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A crush that didn't end 2

by Test 2 months ago in Love
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In the latter round, it was drawn to Ah Jing and Ah Fei, and two other boys.

In the latter round, it was drawn to Ah Jing and Ah Fei, and two other boys.

The king appointed four people with playing cards to do relay, only with lips sucking the playing cards, one after another to pass the cards. Through a thin sheet of paper, once the cards are not sucked down, it is easy to kiss each other without obstruction.

When the king announced the number of numbers, I saw Jing's face turn red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

They were in the first two places, and from the time they started passing the cards, I don't know why my heart started to pound.

Jing's hands were so busy that she didn't know how to inhale. The more the cards fell the more nervous she was, and the more nervous she was, the more the cards fell, and at one point she almost kissed Fei.

Everyone was waiting dry, I hastened to round up, "Eh well well, go on, the back two are almost looking forward to it."

I caught a glimpse of Ah Jing relieved, after the game, she was a distracted look.

Late at night, several people couldn't sleep, probably because they were playing too much.

Simply go to the living room to chat, of course, Ah Jing A Fei and I were there.

At that time, there was a man and a woman in the club were in love, nearly six months.

The girl asked Fei: "How did you and your girlfriend last so long, ah, my boyfriend and I often quarrel."

I paid attention to Jing's expression, not much change, just scratching his phone.

"We've had our share of fights, but we both say what we have to say and generally work things out when we have problems." Fei leaned next to the coffee table, seemingly recalling the past.

"You guys are still long distance eh? Have you thought about the future?" I asked.

"The summer of high school graduation we discussed this issue, I still very rational consideration, I asked her, if you want to break up now break up, in time to stop, but if not, then survive the years of college, the conflict must be resolved immediately." Fei fiddled with his phone and seemed to be replying to his girlfriend.

The people in the room are ah out, envy and admiration.

"And what if you met someone you liked better?" Jing, who had been silent, suddenly spoke up, and I saw her hand clutching her phone, seemingly shaking.

"Three people together to solve it, if you do not like it is not like it, forcibly tied actually also a hundred harm but no benefit, but I at least can not let my girlfriend unexplained was broken up." Fei is also quick.

"So did you like anyone when you went to college?" Ah Jing stared at him closely, his forehead even sweat.

"Yes, but I've seriously considered it, it's not worth it." Fei did not look up just looked at the phone.

A few days after the party, Jing asked me to dinner and cried in front of me.

"There's nothing wrong with liking someone, you've done a good job." I relieved her, "It's just too suffocating, don't like him."

"How about like you?" Ah Jing broke into tears, but still a little sentimental, and good-natured and funny.

I laughed out loud, "Go! Big brother I treat you to milk tea today!"

"Want a big cup!" Jing rarely yelled so loudly.

"Good! And more spice!" I know, this crush is so hastily ended, but still a little worried that Jing will be difficult to pull out.

Then one day, Jing suddenly said he wanted to invite me for milk tea, and I gladly agreed.

I arrived on time at the appointed place, I saw Jing makeup exquisite, light smile, light dimples, all the bitterness of that time was swept away.

"Did you win the prize on Twitter or what, so happy." I laughed out loud.


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