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A crush that didn't end 3

by Test 2 months ago in Love
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She smiled and came over to take my hand, "Drop him."

She smiled and came over to take my hand, "Drop him."

"Oh?" I expressed surprise, "I thought it would take you a long time to come out of it, after all, silently like for so long."

"I thought about it a lot and finally decided to let go. I went to a nearby temple and put on three incense sticks, one to wish him and his girlfriend a long life, one to wish me out of my misery, and one to bless me to find another good match." Ah Jing's eyebrows arched, the sunlight is particularly moving.

"Little heartless! You don't wish me to meet a beautiful woman again! But you have a sense of ritual, ah." I teased her with a smile.

"Oh, I'll buy you milk tea, big cup! With extra ingredients!"


That afternoon the sky was blue, the wind was gentle, and all was bright.

7 That girl cried her eyes red for you

The story happened in the summer of the eighteenth year, the sweaty, tormented and lonely senior year of high school.

The two years before that, she and I did not have much contact, she has her social group, I have my circle of friends, like two parallel lines on a blackboard, close to each other but no intersection.

It was not until that day, a rare physical education class, the weather is not so hot, so we plan to play a game to relax, and finally we decided to play werewolf kill.

When I counted the lack of one person, it happened that she was sitting next to me, so I went over.

"Come play together ah."

"But ...... I don't know how to do it."

"It's okay, play and play and will be."

I leaned down and looked at her, then held out my hand, indicating that I would pull her up.

She looked up at me, and there was a hint of panic in her bright eyes.

"Hold hands! Hold hands! Hold hands!" The group of detractors behind me scrambled to get up.

She instantly blushed, and I made a helpless face, apologizing to her.

I just didn't expect her to suddenly reach out and pull me, and after jumping up, she playfully jumped back a step.

The moment, the sunlight through the clouds, through the gaps in the shade, scattered a field of gold, a wind blew, dappled shadows in her shirt dance, years later remembered this scene, is still engraved in my youthful memory on the most brilliant mark.

In the werewolf killing game that day, she and I were connected as a couple by Cupid in every round, so we laughed and called each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

A friend even joked aside, "You guys aren't faking it, are you?"

I didn't think about it that much, I just laughed and scolded, "No way, don't talk nonsense."

When I got back to class, she called me by my boyfriend's name.

I smiled heartily and decided to play along with her, responding to this girlfriend of mine.

And so, we were in a high-profile "relationship" with each other.

I watched her eat breakfast, watched her read in the morning, watched her brush up on her problems, and watched her work hard for her dreams.

When the greenery of the campus gradually covered the tarmac, I suddenly realized that my heart had fallen.

I would secretly turn my head to look at her in class, and whenever she moved, I would immediately turn my head back to sit properly, like a child, lest the secret of my heart be discovered.

That summer, what should have been a boring and tense senior year, because of her presence, but became extra gentle, so that I began to look forward to every tomorrow.

In this way, we maintained a false "love affair" for 60 days.


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