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A heartwarming Story about two friends Sita and Rita.


By Muskan MauryaPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
A heartwarming Story about two friends Sita and Rita.
Photo by Nate Johnston on Unsplash

Sita and Riya were two best friends who had grown up together in a small town in India. They had been inseparable since childhood and had shared all their joys and sorrows with each other. As they grew up, they both went to the same college and pursued different careers, but their friendship remained as strong as ever.

Sita was a successful lawyer, and Riya was a renowned journalist. They both had busy lives, but they always made time for each other. They would often meet up for lunch or dinner and talk about their work, their dreams, and their lives. They had a deep bond of trust and understanding, and they knew that they could count on each other no matter what.

One day, Sita received a call from Riya. She sounded worried and said that she needed to talk to her urgently. Sita could sense the anxiety in her friend's voice and immediately agreed to meet her. They decided to meet at a café near Riya's office, and Sita arrived there within half an hour.

When Sita saw Riya, she was surprised to see that her friend looked tired and pale. Riya's eyes were red, and she had dark circles under them. Sita asked her what was wrong, and Riya broke down in tears. She said that she had been diagnosed with a serious illness, and she didn't know how to cope with it.

Sita was shocked and devastated to hear this news. She held her friend's hand and assured her that she would be there for her, no matter what. Riya felt a sense of relief, knowing that she had Sita's support.

Over the next few months, Sita helped Riya in every way she could. She went with her to doctor's appointments, helped her with her medication, and cooked healthy meals for her. Riya was grateful for Sita's love and care, and she felt blessed to have such a good friend in her life.

As Riya started to recover from her illness, she realized how much she had taken her health for granted. She had always been so busy with her work that she had neglected her own well-being. But now, she promised herself that she would take better care of herself and cherish every moment of her life.

Sita and Riya's friendship grew stronger through this difficult time. They had always been close, but now they had a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other. They had seen each other at their best and worst, and they knew that their bond was unbreakable.

One day, Sita and Riya were sitting in a park, enjoying the cool breeze and chatting about their childhood memories. They laughed and joked, reminiscing about the silly things they had done as kids. Suddenly, Sita looked at Riya and said, "You know what, Riya? You are my soulmate."

Riya was taken aback by this statement. She had never thought of their friendship in this way. But as she looked into Sita's eyes, she realized that it was true. They were soulmates, not in a romantic sense, but in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Sita continued, "I don't think I could have survived without you. You are my rock, my support, my everything. I love you, Riya."

Riya felt tears welling up in her eyes as she hugged Sita. She knew that their friendship was one of the most precious things in her life.

As they sat there, watching the sunset, Sita and Riya made a pact. They promised each other that no matter what happened in their lives, they would always be there for each other. They would support each other, cherish each other, and celebrate each other's successes and joys.

Years passed, and Sita and Riya continued to be each other's pillars of support. They went through various ups and downs in their personal and professional lives, but they always had each other's backs. Whenever one of them needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to share their happiness with, the other was there, listening and understanding.

They both got married, and their husbands became good friends too. Sita had two children, a boy and a girl, and Riya was the godmother to both of them. They would often spend their weekends together, taking the kids out for picnics or movies.

Despite their busy lives, Sita and Riya never lost touch with each other. They would call or text each other regularly and make plans to meet up whenever they could. Their bond of friendship had only grown stronger over the years, and they knew that they would be friends for life.

One day, Sita received a call from Riya's husband. He sounded worried and said that Riya had met with an accident and was in the hospital. Sita rushed to the hospital, her heart pounding with fear. When she reached there, she saw Riya lying on a hospital bed, her face bruised and bandaged. She had been hit by a car while crossing the road.

Sita felt tears streaming down her face as she held Riya's hand. She prayed for her friend's speedy recovery and promised to be there for her. Riya's family and friends also came to visit her, but Sita stayed by her side, holding her hand and talking to her.

Days turned into weeks, and Riya slowly started to recover. Sita was with her every step of the way, helping her with her physiotherapy and cheering her up with her jokes and stories. Riya was grateful for Sita's presence in her life, and she knew that she had the best friend anyone could ask for.

Finally, after a few months, Riya was discharged from the hospital. Sita helped her move back to her home and took care of her for a few more weeks until she was fully recovered. Riya's husband and family were also grateful to Sita for her selfless support and care.

As Riya regained her strength and started to resume her normal life, she realized how much she had missed her work and her friends. She had been away from her job for several months, and she had not been able to meet her colleagues and friends due to her injury.

So, Sita and Riya planned a small get-together at Riya's house. They invited their close friends and colleagues, and they all had a great time catching up and reminiscing about old times. Sita and Riya both gave speeches, thanking everyone for their support and love.

Riya looked at Sita and said, "You know, Sita, you are not just my best friend, but you are my guardian angel too. You saved my life twice, first when I was sick, and then when I had an accident. I don't know how to thank you enough."

Sita smiled and said, "You don't need to thank me, Riya. That's what friends are for. I will always be there for you, no matter what."


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