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Accurate prophecy

by McCann, West 3 months ago in Short Story
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Billionaire Milton is an eccentric, stubborn old man who lives in a luxury villa outside New York.

Billionaire Milton is an eccentric, stubborn old man who lives in a luxury villa outside New York.

  One day, Milton caught a strong wild deer on the mountain. He was very happy and decided to invite a few good friends to dinner at his house. Milton handed the wild deer over to the chef and told him to cook it carefully. Then Milton opened his address book and prepared to call his friends to come to the banquet.

  Before dialing, the phone rang first. The call was from Milton's old friend Bob.

  "Old man, you want to treat me to delicious venison? That's great!" Bob on the other end of the phone was overjoyed.

  Milton was taken aback and asked in confusion, "I haven't notified you yet, how did you know?!"

  Bob smiled and said mysteriously, "Recently, my brain has developed a special ability to predict the future."

  Milton didn't believe it, believing that Bob was bragging. Bob, on the other hand, was serious, insisting that he had indeed become a prophet. Then he explained: Not long ago, he had a serious illness and had a high fever for several weeks. Bob's temperature finally dropped under the full treatment of the doctor, but after recovering from the illness, he found that he had a special ability to often predict the future accurately.

  Bob's story was almost a fantasy, and Milton scoffed. He shrugged and said with a little sarcasm: "Dear Bob, then you should buy Mark Six and be sure to make a windfall!" Bob sighed: "I can't guess the winning numbers of the lottery, but other predictions It's been tried and tested." Milton whistled and laughed: "That's a pity!" Hearing his old friend's sarcasm, Bob said angrily: "If you don't believe it, then I'll prove it to you!"

  In the evening, Milton's restaurant is brightly lit, and the aroma of roasted venison is mouth-watering. Milton and the guests sat around the table, and everyone feasted on it.

  During the banquet, Milton turned his head to Bob and asked with a smile, "Mr. Bob, can you show us your special abilities?" Bob put down his wine glass and thought for a while, and said to a servant behind him, "Go and get the candlestick. The power will be out in a while." Milton thought Bob was joking, because there had been no power outages in this area for many years, and other guests felt that Bob's predictions were not credible, while Bob was serious and must The servant brought the candlestick.

  After about half an hour, the restaurant was still brightly lit. Milton looked at the candlestick in the corner and kept winking at Bob. Bob looked calm and looked like he was sure to win.

  After another ten minutes, suddenly, the lights of the villa went out all at once! Just as everyone panicked, the servants quickly lit the candles, and the dining room returned to light.

  The dinner party continued amid the exclamations of the crowd. While eating, Bob suddenly stood up and walked to the candlestick, blowing out all the candles in one breath. The dining room fell back into darkness, and before people could scream, all the lights in the villa turned on again in an instant.

  Bob turned around and said to everyone, "Just now, the power system in this area failed, and now it is back to normal." After the above scene, everyone began to admire Bob's special abilities, and Milton no longer regarded Bob's prophecy as a fantasy.

  A few days later, Milton invited Bob to go hunting in the mountains. When Bob showed up with his puppy, Milton laughed back and forth.

  "This little guy is only a gatekeeper, you can't take him hunting!" Milton pointed at Bob's dog and said with a smile.

  Immediately, Milton ordered the servants to bring his dog Harry.

  Bob pouted and said to Milton, "At this moment, Harry doesn't even have the strength to walk, and he can't get to the hunting ground at all." Milton thought Bob was angry and didn't take his words to heart.

  After a while, the servant hurried to report: "Harry is having diarrhea, and now he is weak and unable to act as a hound." Milton was taken aback and couldn't believe his ears.

  Bob patted Milton on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Don't look down on my watchdog, he will bring us good luck today." Bob and Milton came to the mountain, and the two hit a lot of hares. On the way down the mountain, Bob's puppy found a wallet in the grass containing cash and credit cards. According to the account information on the credit card, Milton and Bob quickly found the owner of the wallet, a famous performer. To express their gratitude, the performer invited Milton and Bob to attend his special concert that night. The concert was wonderful, and Milton listened with relish.

  A few days later, Bob went to Milton's house again. The two were chatting in the study when Jack, Milton's secretary, came in to deliver the documents. When Jack was about to turn away, Bob stopped him.

  "Boy, don't drive for the last few days!" Bob warned Jack earnestly.

  Jack asked in confusion, "Why?"

