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A painting that kills people

A painting that kills people

By Na DunshiePublished about a year ago 11 min read

There are many people in the world who are fond of antiques and like to collect them and put them in their homes for decoration or research. So, do you have a hobby?

Jack lives alone in this prosperous metropolis and is a doctor in a very large hospital. He was rather reserved and didn't have many friends except John, his college classmate, who worked as a doctor in another hospital in the city. Tall Jack's personal condition is very good, and has a big room of three rooms and two living rooms, but nearly 30 years old Jack has no girlfriend alone. There were a lot of girls at the hospital who liked him, too, but for some reason Jack didn't seem to connect with them.

Jack doesn't have any bad hobbies either, but I heard that he does have a special hobby, which is collecting antiques. There is an old street in the old part of the city, which is dedicated to selling antiques. There are large antique shops on the old street, as well as small street stalls, there are real antiques and many fake ones. As for buying the real ones, it all depends on personal vision and luck. Jack frequented this street, buying antiques that he thought were valuable and within his means.

This Sunday afternoon, Jack went to antique Street as usual to wander around for a long time, did not see anything. I strolled into an antique shop down the street, thinking I'd go home if there was nothing to look for.

Antique shops are dark, which is also the characteristic of all antique shops. On the one hand, it creates atmosphere, and on the other hand, it is easy to sell fake goods.

Jack was looking at it dully, but he seemed to feel a gaze behind him. When he turned around, there was no one behind him. Just then Jack found the old picture hanging in the corner.

It was a girl with long hair down her shoulders, and when Jack looked at her, it was as if there was light in her eyes, as if she was looking at you, and looking into your heart. Jack fell in love with the painting at once. Wasn't he just missing such an old painting in his bedroom? Jack approached the painting and studied it in the dim light. The girl could not tell what age she was, but she was dressed in a long pink dress, her long hair flowing down as if she had just come out of a bath, and there was no background behind her. The canvas was made of silk. Jack looked at it carefully. It looked very old, but he could not tell what dynasty it was made of. But Jack was sure it was real and valuable.

After asking the price, Jack bought it without thinking, without even studying it. He paid for it, took the painting, and walked quickly out to his home in a taxi. As if he were afraid the owner of the antique shop would change his mind.

Actually, Jack was afraid that the owner of the antique shop would change his mind. Because the price of that painting is so cheap, cheap like the street sale of a poorly printed star painting, even if the painting is fake, it is far more than that price, and the quality of the painting and the artist's technique, even if it is a fake, is a first-class fake. Jack thought the boss must have quoted the wrong price.

When he got home, Jack immediately hung the picture on the wall opposite his bed in his bedroom, where jack had always wanted to hang such a picture.

In the bright light of the bedroom, Jack looked at the picture again.

The white silk canvas had yellowed a little, but it was a very light yellow and did not affect the overall effect of the painting. The fabric was still invisible, and it was outside the scope of Jack's antique research.

The girl's face was so real that no matter where Jack was standing, it seemed as if she were staring back at him, with a look of extreme tenderness and seduction, like a lover's looking at you. The girl in the painting is also extremely beautiful, with a shallow smile, as if she is not a human woman. In fact, Jack has always been a little indifferent to girls, but under the gaze of the girl's eyes in the painting, Jack has a strange feeling in his heart, if the girl in the painting is real... Jack felt a passion he had never felt before.

Jack put away his wandering mind and studied the old painting again. Suddenly Jack has a new discovery, it turns out that this painting is not without a background, but the background is very light, it is painted with a slightly darker paint than the canvas, and the canvas has become light yellow because of the time, so the background is even more difficult to see. Jack went closer to take a closer look at the background, but froze.

The background of the painting is a group of people! And a group of men, a group of men from a different era! In fact, at a glance, we should know that this person should be in the 1960s and 1970s! So the painting was painted after this time?

Jack was not disappointed, but he was wondering which artist had such a wonderful brush and why he painted such a strange picture. How is a canvas made? You can't see the weave, but you can make something that's only a few decades old look like something that's thousands of years old? This person must be the best in counterfeiting, but why is the price so cheap? Jack thought as he counted the men. Twenty-one in all.

Jack looked at the painting carefully with doubt, but suddenly froze, the girl in the painting that originally shallow smile, this time became strange and mysterious, as if through jack's mind. Jack did not know for a long time, came to his senses, and looked at the girl again, the same faint smile.

When Jack woke up the next morning, he looked over at the girl. She was still smiling and her eyes were seductive and tender. Jack patted his head. Last night's dream was ridiculous. He must have thought too much about it when he looked at the painting.

What crazy dream did Jack have?

