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A Walk Down Abbey Lane ch1

by Rambler's Society 6 months ago in Short Story
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A short story chapter 1

A Walk Down Abbey Lane ch1
Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

Here we go again. Round n round. The swirling pinks, purples, and pale blotches blended into a perfect mauve. A sigh. Then a click. Juniper unlocked her smoothie out of its holster. Tapping its beautiful contents out into her bright insulated cup. She brushed her hair out of her face and sniffled out the seasonal allergies from her sinus'. Juniper relaxed herself, took a sip from the straw in her smoothie, and wondered how she was going to fix the ever-increasing black hole in her living room.


"So how did this happen again Juney?" Juniper rolled her eyes and tried to seem as nonchalant as possible. She tried to avoid all eye contact with her begrudging friend. "Juney, I hope you know how serious this could be if we don't fix this soon. Any info would be nice." A tall slender woman with above average flawless skin, hair and nails crouched down next to the black hole.

"I honestly don't know. It was just there when I looked up from the fridge." It's definitely bigger than when I first saw it." Juniper fastened herself on top one of the nearby bar stools. "What do we have to do to fix it, Alice?" Juniper fidgeted through her words, thankfully her good naturedness overpowers her embarrassment. Alice stood up before planting her hands on her hips.

"This is so strange. They don't tend to appear out of nowhere, and especially if you're cleansing your parameter like you were trained to..."Alice waited for a response. Juniper pursed her lips knowing full good and well that she hasn't been keeping up with her rituals. She quickly came up with a good enough response.

"I've been slacking, but I haven't left the house that often in the past few weeks. Honestly, I didn't think it was going to be a problem. I mean here we are of course." Juniper relaxed her nerves as she felt she had met Alice's satisfaction. "So, what's the conclusion, Ali?"

"Well, we need to stop it before we go out to get what we need to close it. Can you help me out?" Alice stood in formation ready to cast a series of small spells that together would essentially tie down the black hole and keep it from swallowing more of Juniper's apartment.

Juniper hopped off of her bar stool and made her way over to Alice. The two stood next to each other with their feet firmly planted into the ground. Their hands out in front of them, at waist level, in a circular position using both hands.

Each girl used different hand positions, each one strangely representative of the girl who was focused in the position. Alice stood with both hands calmly and almost perfectly in a circle using each hand as a half of the circle. Juniper interlocked her middle, ring, and pinky fingers, while forming a circle with her pointer fingers and her thumb that overlapped each other.

Silently ringing throughout the air, a fuzzy electric buzz pushed and pulled the air causing a small gust in the young woman's apartment. The two girls found a magical synchronisation in their breaths. The inhale and exhale of a charming chant between the two of them. The power that swam freely away from everyones view started to dance. It started to pick up speed and find the harmony of the hormonic humming chant between the girls.

The papers that sat on the counter, pens and posters found around the space wiggled and wobbled. A small dog scurried with its head down past the girls and into the next room. Theres a noticeable change in temperature as the small winds brush past the objects in the room. The girls let out an exhale, simultaneously pushing every speck of magical essence out of the general nearby area.

The two of them high-fived before grabbing their things and heading out to finish the job.

Short Story

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Rambler's Society

Hello everyone! I write fictional surreal stories and poems. I love writing and I hope that you enjoy reading what I've to offer. I have plenty more written down on my website so I'd love it if you'd go check it out!

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