9,000 he paid back last night, and there was a note inside: "Mr. Bowers, I'm glad to see the money you paid back. You should keep this money and enrich the variety of goods. This will not only be convenient for everyone, but you can also earn more money and make a good life for your family!"

  At the beginning of the repayment, Bowers considered whether to suspend the repayment of the money and use it to enrich the variety of goods. But in the end he decided to pay back the money first, he couldn't break his trust, and he couldn't make a fortune with other people's money. Unexpectedly, God actually knew his situation and sent the money to him again. Bowers said with tears in his eyes, "My God, I thank you so much!"

Many years later, Bowers became a rich man. He owns a large supermarket and has many branches everywhere.

  One day, Bowers walked to John's villa. He took out a bunch of keys and opened the door of the villa. Mark, the security guard, was old at this time. He was surprised when he saw Bowers walk in: "Mr. Bowers, do you have the keys to the villa?" Bowers nodded with a smile. He told Mark that he asked John to buy the villa. Mark smiled: "Mr. Bowers, you will be the owner of this villa from now on, but are you willing to ask me to be the security guard?"

  "Mr. Mark, in the future, you will no longer be the security guard of this villa!" Bowers put the key of the villa into Mark's hand, "From now on, you are the owner of this villa!" "You gave the villa to me?" Mark looked puzzled, "Why did you give me the villa?" Bowers replied with a smile: "Because you once helped me, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be where I am today."

  It turned out that Bowers used to get money from the coffee table in the villa again and again, but Mark was the only one living in the villa, and then Bowers realized that Mark was helping him. Why is Mark so clear about his needs? It turned out that before he entered the villa for the first time, he went to observe around the villa in advance, and Mark suspected him of conspiracy. Sure enough, he came at night. Before each hole was drilled, Bowers said his needs, so Mark, who was hiding beside him, could hear it clearly. Mark couldn't bear to disappoint Bowers, so he helped him again and again. Mark often went to Bowers' store to buy things, and found that some things were not available in the store. Mark knew that it was because Bowers was short of money, so he quietly sent the $9,000 back.

  Mark finally said: "I have been working as a security guard here and have feelings for this villa. I once thought how happy I would be if my family lived here! I didn't expect you to actually give me the villa today! It's amazing, you are simply my god!"

  Bowers smiled and said, "I am not your God. If there is a God in the world, it is yourself. It is the love you have given that has given you what you deserve!"

Short Story

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