Jack dreamed of the girl in the painting last night, and the girl in his dream, is so gentle, full of endless temptation to men. So Jack could not resist the temptation of the girl in his dream and could not resist prostration under the girl's pink dress. Even when Jack woke up in the morning, he could still think of the girl's beautiful figure and the pleasure it brought, the greasy feeling of her skin under his hands, as if the scent of her body were still in the air...

For many days after this, Jack dreamed of the infinite tenderness with the girl.

Jack had gone from initial confusion to ecstasy. He had also called his best friend John to inquire, but the words were on the tip of his tongue. But the strange dream had no effect on his health, except that he was always thinking about the girl in his dream, and sometimes when he was at work he remembered the beautiful scenes and wanted to go home quickly so that he could lie in bed and dream the beautiful dream. Soon Jack became a little TIRED of GOING to WORK, EVEN TO his usual night shift, ALWAYS thinking that he could find some EXCUSE to skip the night SHIFT SO that he COULD STAY at home and dream sweet dreams.

"If only you were real, I could be with you forever. It would be worth dying to be with such a beauty as you forever!" Jack mumbled to the girl in the picture. At that moment, he seemed to see the girl's strange and mysterious smile, but he was no longer aware of it.

That night, when Jack saw her again in his dream, she did not do as usual. She was just waving her hand to Jack behind a door that glowed softly golden. The door appeared on the opposite wall where the paintings had been.

Jack walks to the girl inside the door...

"Bang!" A loud noise, jack woke up from the dream, the golden door disappeared, surrounded by darkness, and Jack still lying on the bed, in the dark, as if still see the painting of the girl smiling. Jack listened. It was the same couple fighting upstairs again. Jack secretly scolded the couple upstairs, just at this time to disturb his dream, or, and the girl into the door, perhaps there is a more beautiful scenery, more attractive passion!

Jack turned over and covered his ears. "Go to sleep, go to sleep," he said, wishing it would happen again. It worked, and Jack soon fell back into his dreamland.

Jack had not come to work at the hospital for three days. Hospital officials had called him several times. His cell phone was turned off, and no one answered his home phone. He sent people to his house, shouted, no one came out, maybe he is not at home.

In desperation, the hospital called the police and alerted Jack's parents.

The police to open the door of the bedroom, jack found the door is locked on the inside, and jack's wallet, his house, and the key to the office, his cell phone, etc., all on the desk of the bedroom, the bed quilt not fold, a see will know that it has been in bed, just don't know when the man got up, carelessly thrown aside will quilt, seems to never move again after, The doors, Windows and balconies had good security nets, and there were no signs of theft or scuffling.

In that case, Jack disappeared "from home"!

The hospital staff and next-door neighbors offered no clues, except for John, jack's friend, who said jack had called a few days before he disappeared and seemed to want to ask questions, but ended up hesitatingly, ha-ha-ha-ha, and nothing. John was not particularly surprised. Jack was always that way. Jack's parents, who had hurried here from out of town, had no idea what was going on.

Other people noticed Jack's antiques collection, but nothing. The old painting still hangs on the wall, and the young girl in it smiles faintly and looks at everyone with the utmost tenderness and seduction.

Jack's disappearance became a cold case.

The police had nothing to say. Jack's parents, in their grief, decided to return to the city where they lived, so they gave John the key to Jack's room and asked him to take care of it in case Jack ever came back.

So John often went to see Jack's room, although it was far from where he lived, but it was also duty-bound.

Back and forth, half a year passed, Jack did not come back, the police have no further information and progress.

One night John and his friends came out of a bar a little drunk. It was too late to sleep when John got back to his place of residence. Fortunately, it was very close to Jack's house, and John was going to sleep there for the night, so that he could get up in the morning and help Jack clean his room.

After his bath, John lay down on Jack's bed and looked up just in time to see the old painting of a smiling young girl with a look of extreme tenderness and seduction.

"What a sweet maiden, if I could have such a woman, ah..." John thought inelegantly as he turned off the bedside lamp and fell asleep, drunk.

In the morning John woke up thinking about the most obscene dream in which he had done such a thing with the girl in the picture.

John jumped out of bed and opened the curtains so that he could examine the alluring picture in the sunlight.

In the bright light, John saw the strange background of the painting, the strange men! How out of place the background is with the young girl in the picture. With interest he counted the men in the picture. There were twenty-two of them. Looking more closely, he noticed that the clothes on the men's bodies were from different times.

"People who draw, although good at painting, but the idea is nonsense!" John said to himself, looking at the man in the picture.

John's hair stood on end, and a chill ran down his back. He tried to move, but found that he seemed stiff and could not move. He tried to shout, but could not. It was like living in a dream.

The girl's faint smile in the painting has now changed into a mysterious and sinister smile.

But John could no longer see it. His eyes were fixed on one spot, a man in the background behind the girl, one of the men! A face he knew so well!

That's the face of Jack who mysteriously disappeared six months ago!


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