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A person I can never forget

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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As we grow up, there are always people we will never forget. They may bring us the warmth of heart,

A person I can never forget
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As we grow up, there are always people we will never forget. They may bring us the warmth of heart, profound teachings, or hope for recovery, and this person I met in my life changed everything for me completely.

It was a long time ago that I was transferred from an ordinary elementary school to a major city school, and my previous sense of superiority immediately went up in smoke - yes, I couldn't even keep up with the class. Despair was like a hard blade, cutting my self-confidence into a thousand pieces, and I gradually stopped believing in myself, I was completely submerged in a sea of failure and despair. I started not doing my homework, sleeping in class every day, skipping school to go fishing at the lake, and becoming more and more inconsolable.

This behavior undoubtedly made me even more decadent, and I was immediately in trouble - inevitably failing my exams. I felt a deep fear - my father's bamboo whip seemed to be swinging at my head, yes, I had to pass, but for me, my ability is simply impossible, so I began to copy frantically, I put tutorials under my clothes and sneak to read, so I so muddled through for a while, study committee The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. My dislike for her began with her unbearable self-introduction, and yes, I didn't like her. Nonetheless, nothing much crossed our paths - until that day.

That day was a math test, and I was still sweating like I always do after copying my tutorials and stretching out in my chair to rest with my eyes closed until I was broken by a rude hello. I opened my eyes, my heart did wonder a little, how could it be her? This curiosity quickly turned to fury as her lips opened and closed. Yes, I will never forget - she looked contemptuously at my bewildered face and made a gloomy remark: such an easy exam, even the imbeciles don't need to copy the answers to pass it. The good students heard her shouting and immediately gathered around to see my joke, my first feeling was to immediately raise my hand to use my milk strength to slap her hard. But I held back, I lay motionless on the lineup and let the anger flood through my heart like a flood. After a while, they left and I got up and went to the water room, venting my anger with both fists until I fell to the floor in exhaustion.

I walked back to the classroom, the path from the water room to the classroom is not long, but I walked for a long time, the impulsive anger gradually receded, I thought a lot, about why I was taunted by others, why I always just angry but do not want to solve the solution 。。。。。 In the dim light, I understood a truth - if only emotional impulse after being hit, is never able to change their miserable fate of being oppressed, this way of dealing with, only when a lifetime "imbecile", so I decided to take action. I started to make up for what I had done little by little, I tried to take notes, I tried to write assignments, and I became a regular visitor to the teacher's office, at first it was very difficult, even the teachers did not believe that I could study, but after a few persistent efforts, they all saw my determination. My grades started to change, I found that studying wasn't that hard, and I had that confident feeling of being at the top of my regular school again. Finally, I got the 4th best grade in my class on the opening exam of the second semester.

Looking back now, the reason why I achieved such a result is inseparable from the profound lesson she taught me. I have so many people to thank in my life, yet she is particularly remembered, without her, I would not have everything I have now, and it is because of her insult that inspired my fighting spirit and made me an indestructible person.

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