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About the heart

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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There are more or less many matters of the heart in a person's life, some beautiful,

About the heart
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About the heart

 There are more or less many matters of the heart in a person's life, some beautiful, some sad and upset ...... but in my heart, there have always been matters of the heart that have been waiting for a long time.

  The English teacher in our class is young and energetic. Every week we organize an English sitcom. Next Monday our group is going to screen the Cinderella sitcom directed by me, and I am very well prepared for it. I made a PPT lesson, for which I went home every day thinking of what to add to make it perfect, searching the Internet and looking for pictures. Finally, I prepared a PowerPoint lesson. And the script, this is a hard job. I typed it every day and had to translate it into English, which was super troublesome. I did it almost every day at 10 o'clock. There is also the actor search, which is much easier than the above. In front of the blackboard on a job ad. 5 minutes, all together, even props are brought, pure one-stop service.

  Now everything is ready." Everything is ready, just need the east wind". It's hard to wait these days. I've been waiting for a few days to improve the PPT, fill in the background music on there, and improve some of the deficiencies. The group rehearsed together at the end of the class, and the rehearsal was completed.

  I was very busy these days. There was almost no time to spare, and I prepared the drama at night after doing my homework, forgetting to eat and sleep. Suddenly I felt that time flew like an arrow and the days and months go by. It was like twenty years were like a day.

  By having this on my mind, I was able to look forward to life. I look forward to a better tomorrow. A beautiful heartfelt event has made me a new perspective on life. Life is good for us, and a good heart is our hope. Only if you have something in your heart, does it proves that you are attentive and serious. If your heart is empty and your ears are not watching the world, you can assume that you do everything with a big grin.

  A good heart is so important to me, I think I am a heart maniac. This is probably the best place to spend our time.

  The second part of the narrative essay on matters of the heart

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. We wandered in the confusion of the taste of youth, watching the days pass us by as always.

  Mom and dad's nagging is ringing in our ears again.

  When I went to high school, they suddenly seemed to have an endless supply of advice, especially my mother, who took care of me a hundred times, but even more so with the same old instructions three times each morning, noon, and night. Mom, I've grown up!

  She is still not sure about my growth.

  In the world of youth, we suddenly opened our shy eyes and looked at the wonderful world with surprise. But the worrying mother was always afraid that I would go to the wrong grid and insult the hell out of my feelings, nagging me every day with a thousand words of advice, making me annoyed, and sometimes gambling and arguing with her. But this has increased mom's suspicion. I was close to a breakdown.

  Dad always reminded me calmly.

  Whenever I was not doing well, I always told Dad first, because he would think calmly and then give me the wisest way. But sometimes I encounter a difficult problem, however I ask my dad for advice, as long as I have a simple thought going wrong, he will be very angry and scold me. Dad, I know you want your daughter to become a phoenix, but I really ask you for help with an open heart! The pressure of studying makes me feel helpless. I have some bitterness and regret.

  Dear mom and dad, I am no longer the little girl with a childish face. The youth of Dossier is beckoning to us - laughing, quietly hidden. Sadness, creeping up on the face. When will the storm end? Youth is a book that is too rushed. But if we can finish it together, then youth will bring us a vision of jumping, and take away the flowers of hanging tears. I yearned for it and felt it.

  When the mist clears, a red sun will rise in the sky. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  This is the first time I've ever seen an article about the heart.

  The night is late. The moonlight that is like water through the glass, quietly sprinkled in every corner of the dormitory, sprinkled on every quiet face, even breathing, light snoring, and the occasional turn of the rattle, embellished the quietness of the night.

  I sat on the bed with my arms around me, looking at the bright full moon in the sky, unable to sleep for a long time. The moonlight unknowingly stirred up my mind.

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