  Bob stated his prediction: if Jack continued to drive in the next month, there would be a tragic car accident. Jack disagreed after hearing this, saying that he was an atheist and not interested in reading fortunetelling. Milton persuaded Jack to believe Bob's advice because his predictions were very accurate. Jack turned a deaf ear, believing that Bob was playing tricks.

  Looking at Jack's distant back, Bob sighed: "Poor child, may God save him!"

  Milton was frightened by Jack's stubbornness, and secretly squeezed a cold sweat for him.

  One afternoon half a month later, Jack was driving to a football game. His car collided with a cargo truck halfway through. Jack was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, Jack survived and finally saved his life.

  After the accident, Milton admired Bob and believed in his prophecy.

One day Bob and Milton were chatting about Fillot, which Milton controlled. Bob said that Fillot would soon go bankrupt, and persuaded Milton to dump his stock as soon as possible. Milton is the second largest shareholder in Fillot, with shares worth tens of millions of dollars. There have been some problems with Fillot's operations recently, and its stock price is falling all the way. Milton believes that the difficulties encountered by Fillot are temporary and will soon come out of the trough. But after listening to Bob's words, Milton wavered in his judgment.

  Milton frowned and said to himself: "The stock price of Philot has hit a record low. I will lose too much by selling the stock at this time..."

  Bob reminded Milton from the side: "The stock price of Philot will fall further, and when it goes bankrupt, your losses will be even worse!" Milton was shocked and asked in horror: "Is it really going to be this bad?" Bob nodded and answered firmly: "The bankruptcy of Philot is inevitable and imminent!" Bob's prediction was 100% successful, making people have to believe it. Milton decided to start tomorrow and dump all Philot's stock.

  In the blink of an eye, it was Christmas, and Milton knocked on Bob's door early in the morning.

  As soon as they met, Milton asked: "Dear Bob, did you foresee me coming to visit?" Bob said cheerfully: "Yes, I have made coffee for you and put it on the coffee table." Then, the two old friends chatted and laughed, and walked into the living room arm in arm.

  Just as he was about to take his seat, Milton asked again, "Bob, can you predict what will happen next?"

  Bob smiled and said, "We'll have coffee together next." Milton shook his head: "Unfortunately, your prediction was inaccurate this time." Bob was about to speak when he received a heavy punch on the chin and fell on his back.

  Milton shook his fist, gritted his teeth at Bob and said, "I'm going to beat you next, beat you hard!" It took Bob a long time to wake up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stammered: "Mi, Milton, you, why did you hit me?" "Because you set a trap to deceive me and cost me a lot!" Milton said word by word.

  Bob widened his eyes and asked in a trembling voice, "Where did this, where did this come from?!"

  Milton spat at Bob: "Dog thing, I still want to pretend to be garlic, listen to me expose your ghost tricks one by one..." Then, Milton revealed the whole story: Jack is dating Milton's niece, and the young couple had dinner together last night. Jack was so drunk that he inadvertently revealed a conspiracy he was involved in. He told his girlfriend that the largest shareholder of Fillot bought Bob and set a trap to deceive Milton. The largest shareholder of Fillot wanted to restructure the company, and to this end, he had to learn all about the acquisition of Milton's equity, but Milton never agreed. In desperation, the largest shareholder came up with a strange trick. They paid Bob a lot of money to play the role of a prophet. Bob paid Jack to be an insider and mastered Milton's every move.

  Milton hits the wild deer to treat, and Jack informs Bob in advance. Bob's cousin works in the power department, and the power outage that night was man-made by others. The reason why Milton's dog has diarrhea is that Jack is playing tricks. Bob dropped his wallet in the grass beforehand, and the wallet had the smell that puppies love. Of course, the performers are also Bob's gang. In the end, Bob and Jack co-directed a tragic car accident... When Milton believed in Bob's prediction, Fillot's largest shareholder began to continuously suppress Fillot's stock price...

  Milton's niece was distressed by her boyfriend's behavior and quietly told her uncle what she had heard...

  Speaking of which, Milton was furious again, grabbed Bob on the ground, and asked angrily, "You guy with a human face and a beast heart, predict what will happen next?!" Bob was terrified and trembled. Said: "Pick, then, you, you will beat me..."

  Milton shook his head and scolded: "Big liar, you guessed wrong again, and then you will go to court and go to jail!" As soon as the voice fell, a harsh siren came from outside the house...

Short Story

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McCann, West

Love life, love writing.

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