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A lost spoon

—Atonement new chapter

By Melissa IngoldsbyPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 5 min read
A lost spoon
Photo by SHATABDI ROY on Unsplash

Deep into the night, the two settled into the nest they built up by scratch. They craved each other’s touch. It was a way to release the built up tension and stress that had been mounting and accumulating and overflowing since that day Edward broke his boyfriend John out of prison in California.

They had promised to each other this night would be beyond special, beyond perfect, beyond anything they could imagine.

But those first few “perfect” results turned out to be more like snooze results.

They were so exhausted from their jobs and day to day business, they often would fall asleep in each other’s arms before ten at night before they got to any point of deep intimacy.

To John, this was fine. He loved cuddling and being close to Edward.

To Edward, he was driving himself mad with fervent, built up passion.

He felt he had to go often to the bathroom in the early mornings to relieve himself as he didn’t want to wake up his partner.

It was then, one late breakfast on a quiet Saturday morning, that they seemed to assuage such a starving hunger within each other.

That also settled deep into another late night session.

It was all due mainly on how to set a table.

Edward was setting the table for breakfast, in a way that was rushed, and John made it obvious he didn’t like it. He kept looking over his shoulder and huffing.

“Babe, what’s up? Everything okay over there?” Edward scratched his face and didn’t look in John’s direction near the kitchen.

“Nothing. Nothing.”

He heard John pacing about and Edward sighed, folding the napkins a little neater, and then went over to him and took John’s hand.

They locked eyes for only a minute, but then John looked down.

“Hey, up here, my eyes are up here, cutie pie..” Edward gently said and John smiled despite himself, looking at him.

“Yeah?” John answered and shrugged.

“Everything alright?” He squeezed John’s hand.


“Wanna eat now?” Edward asked, looking over at the eggs and waffles they prepared together.

“Uh. Sure..” John played with his hair in what Edward thought was a frustrated way, and saw him rush off to the table.

“You get the plates! I just gotta fix this!” John said in a fast manner and Edward sighed.

“Fix what?” Edward went over and gently touched John’s waist. He moved away and scoffed.

“Go get the food! It’ll get cold…” he growled out.

Edward noticed the anxious way he was rearranging the table and he took John’s hand and gently pulled him away.

“Baby, you seem tense. Just relax, sit down, and enjoy breakfast. Okay?” He gently caressed the other’s face and John cringed visibly.

“No. No. I gotta make it look right.”

“Why? It’s just the two of us…” Edward started to say but he did notice how particular John set the table whenever he wasn’t at work and they were home together. It was perfectly set like a front cover magazine for a housewive’s dream kitchen table set up, and Edward realized what was going on. He was trying to recreate his ideal definition of the perfect home life he never had, but now had with Edward.

“I don’t care if the Russian Tzar is coming over.. I want the table to be this way.” John looked up and seemed manic in his whole posture, closed off to any reason. “Why aren’t you getting the food?”

Edward laughed nervously and frowned, stepping back. “Johnny, baby, come on. I understand why you want it that way. Just… ugh, go ahead. Do it. I’ll get the plates..” he sighed and John saw the slumped position of his partner as he went to the kitchen.

He stood up straighter and suddenly knocked a fork right off the table, making Edward turn around.

“Oh, dang, I’ll get it, sweetie..” Edward scurried and bent down to pick it up.

John threw a spoon over to the living room couch, and Edward stood up, realizing now what John was up to.

Edward grinned as widely as a mischievous school boy and John laughed.

“Stupid spoon. It flew away from me,” John said in a faux flustered manner, his hands up in the air in surprise.

Edward shrugged. “Oops!”

John suddenly rammed himself in between Edward’s body, his knee pressing against his taller boyfriend’s hardening groin.

Edward moaned in surprise and felt his breath quickening.

“Let’s fuck on the messy table, baby,” John gruffily demanded, grabbing Edward and tossing their bodies on the table in a clatter of dishes and silverware.

“Oh God you’re acting so damn hot right now, Johnny, fuck me…”

John hungrily kissed him, their tongues making lewd, fast paced dances together, as he felt Edward wrap his legs needily around him.

Dishes fell with a clash and a crack, the crescendo of their impromptu first time becoming a strange orchestral tone.

John started undoing his pants and Edward’s, and said, “Gonna make you come right here on this dirty table, dirty boy.”

The sudden exclamation of very dirty talk coming from his usually squeaky clean and never cursing lover’s mouth made Edward feel extremely turned on and wonder how exactly he was got so lucky to have the circumstances turn so happily in his favor.

It wasn’t until he felt something warm and wet hit his length that he realized he was getting the best breakfast special.

The before breakfast blowjob, he idly thought, making himself chuckle before a whimpering moan attacked his immature thoughts.

They actually didn’t make love on the table, they took it to the bedroom.

But, to Edward, it was the biggest and happiest mistake ever to lose a spoon. They never found it, as it got lost somewhere in the couch.

John let it go, he found something new to discuss with his partner.

A multitude of things, that caused them to stay up later than usual the next few weeks after.


Author note: new chapters hitting my Kindle Vella story Atonement. Please catch up here.

Thank you so much!


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Melissa Ingoldsby

I write short stories and poetry. I hope you find yourself in between the spaces of my words.

My Patheos column profile on art history.

My zombie apocalypse novel I am Bexley has been published by Resurgence Novels and you can read it here.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Omggg, I related so much to John here because I too need things to be in a certain way. And lol, the spoon!

  • I am always losing cutlery and used to play in a band called Spoon (not that one), great story and lots of interesting intercourse sis.

  • JBaz3 months ago

    well written piece. We got to know the characters in moments.

  • Quincy.V3 months ago

    well-crafted and enjoyable to read.

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