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A Slice of True Love

by Avril Doucette 10 months ago in Short Story
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By: Avril Doucette

A Slice of True Love
Photo by Will Echols on Unsplash

As she sat in the dark light parlour at the restaurant she began to get nervous. She always got nervous on dates, this one sat different though. She had felt the butterflies creep up into her stomach, her palms got nervous and she felt anxiety kicking in. She had usually been calm and cool on dates but this one felt different for some unknown reason to her. She reached down to adjust her dress slip for the thousandth time, the black satin dress slip and black satin pumps matched each other perfectly. She paired pearl earrings and a matching necklace for the evening. A classic look to enjoy with the gentleman she was spending tonight’s dinner with.

They had met online of course, the two had an instant fiery connection that shot flames through her soul. She felt a spark light up inside of her that she had never felt before. Possibly the reason for her current nerves and anxiety. He was also a very handsome and accomplished man both kind, and caring. You didn’t find any of them around anymore, they weren’t built like these types. She nervously adjusted the slip again, while she waited patiently in the parlor for him.

She had seen him enter the door to the parlor out of the corner of her eye. She glanced at him and smiled a great huge smile that she could feel within her soul. Her eyes sparkled, as she looked at him he was smiling back at her with that amazing smile also, small dimples appearing and eyes tickling. The way he looked at her made her stomach dance with butterflies and happiness to fill her chest. She grabbed the arm he held out for her, and they walked together into the dining room behind the waiter towards their table, the candles were dimly lit in the room and light violins played to create an atmosphere.

As she walked up to the table he was a perfect gentleman, he pulled out her chair and as she sat down he glided her close to the table as she felt his back as he slowly let his breath out against her neck. He always gave her the best sensations that would leave her body in complete bliss wanting more. As he sat down across from her smiling, knowing the effect she just had on her he smiled and kissed her hand. As he reached down for the wine to pour into their two wine glasses sitting on the table. He lifted both glasses as she had reached towards him too. He lifted the glass smiling to toast the two of them, she lifted her glass also to toast and sipped the delicious wine. He had always ordered the best tasting wines, his taste was always the best.

He slid his hand back across the table to sit on top of hers as they glanced through their menus looking at something to eat. He looked up steadily at her from the menu smiling at her, he always knew how to make her smile and happy. He made her feel those butterflies in her stomach. The waiter came by the table and took their order as always he ordered the best steak, she always chose the salad and soup special. The waiter left to take their order to the kitchen. They sat in the ambience of the music, candles, wine and deep conversation while staring into each other’s eyes. Feeling the deep love for each other pouring back and forth, his gaze made her always feel like she was the only person in the world.

They laughed, smiled, teased and flirted as they sipped their wine and patiently waited for their food. He always lightened the mood with his humor, he knew what to say to make her seriousness go away. He always knew what to say to make her happy and to always smile. The food came what seemed quickly, time always flew by when she had spent time with him. Both of their meals looked delicious, he always picked the most amazing places to eat at. She loved her delicious soup and healthy salad. While he thoroughly enjoyed his steak, they poured again another glass of wine and continued the night. The waiter came up to grab the dishes and he insisted that they share a piece of the delicious chocolate cake. He knew how much she loved and appreciated chocolate cake.

She smiled at him, half tipsy and in love with just how thoughtful he was of her all of the time. The chocolate cake arrived and she went to use the fork for her first bite, but he insisted that he use the fork and feed her. He loved watching her lips as she chewed the chocolate cake. He told her all the time. The bite of chocolate cake passed her lips and felt like creamy chocolate heaven, that exploded onto her taste buds. He continued to feed her the cake, occasionally taking a bite but he mainly bought the chocolate cake for her. He enjoyed making her happy with her favorite dessert. As the last bite passed her lips and she savored it and then sipped her wine, she realized the feeling was love and not the chocolate cake. The chocolate cake just made the feeling of love better when it was with him.

Short Story

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Avril Doucette

Model, Actress and Athlete

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