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A crush that didn't end 4

by Test 2 months ago in Love
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With the approach of the college entrance exam, the breakup season seems to have arrived quietly.

With the approach of the college entrance exam, the breakup season seems to have arrived quietly.

It was the last mock exam, we waited in line to enter the examination room, I forget exactly what topic to talk about, I picked up a sentence: "Then break up after the college entrance exam."

I pretend to be relaxed, do not think the look, this is just a game, who seriously who lost, I do not want to be so lame.

"Not after the entrance exams, just today."

She heard my words, first froze for a moment, and then angrily so said.

In that moment, my heart was obviously dripping with blood, but still my face did not change, and even squeezed out a smile: "Yes."

Since then, we have not spoken to each other again.

After the college entrance examination, in a party with friends, we talked about her again.

"Why did you and her suddenly break up?"

"We were just playing around, and she didn't really like me anyway, so we split up."

"Don't you blush when you say this? The people in the class can see that she has always liked you so much."

"Which is not the case, she that is pretending, acting, acting understand?" I shook my head.

"Like a person can not hide, she often sneak a look at you during class, you do not know, right?"

I was silent.

"I heard that the night you broke up, she was crying all alone in the dormitory."

So, she always liked me. ......

In fact, the night of the breakup, I had written a poem for her for the first time:.

I have seen in your eyes the vast field of stars

A spring water flowing through the ripples dotted

I've seen a vast field of stars in your eyes

The whispering and the singing blossomed into a tantalizing flame

The story of the storyteller is always on

The sweet and sour story of a gentleman and a beautiful woman cannot be told

The ending of the fairy tale has long been murmured in the world

The rush is just a blandness in the hearts of others

I know that the mirror's edge is a dream

The past vows are woven into a slap

Throwing myself hard on the face

Weeping tears and laughing bitterly in my heart

The stories are linked in a thousand turns

I can see the waves under the calm lake

But I can't see through the prosperity in your heart

The truth of the matter is scattered in the wind

Buried by the sand in your own heart

The summer of 18 years old is in a hurry

Life's road is full of fog

Without my company

I hope you will be braver

With the bright moon splashing silver light

The breeze will send my wishes

The girl I used to like, may you cherish.

A game and a dream

A Jie is the school's most naughty students, over the wall to play video games, learning from the gangsters to fight, holding a cigarette and frowning to pretend to be a gangster, see female students blowing rogue whistles and laughing, as long as he felt cool he went to do, and never tired of it, always a gangster look.

Jing is the best student in the school, she does not like to talk, just focus on studying, like to read a variety of books, always quiet, as if anything happens has nothing to do with her.

The teacher was really annoyed with Jie, so she let him sit at the same table with Jing, hoping he could be more restrained.

Jie looked at the new table, put the pen to his ear and said, "Hey, do you know Wang Jie?"

Jing ignored him and continued to write.

A Jie became interested, "Hey, have you heard, he has a new album, it's quite good."

The pen kept drawing on the paper.

"Don't talk about any separation, I won't cry because of that, it was just last night's a


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