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A hand in Eyes

The Legend of Millfield's Terrifying Curse

By Richard kanePublished 3 months ago 4 min read


As the sun set over the small town of Millfield, a sense of unease settled over the community. The birds had stopped chirping, and the crickets had started their nightly chorus. It was a quiet and peaceful evening, but something felt off. This was the beginning of a terrifying tale that would become known as the hand in eyes, a legend that would haunt the town for years to come.

The Disappearance

It was a quiet and peaceful evening in the small town of Millfield. The birds had stopped chirping, and the crickets had started their nightly chorus. The town was known for its tranquil atmosphere, but on this particular night, something felt off.

Mrs. Johnson was sitting on her porch when she noticed that her neighbor, Mrs. Brown, had not turned on her porch light. Mrs. Brown, who usually went to bed early, was always the first one to turn on her porch light. Mrs. Johnson found it strange and decided to check on her.

As she walked towards Mrs. Brown's house, she noticed that the front door was slightly ajar. She called out to her neighbor, but there was no answer. Mrs. Johnson cautiously entered the house, and to her horror, she found no one inside.

The Strange Encounter

The next day, the town was buzzing with the news of Mrs. Brown's disappearance. The police had no leads, and the case went cold. But a few days later, a group of teenagers claimed that they had seen something strange near the woods. They said they saw a hand reaching out from a tree, and it seemed to have an eye in its palm.

Everyone thought that the teenagers were making up a story, but then more people reported seeing the same thing. They said that the hand would disappear as soon as they tried to approach it.

The Mysterious Note

The town was in chaos, and the police were baffled. But then, one day, a note was found on the doorstep of the town's mayor. It read, "If you want to find the missing, follow the hand in eyes." The handwriting was scrawled, and the note was unsigned.

The Unsettling Find

The town decided to take the note seriously and formed a search party to find Mrs. Brown and any other missing people. They headed towards the woods and followed the direction of where the hand was last seen. As they moved deeper into the woods, they came across an old abandoned house.

They searched the house, but it was empty. However, as they were about to leave, they noticed something odd about the wallpaper. It had an unusual pattern, and on closer inspection, they realized that it was made of human skin.

The Terrifying Discovery

They continued to search the house and finally found a hidden room in the basement. It was a torture chamber, and to their horror, they found the missing people, including Mrs. Brown. Their hands had been cut off, and their eyes had been sewn shut.

They were all in a catatonic state, and it was clear that they had been subjected to severe torture. The police searched the house but found no one. The case was never solved, and the town still talks about the hand in eyes and the disappearance of its people.

Rumors spread that the house was haunted, and people avoided the woods altogether. The town's population decreased, and the once-thriving community became a ghost town. The hand in eyes remained a mystery, and many believed that it was a curse that had befallen the town.

Years went by, and the town became nothing but a distant memory. However, one day, a group of thrill-seekers stumbled upon the abandoned house. They had heard of the legend of the hand in eyes and wanted to investigate.

As they entered the house, they heard strange noises and felt a cold breeze, even though the windows were boarded up. They found the hidden room in the basement and were horrified by what they saw.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps, and the door creaked open. They ran for their lives but were stopped by a hand with an eye in its palm. It reached out and touched them, and they felt a cold shiver run down their spines.

They never returned to the town, and the legend of the hand in eyes continued to haunt those who dared to enter the woods. The small town of Millfield became a forgotten memory, and the hand in eyes remained a mystery, a story that would be told for generations to come.


The hand in eyes was a tale that struck fear in the hearts of many. It was a reminder that evil lurks in the shadows and that sometimes, the truth can be more horrifying than fiction. The legend of the hand in eyes will continue to be told, a warning to those who dare to venture into the unknown.

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