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The little animals often play football together.

By KianaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The little animals often play football together.

  Bear also likes to give football, but he runs very slowly and often fails to catch up with the ball. Sometimes the ball should be kicked in the goal, and he will give it out of bounds. Later, as soon as the ball reaches his feet, everyone shouts: "Stinky! Stinky!" But Bear is not angry, he just likes to play football. When others don't pass the ball to him, he runs around after others.

  A football team was established in the small animal village, and the bear also went to sign up.

  The red team picked 10 players, the blue team picked 10 players, and neither team picked the Cubs.

  "Which team am I a member of?" Little Bear asked anxiously.

  "You, be a backup! Hee hee!" said the little monkey.

  "Can I play football?" the bear asked.

  "Of course, no matter which team is missing, you can play!, the little monkey said.

  "Oh, great!" Little Bear was very happy.

  Training has begun.

  Everyone handed him a lot of clothes. Bear organized the clothes one by one and hugged them in his arms. When others were playing football, he shouted "come on" desperately, which was even harder than when he played football by himself:

  Sometimes the ball was kicked so far out of bounds that no one was happy to pick it up, so they shouted, "Little Bear, help pick it up 1" Little Bear immediately ran to pick it up. Run as fast as you can so that everyone can pick it up quickly. Every time everyone finished practicing the ball, Little Bear was also very tired.

  As the days passed, everyone's ball skills improved rapidly, and the bear's ability to pick up the ball improved a lot. If someone called: "Little Bear, help pick up the ball!" He would fly over, stop the ball with a "pop" kick, and then kick the ball into other people's arms, and the kick was absolutely accurate, and everyone praised him, "Well, your ability to pick up the ball is getting better and better. 1" The bear laughed naively when he heard it.

  The official game is going to be played today, and the bear came to the court early. He wants to practice his ability to pick up the ball again.

  He kicked the ball out of bounds first: "This is the ball kicked by the puppy:" - bang! "Then he caught up with the ball and said," The ball is back! "" - comment! "Another kick kicked the ball back to the court.

  "This is the ball kicked by the wild cat!" "- Bang!" "The ball is back!"

  Kick, kick, he forgot everything,

  The little animals also came. Wow, the bear's ability to pick up the ball turns out to be like this! Everyone was stunned.

  "Little Bear, can you kick the ball into the goal?" Little Monkey asked.

  "Let me try it." After the bear finished speaking, he fixed the ball under his feet with a "bang", and then kicked it into the goal with a "bang".

  "Ha, what a talented football player 1" everyone said.

  "Hey, come play on our team!"

  "It's better to come to our team!"

  The guys were talking.

  "Oh, I still have to pick up the ball!" said the bear with some embarrassment.

  Cough, you shouldn't look down on the bear! Thinking of always letting the bear run around to pick up the ball, everyone felt a little apologetic.

  "Hey, everyone just take turns picking up the ball!" said the little monkey.

  "Then, which team should I play for?" Little Bear asked.

  "Hee hee, easy to handle, easy to handle. You play the red team in the first half, and the blue team in the second half!" The little monkey thought of a good way.

  "Ha, so this is the alternate!" Little Bear said happily. Everyone laughed too.

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