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A Morning to Remember

by Julianne Algueseva 4 months ago in Fantasy
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Chapter Four of The Magic of the Dragon Princess

“What time is it?” The dragon girl said. With a big yawn and her eyes still closed, she got up to look at the position of the sun. Walking over to where her hole in her tower usually is, but it wasn't there. Rubbing her eyes and then opening them, “What is this? A window with different colors of glass?” The girl had never seen such a beautiful window in her life.

She turned around to see the rest of the room. Right in front of her there was a beautiful golden luxury bed, and a huge bedroom and furniture to match. The girl had read about it in books at the eerie bookstore but never thought she would see one. She thought, “This has to be a dream.” So, the dragon girl closed her eyes and pinched herself but she was still in the gorgeous room. Suddenly, she heard a weird whispering sound coming from the round bedside table.

She turned her head to see a card that wasn't there before, it said Happy Birthday on the front. The girl went to grab it and look at what kind of greetings it had inside. She picked up the card and opened it but there was no message. Even though the girl had never received a card in her life, that was okay, it's the thought that counts. She looked inside the card again, but this time some writing appeared like magic, it was gold and sparkly. It wrote on its own saying, “Dear little one, if you walk towards the closet with the diamond doorknob you will find a bathroom.” The girl thought, “a card is telling me what to do, okay?”

She walked to the door with the diamond handle, but instead of finding a bathroom she found a huge closet full of sapphires, rubies, and diamond encrusted jewelry and accessories made of precious metals. But what was weird, there were no clothes, she thought to herself, “Wow, there sure is a lot of room in this closet, I wonder what other surprises there are for me?” She looked back at the card, it said, “Sorry, wrong room. If you look towards your right, on the wall you'll see a golden hanger that looks like a winged lady, take your claws and pull it down.” So, she did, suddenly the wall opened, she peeked her head through the door and she saw the bathroom. The girl stepped inside. The floor was white marble with streaks of what looked like a shiny opalescent stone. The tub was huge with solid gold bath knobs, and it smelt very flowery.

She looked at the card and it said, “I don't know how long since you've taken a bath, so take your time, have some fun, and get clean. There's another surprise in your bedroom after you're done.” The dragon girl removed her raggedy patchwork clothes and got in the tub. She had a tough time trying to hold the soap, but everything worked out just fine. The fog of the hot bath filled the room, and the girl said, “man, that felt so good! I've never taken a shower like this ever!” The fog soon cleared up, she noticed that her clothes were gone, but something was left in their place. It was a beautiful violet silk robe with the letter J.

“Hmm, that's weird I don't know anybody with that initial.” She put on the robe and saw another door appear out of nowhere, so she opened it and there was the bedroom. “I could have sworn there was no second door,” the girl walked backwards from the bathroom, it shut itself and disappeared. Taking a few steps back, she bumped into what seemed like a tall woman. She turned around and shouted, “What the heck are you?” What the girl saw was hard to believe. Seeing a beautiful half-dressed Asian woman with an upper body of a human, but the lower half of her body was like a spider.

The girl didn't know what to do, all she could think was, “She's going to eat me!” The spider lady said, “If you're thinking I'm going to eat you, think again. I only eat males. Well, royal spider men of course.” “So, you're not going to eat me?” Replied the young dragon. “Heavens no, princess!”Princess?”

Shouted the girl. "Oh no, I probably said too much,” the spider woman said while shaking her head. “Everything will be explained later today, I promise. Now, let me get your measurements.” "So, you are going to eat me,” questioned the girl. “No sweetie, I'm a seamstress queen. Quite literally I am royalty. My name is Queen Fanga of the fourth kingdom. Empress of Songspun Castle.”

As the spider queen was taking the girl's measurements, she said, “My, you're quite the skinny one, aren't you? Those royal humans really must have almost starved you to death. I bet you're hungry, I myself am parched.” Yes, the girl was hungry, and she wondered what she was going to eat that day. She also thought, “why is this happening? This is all too weird.” “Okay, we're all finished up here,” said Queen Fanga.

“I'm just going to go downstairs and start designing your clothes, see you later.” The dragon girl started to sputter, “But, but...” “Don't say another word. I'm doing this out of the kindness of my hearts, and this is my birthday present to you. Oops, I said too much again. Very sorry.” The queen then disappeared into a cobalt-blue smoke. Before the girl knew it, there was a knock outside her door.

“Who, who is it,” she stuttered. “It's breakfast time Princess Jennibelle,” said the lady behind the door. “Come downstairs and your father and mother have a big surprise for you." Looking in the mirror she said to herself, “This has to be a dream, this can't be real! Could I have died and this is heaven?” The girl pinched herself repeatedly to the point her scaly arms were hurting. “This is no dream. This is really happening.”

Her belly started to rumble very loudly. The young dragon went outside her bedroom and saw the white marble stairs. Gazing upon all the lush green growing vines. They almost looked like Winter roses but those flowers didn't have a luminescent glow to them. As she rushed further down the stairway, she saw a long hallway and in through it was a huge extended beautiful hard redwood table with lots of chairs and candelabras of gold. The table cloth was cream colored white made from what looked like lush silk with a beautifully Celtic-knot embroidered table runner on top. “Where do I sit?” The girl said under her breath. “I guess I will sit right here?”

Suddenly, before she could take her seat she heard the weird whispering again. She looked up and there were cards with golden arrows pointing to the right. The girl got up and thought, “maybe this is not where I sit?” She followed the arrows which led her to the end of the table which had one large chair from a man and another for a woman. There were also three identical medium chairs by the largest and a smaller one meant for a girl her age by the other.

It said, 'Happy Birthday.' The girl guessed, “maybe this is my chair?” She sat down and read the card. In gold letters it replied, “Look up!” The dragon girl looked up and out came a crowd of people from two double doors that magically appeared out from a wall. All of them looked like her, not a lot, but very similar, “Oh my goodness, who are all these people?” Out of nowhere a voice rang out, “they are your loyal subjects, and I'm your older brother Aiden.”

Another voice appeared and said, “not by a long shot. I'm the oldest. Hi, my name is Bryce.” “No way. I'm the oldest. Nice to meet you again, sis. I don't know if you remember me, but my name is Cullen." “You're the oldest? Yeah, by nine seconds,”.” said Aiden. “Where are you?” The girl shouted in confusion. The three dragons replied at the same time, “invisibility amulet.”

They argued and argued, with the girl just sitting there, listening and looking every which way to find these so-called invisible brothers of hers. It was weird how these creatures fought, it was also kind of humorous. Suddenly a strict and soothing voice shouted out from the hallway. “Enough bickering, and take off those amulets. You know how your father dislikes magical items that turn you invisible.” The girl turned around promptly, and there stood at the end of the hall by the staircase was a beautiful garnet-red haired dragon woman. Her eyes were like greenish-blue crystal gems, and a smile that was calming and yet comforting. She was wearing a crown with gorgeous stones that looked like the moon.

Her dress appeared to be made out of light green velvet and a corset that had the same stones as her crown. The dragon girl stood up and walked slowly towards the woman and said, “don't I know you from somewhere?” The woman replied while brushing her claw gently against the girl's face, “In fact, you do, but right now the cooks are ready to serve us breakfast.” Before the female creature could say anything else, there was a loud booming sound interrupting her. In the distance a deep voice rang out in the hallway, “I can't believe you did this to my hair!” Another voice rang out saying, “I am so sorry your highness. I must have conjured up the wrong spell? Please forgive me.”

“Of course, I do, you're my number one wizard. You're my only wizard, but next time when I want purple balloons don't give me blue streaks in my hair.” From the hallway came a scaly, masculine being with long horns and a tail. He had pitch black hair with strands of blue. He looked kind of funny, with that 'hair don't' of his. I held my laugh's in, but the three dragon boys couldn't. The robust creature walked to the table and sat down. “So you think this is funny, huh?”

Take off those ridiculous jewelry pieces, so we all can see you,” the masculine creature spoke with a serious voice. The dragon boys finally took off the talismans almost simultaneously with a big sigh. The first dragon lad looked short and had scrawny muscles. The second dragon boy was very big-boned and had strong body features. The third dragon lad wasn't big-boned and or lean, he just looked normal-sized. All of them started to giggle, the tall and full-bodied beast king gave a look of disappointment to his male children. Immediately they stopped laughing and at the same time swallowed the lumps in their throats.

The massive creature looked at me saying, "I bet you're hungry, Jennibelle?” Paying no attention, only to the silverware wondering if all of this was real. “Jennibelle... earth to Jennibelle," spoke the large creature. “Honey, your father is calling your name,” the woman beside me nudged my arm. It took a few seconds for me to understand and with a tone of confusion I replied, “Wait, I have a name?” “Of course, you have a name!

Didn't that king tell you?” Questioned the woman. “No, all they called me was either it, beast, or freak. I didn't know I had a name?” The massive dragon irritated by what his daughter had said, he whispered under his breath, “so glad I brought my wizard with me to curse that family. They really deserved it.” Not knowing that I was listening to every word he was saying, I blurted out, “so what did you actually do to them, father?”

The robust dragon looked at me with a certain glare, and I could tell I would never have to worry about King Scorp or his family ever again. Suddenly, the servants brought out several giant plates stacked high with bacon, pancakes, pastries, eggs and much more. I wasn't even paying attention until I smelt the aroma. I looked up to see the large quantity of everything as my mouth started to drool. Before I asked if there was anyone who was going to join us to help eat all this food, immediately there was a loud knocking at the front gates. The masculine creature asked one of his servants to go get whoever was at the door. The servant ran to open it, I could hear something of a door slightly opening. As the speedy servant ran back to the king, he whispered in his ear, “the guests are here, your greatness.”

“They're early,” shouted the dragon, taking off the cloth napkin from his lap. “They're too early,” said the woman beside me. I didn't know who was outside the door, but both royal creatures left the table, along with the three dragon boys. My mind was telling me to wait till they got back but my stomach was basically eating itself. “I'll just help myself to this food.” Before I knew it, I had jumped over the opposite part of the table, stuffing my face with everything I could and my mouth couldn't hold it all. I was eating so much food, so fast I didn't even notice the people behind. They were staring at me in disgust.

I turned my head to see lots of different creatures, most of which looked like humans. My mother and father were cupping their faces, embarrassed by what I had done. They said to all the people who came in, “this is our daughter, Jennibelle." The dragon woman pulled me off the table and again nudged my arm while saying under her breath,“Honey, what do you say?” I shook the claws of one of the creatures with food covering my hands. Talking with a mouth full of food but the only thing that came out were grossly formed words. I could tell my father was so ashamed of me. He shook his head with disappointment and sat back down in his chair. I knew I had messed up big time, and with a small, worried voice I said, “sorry?”


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Julianne Algueseva

Just your friendly neighborhood writer and craftswoman. Doing all what I can to spread kindness and creativity throughout this wide world.

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